Minnesota Town Annexed by Somalia, Legacy Residents Unhappy

They would never hurt you.

WE NEED A LOT MORE of the worst available Africans. How about some Somalis? If we move the 60 I.Q. terrorists and pirates into the Whitest remaining areas they’re definitely going to overcome their staggering genetic limitations and start behaving like good little consumerist bar codes in our globalist bazaar. A creature that is, at best, partly human, is the solution for the “lack of people” problem facing a nation of only 300 million-plus bipeds. If you have a problem with this, you’re a “racist” and need to be punished so we can display our affected virtue before the darkness completely falls and we’re killed and eaten by the worthless poorly-formed dark monsters we invited in an embarrassing display of weakness and suicidal mania.

Ron Christianson wasn’t at last Monday night’s Willmar City Council meeting.

As a thought criminal he’s now an unperson who doesn’t exist and never did, so of course he wasn’t there.

But Christianson’s name and past deeds dominated the proceedings. At issue: The council member, now in his sixth term, had apparently been caught “liking” offensive content on Facebook, including negative — and, let’s just take a wild guess: fake — stories about immigrants and minorities.

The puritans of our modern world, the Jews and their useful idiots. You were caught on Jewbook “liking” honest — and let’s take a wild guess: completely accurate — stories about enemygrants, rapefugees and racial inferiors. For noticing an obvious reality you must be destroyed. We all know the Somali is an intelligent, clean, hard-working and thoroughly lovable addition to our kosher salad dish and any dissenting opinion is motivated by “hate.”

As outlined by Ben Larson, a member of the Willmar Human Rights Commission, “Ron [Christianson] hit the ‘like’ button on posts that talked about Somali and Mexican immigrants having lower IQs, being crime- and filth-ridden, and he also showed support for a post that talked about Somali and Muslim people wanting us dead.”

Every bit of this is indisputable truth, but we have a Jewish agenda of White genocide to promote here. 2 + 2 = 5. That’s all you have to do to keep your little council seat while everything outside burns: lie to others and lie to yourself. Somehow you couldn’t manage that. Now you’re gone.

Larson, who testified first during an open forum to discuss Christianson’s social media conduct, said Christianson’s wife had told him “Ron is not a racist.” To prove that, Larson said, the council member should “denounce those posts, say that they were wrong,” and “ask for forgiveness from the public,” adding: “I think he should resign if he can’t do that.

A meeting of liberals and cucks in Sweden: The State becomes a Maoist struggle session. He’ll grovel in front of you, beg for forgiveness, denounce anything and everything. He’ll learn to love Big Jew. I’m not a “racist!” Do it to Julia, not to me!

Larson was the first of five citizens to speak on the record for or against Christianson, as documented in the video below, each speaker slightly zanier than the last.

Those zany Whites and the goofball conversations they have while they’re being demographically annihilated, let me tell you! Haw, haw, haw!

John Burns spoke in opposition to Christianson’s Facebook activity, saying it harks back to a time when his Irish ancestors were discriminated against as immigrants.

Because a White Irishman — and a malformed failed branch of humanity that carries foreign DNA, has the mind of a demonic child, and worships a stone cube — are completely indistinguishable. It’s hard to imagine a more dishonest argument in favor of turning over your state to evolutionary dead-ends.

“I’m tired of them Somalians too, in this town,” said citizen Joe Fernkes, beginning a run of public testimony that literally dropped the jaw of a young woman watching in the audience behind him.

My jaw is literally dropping. This is Current Year. Wow. Just wow. I can’t even.

They’re taking over the whole damn town. Downtown Willmar, beautiful downtown Willmar? My rear end. You guys gotta get your blinders off, gotta quit squintin’ your eyes. You gotta start figuring this stuff out. They’re chasin’ girls down, chasin’ blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls down, three, four Somalians at a time, chasin’ em down, callin’ em every name in the book. They take, in Walmart, they take a dump in the aisle, the women do, and then they walk away. They do it at the clinics. I’ve seen this, I’ve witnessed it, and stuff, you know. They’re very offending.”

