The Letter the Pocahontas Times Wouldn’t Print

Popping up everywhere

by David Pringle

I WAS READING the local newspaper here in rural Pocahontas County, West Virginia recently — during the aftermath of Charlottesville, when the emotions of the easily-manipulated were running high — and ran across this letter. It’s anti-Confederate White “liberal” virtue signaling at its finest.

Dear Editor;

Events this week in Charlottesville and the failure of our president to promptly denounce the perpetrators of hate for what they are disturb me.

When I go home to our farm near Hillsboro and see Confederate flags start going up on a couple of buildings, that disturbs me.

Given the past history of the presence of haters in this county, I have to question what the motives are for hanging a flag whose meaning represents a fractious and terrible time in our country and a current symbol of fear and hatred for many.

We should not rewrite or forget history, but we also should not use history as an excuse for violence and hatred.

Hang your flag inside because it is a symbol of history. Hang it outside, I am not quite sure what you are trying to tell me or who you are trying to attract.

Sharon Kearns
Hillsboro and Leesburg, Virginia

By the way, two great-grandfathers fought for the Confederacy, one rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest. History.

I noted with satisfaction that there were even more of those rebellious flags flying in the area after word of her letter got out.

My response to the above letter wasn’t published in the Pocahontas Times, so I’ll post it here.

To the Editor:

I read Sharon Kearns’ letter to the editor with interest. The Confederate flag is a symbol of my people, and many, many of the people around these parts. Even if you don’t have direct Confederate ancestors, you have kin who do. And, for many of us — even some Northerners — it’s a symbol of freedom and independence.

Advocacy on behalf of your people, no matter who you are, is not “hate.” It should be considered a universal right. And that includes flying flags.

I personally believe in self-determination for all; oppression for none. What the average White American learned this week is that every group in America can advocate openly for their people — except White Americans.

When someone of European descent (a White person) publicly explains that a slow-motion genocide is being waged against us, that person or group is immediately branded a “hater” and unworthy of being allowed to speak. (He might even have his head beat in with tire irons, or have a mixture of acid and mace thrown in his face, as just happened in Charlottesville.) The current governor of Virginia just said we don’t even have a right to live in his state. Calling these concerned people “haters,” “Nazis,” and “White supremacists” doesn’t do anything to help. It doesn’t bring the concerns of all to the discussion table. It tends to make people feel desperate and helpless, and that can lead to violence — which no one wants.

The most salient fact of life in America is who controls and owns the major media. These culture-destroyers ridicule our religions and holidays, our heroes and icons, our morals and values — our traditions. The remind us in every TV broadcast, on every TV commercial, and in the newspapers and magazines, that we are being replaced and that there is nothing we can, or should, do about it. The overall tone in New York City, Hollywood, and Washington, DC is that you can’t advocate for White folks. If you do, you will be destroyed.

The removal of our statues and the renaming of our streets, parks, schools, sports teams, etc. is a direct assault against us as a people. They want to erase us, not just our ancestors.

Were our ancestors always right? No. Are we here because of the things they did get right? Yes. Should I look at my blonde-haired blue-eyed daughter and feel badly because she looks just like her great-grandmother? No!

Having lived and worked in much more “diverse” places than Leesburg or Hillsboro, I know firsthand how pernicious suppression of speech and ideas can be. Essentially, what Ms. Kearns suggested is that Whites should shut up, keep our heads down, and only speak about our heritage — if at all — in the closet, surrounded by darkness. Keep your ideas to yourself, or your name might be taken down.

It seems that in today’s America we are moving ever closer to Orwell’s “Thought Police.” Now they’re coming for statues in the dead of night. Then it will be flags. Next they’ll be coming for us.

David Pringle
Mill Point

* * *

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  1. Hunter
    November 22, 2017 at 11:46 am — Reply

    Hello American patriots,

    Just a few words to tell you that in my small town here in the South-West of France, every summer around July 14th, is organized a festival called “Country Music” festival.
    It’s very famous, and thousands of people come from France and other European countries to celebrate this music they like !
    They also celebrate US-made classic cars ( “old chevies never die….they just go faster) and motorbikes just like Harley Davidson for instance.
    People often drive in the streets of my small town, with US flags and Confederate flags on their cars.
    For the moment, we haven’t seen yet some SJW, leftists or other kind of people like that, ti cry or protest !
    As I like to read almost everydays, news on this site and some other relevant ones, I decided to buy a Confederate flag, ( during this festival there are many people who come to seel things like leather belts, goodies, etc…) that I put on a wall in my home !
    Just to say that I support all American Patriots who refuse to see their history rewritten, in the sense of the leftists !

    Hold on guys ! After what happened in Charlottesville Va, some leftists here in France, started to initiate a movement in order to have some statues removed and even some changes in streets names, because they had the names of men who were involved in slavery trade !
    But for the moment they are silent…they saw that the little protests they organized were not successful : only a few excited leftists were shouted, and no one paid attention to them.

    If any concept of mental energy is once scientifically proved, please notice that somewhere in a small muslim colonized country ( mine, with the help of the most powerful people here, the same as in the US), some guys support you and help with all their energy.

    One day will come, and we will win !

    Adishatz guys and take care, all of you !


  2. November 26, 2017 at 10:42 am — Reply

    HUNTER: I decided to buy a Confederate flag…

    Good for you! If you’re going to fly the colors of the Confederate states — who lost, BTW — please display correctly, with the stars pointing up (unlike with the flag in the photo above).

    The Pocahontas Times is the newspaper of record for Pocahontas County, WV (pop. 9,000+/-). I once wrote a letter to the editor of PT, in an effort to rebut an article it published two years ago that made me out to be the “Pocahontas Strangler.” Of course my letter was not published, either, because PT would prefer to use the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source for its “news,” and maintain the “NA bogeyman” sham. The National Alliance has been in Pocahontas County for 32 years and we are there to stay. Here’s a PT “story” where the paper tried pathetically to link some spray paint vandalism in Hillsboro, WV, to the National Alliance:

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