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Who Should Have Power? Who Will Have Power?

by David Sims

THERE ARE NOTIONS, popular with the luminaries of the American Revolution, that I would dispute. One of them was put forth by Thomas Jefferson, an otherwise sensible fellow who became fond of the silly idea that the common man represented a reservoir of wisdom that would nudge the country back into its true course, if it were to stray from it. Which is nonsense. Common folk are no such resource, and their votes constitute no such restoring force. You don’t get wisdom by summing mediocrities, and most people throughout all the ages have been mediocrities.

Democracy is a stupid idea for the simple reason that the wisest people are always outvoted. It really is possible for millions of people, each voting in accordance with his own interests, to drive their national vehicle off the cliff of hard reality, so that they and their country die.

Imagine that you took apart two old-fashioned pocket watches and scattered their parts across a pair of tables. To one of the tables, you invited a hundred people, randomly picked off the street, and told them to vote democratically on how to put the pieces back together again. To the other table, you invited a watch-maker. At which table would a working watch most likely be reassembled first?

However, there’s a come-back argument. For a system of government other than democracy, who chooses the leader? That is, who ensures that a statesman is invited to assemble policy at the national table, and not some blowhard politician whose only talent is talking magnificently about himself?

No, not the common people. They aren’t wise — and are no proper judges of wisdom in others. If you leave the choice of leadership to them, they’ll pick blowhard politicians almost every time. That would be true even if blowhard politicians and wise statesmen occurred among the candidates for high office in equal numbers. Of course, the real situation is even worse, since for every wise statesman who comes along, there are about a thousand blowhard politicians.

I think that conflict might determine which countries were the best ruled, with victory going to the more wisely led countries most of the time. People would sooner or later learn their lesson regarding the pursuit of power by those wannabe leaders who are ambitious but unworthy. Or, rather, the people who survived would learn that lesson.

From a divine point of view, it isn’t all that important how many countries don’t learn it in time, and fall as a consequence. From a cosmic perspective, it isn’t important how many people are enslaved or exterminated. What matters is that natural selection would tend to preserve those countries that did learn rapidly enough, and the arrangements that those countries had made for the marriage of wisdom and power would be preserved along with them.

I could speculate about what those arrangements would be, but I would only be guessing. But that’s why liberals are foolish to sneer at tradition. Traditional mores and culture are usually well-culled adaptations for the people among whom they evolved. What even the greatest minds would be hard put to contrive through planning, Nature brings forth by the processes of natural selection. Including war.

For anyone interested in betting with the odds on his own survival and that of his country, I’d give this advice: If you want to be on the side that wins in the long run, you must first recognize that what decides struggles is power and the skill with which it is put to use.

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Over It
Over It
17 November, 2017 1:22 pm

Excellent article. Democracy puts the mediocracy in charge. It’s also clear the parliamentary style of government does not work, as it’s too open to infiltration by dangerous entities and self-serving careerist politicians, as we know too well. It seems a benevolent dictator would be much better, but who do you trust? At the same time, I feel the return to a racial, not economic, aristocracy might prove beneficial.

17 November, 2017 2:40 pm

A new White civilization should avoid the ancient concept of hard copy law and extravagant documents. Completely unnecessary. The dictionary of law is endless. And compacts are easily exploited. Regulations can easily keep things on center. When there is harm to person or property, it will be addressed. Decentralization.

Avoid the crazy idealists.

5 July, 2019 11:55 pm

Give power to those who provide you with security.

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
17 January, 2020 1:37 pm

The federal government designed by the framers of the Constitution in 1787 was not designed to be “a democracy,” as the term is understood now. It was intended as a combination of a democratic principle (in the popularly-elected House of Representatives) and an aristocratic principle (in the legislature-elected Senate). Whether or not the method of choosing Senators really resulted in the election of the best leaders is open to debate. What is not open to debate is that the members of the House of Representatives were to be elected by White male taxpayers exclusively, as this was the law in all of the states that ratified the Constitution. If that population is comprised largely of mediocrities who do not make good leaders, that is not necessarily a disaster. A man… Read more »

5 May, 2020 11:44 pm

In 1975, the National Alliance was tiny in power, inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Its fortunes have gone up, leading some to believe that it was the most dangerous to the entrenched power ruling America at the time it peaked around 2002. Then its power receded, almost unto death, until new leadership under Chairman Williams brought it back under its founder’s vision of a Cosmotheist-based new order. It grows in power again, and the enemies of the Aryan race are once again noticing.

An example of their notice and the insidious actions to further brainwash Whites against their own kind using the National Alliance: https://www.voanews.com/science-health/researcher-tests-vaccine-against-hate?fbclid=IwAR0yEPM3PFViaf6TfxpljeyeJcOBEZ1OuB4cCGkQe9PfRovgHmcpvsg_orE