UK: Illusionists Fail Again

Art for art’s sake? Notice the mob of enraged students sitting near the top of the banner and in the passageway below.

by Michael Walsh

IF THE CONTROLLED media are to be believed, most people are quite laid back about — and even welcome — the benefit-bandit invasion. According to the illusionists, the 95 per cent. of people opposed to their being culturally and racially displaced are only 1 per cent. — and primarily evil “haters.”

Fake news tells us that most people support government policy and applaud NATO wars. Fake news tells us that the Rhodesian tragedy and anti-White genocide in South Africa have nothing to do with Whites abandoning their racial interests or the lies from the “liberal” media and church elders.

Fake news tells us that it is Russian President Vladimir Putin, not the NATO “West,” that is a “threat to the world.” The news-desk conjurors claim that the 35 million people killed in America’s wars and as a result of “American” foreign policy didn’t really happen. Media illusionists tell us that the “Nazis” rounded up the 2.4 million Jews living in territories occupied by the Reich — and killed 6 million of them.

Fake news is that the mere name of Adolf Hitler gives us nightmares. Yet these deceivers can’t explain why poll respondents, asked who they would prefer to bring back from the dead, gave Adolf Hitler 36,268 votes. Jesus Christ got only 10,155 votes.

Fake news is that students attending Britain’s top colleges are rendered unconscious by the mere sight of a swastika. Well, not quite.

Saint Martin’s College of Art, situated at King’s Cross, London is recognised as Britain’s premier art college. Its alumni include pop stars such as Sade Adu, MIA, Jarvis Cocker; film stars Pierce Brosnan, Paul Bettany, Colin Firth, and John Hurt; and an impressive list of artists. It was the seat of learning for fashion designers Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney; sculptor Andrew Gormley; artists Sir Peter Blake, Gilbert & George. Its students included Eric Gill, Sir Terence Conran, Russell Brand. Another luminary was James Dyson, the industrial entrepreneur who re-invented the vacuum cleaner.

Saint Martin’s College of Art has again made the headlines. One of their art students defied a ruling from his teachers, denying him permission to have an art exhibition that included a swastika banner hanging in the main hall of the King’s Cross campus.

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So, giving two courtly fingers to his critics, the student displayed the swastika banner for all to see. How did the college’s students react? Not quite as illusionist media would have us believe. Several media outlets reported only that some students (Jews?) “cheered” as a flustered administrator removed the holy symbol. But control isn’t total these days, so the truth leaked out. A good number of students who were questioned thought the display was “a real gas.”

One student when questioned smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s no big deal, it’s kind of cool — the swastika. It is art.”

Another, when asked about swastika on display, shrugged: “What do I think? It’s the next big thing; it’s the next fashion. And it’s the new punk rock!”

Another said that most of the students who saw the banner laughed and made jokes about it before it was eventually pulled down by a member of staff.

Interestingly, there is no such ban on the display of the notorious hammer and sickle flag of the USSR. Perhaps the university heads think, like Stalin, that those 70 to 100 million White martyrs of Jewish Bolshevism are “only a statistic.”

* * *

Source: The Ethnic European

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Axis Sally
Axis Sally
22 November, 2017 3:35 pm

“No big deal”? A “gas”? “Punk”? “Fashion”? Well, I guess that may be regarded as progress over the knee-jerk recitation of horrific Jewish fairy tales.

From our point of view, however, these impulses are in effect blasphemy against the c~ 15 millions of our people who died in our struggle for existence as Aryans. The hakenkreuzfahne is therefore a “holy symbol”, as kamerad Walsh puts it; a monument to their sacrifice. It’s casual misuse must be discouraged.

Another incisive, on-target piece from kamerad Walsh!

Frank Griffin
Frank Griffin
Reply to  Axis Sally
24 November, 2017 9:25 am

Well said!