Netanyahu: Race-Mixing to Destroy Liberal Jews

ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly predicted that racial mixing between liberal Jews and non-Jews will wipe out Reform Judaism in America by 2070 — and that as a result, the Jewish ethnostate must prepare itself for survival without being supported by the US.

The comments, first reported by the Hebrew-language Makor Rishon daily newspaper in Israel, have highlighted two important facts: firstly, that Netanyahu is acutely aware of the threat to racial identity posed by racial mixing of any sort; and secondly, that the liberal Jews in America are behind the support that country provides to Israel.

In the original report, Netanyahu said that Reform Judaism — which, according to Pew Center estimates, represented 35 percent of American Jews — “would disappear within two generations due to assimilation.”

The publication of the report in Makor Rishon caused an uproar amongst Jews in America, and Netanyahu’s office issued an oblique denial in a tersely-worded statement which said that the report was “inaccurate and do not reflect the Prime Minister’s views.” It was significant that the statement did not specifically deny using those words, a tactic often employed by politicians as a way of publicly backtracking from comments.

Makor Rishon’s diplomatic correspondent, Ariel Kahana, however, confirmed that Netanyahu repeated the assessment several times in private talks, and that Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, has been heard making similar projections.

According to Kahana’s reports, Netanyahu spoke of the scenario of the demise of Reform Judaism as a threat to Israel, saying the Jewish state needs to prepare for a day when it would no longer enjoy the base of support provided today by the Jewish community in the United States.

As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency pointed out, Netanyahu has been criticized by leaders of Reform Judaism “in the United States and beyond” over his government’s refusal to implement a compromise that enlarges the space devoted to allowing Jewesses to pray at the Western Wall, as well as its support for a bill that would give the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate formal control over conversions — which would further cement Israel’s ban on marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

The JTA makes no reference to the real reason for the split between “left” and “right” wing Jews, namely on how best to present Israel to the outside world.

The JTA also ignored the other elephant in the room — the fact that the Jewish lobby in America and European countries still all support Israel and its racial policies — while vehemently attacking any White people who dare to say that they seek to emulate Israel’s plans to protect itself from being overrun by racial aliens.

Netanyahu’s assessment that liberal Jews in America will disappear due to racial mixing is based on reportedly high intermarriage rates with non-Jews amongst that community.

This is however unlikely to affect the power of the Jewish lobby, because the Conservative and Orthodox branches of American Jewry — together the majority of Jews in the US — still maintain their Jews-only marriage policies, and will not disappear.

In fact, it is precisely the Orthodox Jews who wield such strong influence over the Donald Trump administration, which is proof in itself that the disappearance of Reform Jews will not dramatically affect the power of the Jewish lobby in America.

As the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported in April 2017, the “New Jewish Elite of the Trump Age” are the “ultra-Orthodox and pro-Israel Hawks.”

Haaretz reported that “among many moves aimed at reversing his predecessor’s policies, President Trump recently decided not to make public the White House visitors logs.

“Had they been open, the lists would reveal the profound change 100 days of a Trump administration had brought about to the Jewish community’s power structure.

“The atmosphere has changed, at least for us. There’s a sense of familiarity and greater receptivity and that makes a better atmosphere,” said Abba Cohen, vice president for federal affairs at Agudath Israel of America, a group representing the ultra-Orthodox stream.”

The real threat to Jewish power in America will only come when — and if — America tips majority non-White, because the Jewish Lobby’s power is directly linked to the presence of a majority White electorate — as controlling the electoral choices of a majority non-White population will prove much harder to do.

* * *

Source: New Observer

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Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
18 December, 2017 12:29 pm

Internal ((machinations)) are not an issue to Whites. However, the Orthodox sect might have been redeemable for its rightist, separatist stance, but besides supporting Trump, it engages in financial and legal shenanighans when it comes to taxpayer-funding its religious schools, special education facilities and homes for the aged, along with buggering neighbors to sell their homes to build a monolithic electorate, – all of this recently documented in local newspapers in the Northeast. And this is while following Talmud-based practices that we find repulsive.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
30 June, 2019 12:31 pm

If organized Jewry had actually been truly clever a century ago, they could have curtailed their activities, including Communism, and there probably would never have been National Socialism or a Soviet Union. They could have pretended to have been a part of “the west,” which would have been an easy sell due to Christianity. In fact, Christianity could have been their ace-in-the-hole (“Jesus himself was a Jew”). They could have promoted some degree of ethnic integrity for society in general, and today could be enjoying fully Jewish neighborhoods in any general location they liked. We could have aided them in peacefully establishing a fully-Jewish homeland. They could have avoided the promotion of homosexuality, of which the Bible reflected an early attempt by the ancient Hebrews to try to stamp it… Read more »

Reply to  Josef Tone
30 June, 2021 4:39 am

Jews are parasites because they are a fossil cult preserved only because Roman rationality did not understand the ancient miasma it was encompassing and martyring…Jews have an outsider/insider complex that veers between sadism and masochism and like an autist can never imagine the other…all their scriptures are about revenge but they are also a victim of their own rabbi’s as Christians are of the priests and Muslims are of their imams derivative of their cult…this is true in the secular sphere also whereby Communists have kommissars…Anglo Protestantism is virtual Communism. The ancient middle east like the ancient far east and the America’s was once White so had they not promoted Christianity and communism in the European continent there would be millions more Europeans to promote the reoccupation of all or… Read more »

6 November, 2021 12:10 pm

A brown America will be high price to pay to starve Eretz Israel but at least a successful civil war in which the Christards can be deported there, along with their Communist protegees would be a kind of win…if you win…there is a rainbow of insane peoples out there, not least in the US army and most other Aryan armies and police forces. However, secession starts in withdrawal from Democracy and the Trumpophobe vote-rig has helped to begin that process…there is also a small trend begun in Europistan of shabbos goyish white trash, Left and Right of the Masonic spectrum, being killed by ingrate aliens and indigenous martyrs, while useful idiot golems like Trumpovitz mourn Israel’s loss of congress as a tragic fact, so fully writing himself off…imagine a billionaire… Read more »