There are still a few Whites in Minnesota who haven’t bowed down to the Semitic Ba’al.

A real American hero addresses the Minnesota zoo.

Then Fernkes, blaming the Somali presence, helpfully gives a list of places he “won’t go” anymore. So, if you have to be in Willmar sometime… maybe just stick to those places?

Yeah, didn’t that occur to you, you wicked “racist?” Just stay in a constantly shrinking number of non-ruined areas while the Jew hunts down every last White with endless invasions of dangerous and moronic humanoids. Checkmate, bigot.

The West Central Tribune reports one person in attendance made a “rude gesture” toward another, and the council meeting was recessed to maintain calm after some people started “speaking loudly” in the hallway.

When the Saxon began to talk loudly.

Obviously false attacks on immigrants from the far-right extremists at CNN.

[The video above shows that some White Minnesotans are still immersed in the delusional worldview imparted to them by Jews, while others are just beginning to wake up to what is happening to them. — Ed.]

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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19 December, 2017 9:36 pm

Larson and Burns, what a pair of cucked out pussies. What is most frightening is grown men acting like kindergarten tattle tales, “I was shocked after reading in the local rag that Mr. Christianson dared to commit thoughtcrime, and I for one being a good little group-think conforming faggot, am here to virtue-signal and participate in a public shaming/stoning ritual so I’m protected from antifa and big joo.” Disgusting. Is there any future for the Cuck-Asian? If so, we are it people, evil as we may be, I don’t see anyone else but libtards. Reminds me of that college ‘tard “Yer a white male!!! Yer a white maaaaaaale!!!!”

19 December, 2017 10:51 pm

At least in the past there was the White guy who’d say “most of these folks are decent and hardworking. You all know Abdul and his clinic for abused sheep…”. But they can’t even say that now

Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
20 December, 2017 10:23 am

All it takes is one person to tell the Emperor that he has no clothes. One takes the lead and the others follow. Yes, your so-called leadership are a bunch of pussies. That’s ok, we will deal with them first and the wogs after.

Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
20 December, 2017 12:00 pm

Larson, typically wearing a Bolshevik Bernie shirt and a sickening virtue signaling sneer is obviously the result of a successful American college lobotomy. What a waste of a White Man.

Burns, who claims to be Irish, sure does look, talk, and act a lot like a Jew.

Both of them are determined to force us to live with third world scum so they can feel good about themselves. Though I would wager neither of them share a property border with the savages. I would also wager that neither of them would give a tinker’s damn if your sister was gang raped and sodomized by three lice infested Somali hominids.

And the girl in the back with the dropped jaw? Well I just hope she isn’t somebody’s sister.

Oppressed Nolonger
Oppressed Nolonger
Reply to  Brutal Reality
22 June, 2021 2:15 pm

It starts in the primary schools, universities, the dumbing down, the “lobotomy” as you refer to- its all very accurate. The brainwashing of most people under age say 50- 60 years is what we are currently witnessing. This was by DESIGN. In the west especially in the US is staggering, it is a brilliant plab to get them while they are in school so they have no idea that they are being taken over. Moslems are TRAINED to hate, debauch and murder all westerners- legitimising this process by referring to these practices with names like “, they are in the largest and most violent cult in the world, and it dates back centuries. Some of the longest and virulent hate religion ever to exist. The dumbing down process prevents normal… Read more »

George Wright
George Wright
22 December, 2017 7:33 pm

If this is not sufficient to wake up Whites, nothing will. It is a great example of our government blatantly trying to destroy us.

Oppressed Nolonger
Oppressed Nolonger
22 June, 2021 1:50 pm

this is despicable, we need our men to fight back with much force!
Recruiting ISIS members from MN??? Close that mouth little girl. And dont be surprised when the brown guys does off with you in the dark alley. Wake up people this is becoming an overtake, therefore its time for push back! We need our men back! We need to bring back the minute men!