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The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds Audio Book: To West Virginia

The main building of the National Alliance facilities in West Virginia, shown here in a recent photograph, was dedicated in 1986.

by Bradford L. Huie
for The American Mercury

THIS WEEK in Vanessa Neubauer’s new audio book reading — chapter 17 — of Robert Griffin’s The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds we learn why William Luther Pierce moved the main office of his White revolutionary organization, the National Alliance, from the Washington, DC area to the forest-covered hills of West Virginia.

Click here for all the chapters of this book that we’ve published so far.

What was it about Washington, DC that repelled William Pierce? How did others in his life view his life in Washington, his political activities, and his proposed moved to the countryside? Was there a spiritual aspect to the move? Was the move intended to facilitate the construction of a paramilitary compound, or an organic, self-sustaining, family-friendly White community? You’re about to find out.

Listen to this week's installment of The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

Today we rejoin Vanessa Neubauer in her reading of this week’s installment, chapter 17, of Professor Robert S. Griffin’s masterful biography of Dr. William Luther Pierce, The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds.

How did Dr. Pierce, an American scientist and academic, come to found the most influential racial-nationalist organization in America? What were his goals? To what extent did he succeed? Listen in to this fascinating intellectual journey by pressing the play button above (or at the end of this article).

This audio book will be published in weekly chapter installments on The American Mercury and will be available from the Mercury as a full-length audio book when the series is completed.

One of the most original — and controversial — thinkers of the 20th century was White nationalist, novelist, and founder of a new European religion, Cosmotheism, Dr. William L. Pierce.

The only real biography of Dr. Pierce is Professor Robert S. Griffin’s The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds, which was published in 2001. This week we continue with the 17th chapter, “To West Virginia,” of the book. Experience William Pierce, the writer, the philosopher, the radical — and the builder of an intentional White community in the mountains of West Virginia — just as Robert Griffin experienced him, by pressing the play button now.

Read the other chapters we’ve published.

Listen to this week's installment of The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

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Source: The American Mercury

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  1. 14 November, 2017 at 12:10 pm — Reply

    I moved to Dr. Pierce’s beloved land 19 months ago. This chapter has had a special impact on me. Laura Lee and I lived for the first 18 months on The Land with no running water, hostile neighbors and a local population that had been subjected to years of drunken skinhead shenanigans, shootings, a suicide on the property and most locals vividly remember the raging and violent drunken behavior of Shaun Walker. The buildings were falling apart. The electrical system (according to our electrician) was “sabotaged” and we are still working out the problems this caused.

    Even with all the difficulties, the financial hardships, family separation, legal fights and law enforcement harassment/ineptitude our rebuilding has continued – slowly sometimes – quickly at other times. The physical facilities here on the Cosmotheist Community campus are only one aspect of life on the mountain. The biggest loss was our human material because nothing can happen without it. If you look at you will see a small group of us last September during the William Pierce memorial BBQ and gathering. Now, that number has increased as we teach our Cosmotheist philosophy to our kinsmen in West Virginia.

    We’ve also figured out innovative ways to deal with basic problems like laundry. Laura Lee and another lady made hand powered “washing machines” from a 5-gallon bucket with a lid and a plunger as the agitator. Virtually all our food comes from the land and from teaming up with other Community members to work all the gardens together, then store the harvest. The men hunt the woods for meat and wild edibles. Our goal of a self-sustaining all-White community is beginning to take shape!

    As Dr. Pierce pointed out, this place isn’t for everyone. One of my biggest disappointments in the movement over the past 25 years and specifically here on the mountain is that virtually everyone has at least one condition, one special caveat that is either met or they do not – or cannot – participate. I’ve come to accept and plan around the inherent weakness of those who live in urban environments.

    Squeamishness toward harvesting deer and other animals is one of these areas. Nothing dies from old age in the woods, especially in the mountains. When I take an animal, then butcher it myself I can feel the link to my kinsmen – it is a religious experience. I honor the animal as a gift. The average White is so far removed from the reality of their consumeristic ways they don’t fully realize that when they eat a salad in December they support globalism, Mexican immigration and importation of produce from non-White countries. Dependency on “big box” stores instead of shopping with locally owned and run business to “save money” is something else that weakens us. When I shop locally I can see, with my eyes, the benefits to my local community, and I build relationships.

    How many of us complain about the invasion of our country and the unfair trade practices of China and others yet squeeze into the local WalMart parking lot to buy bottled water with “U” on the label, plastic stocking stuffers that only consume resources then end up in the landfill? Big screen TV’s, smart phones, prepackaged snacks and food…Dr. Pierce saw all this 30 plus years ago and finally had all he could stand. He picked this hard to reach spot on purpose – nothing he did was an accident. This thoughtful, forward looking man gave us all the gift of a White Zion to build around. A place where there is no ZOG, there are no blacks or mongrels walking the streets. Where White men and women can raise their families away from corporatism, violent crime, gangs, pollution etc. When I see a non-White around here I take note because it is so rare.

    Here on the land that William Pierce settled and lived on we have the privilege of working towards the One Purpose “Self-realization of the Creator (Universe)” and are laying the groundwork for the creation of the next man. Join us.

  2. 14 November, 2017 at 7:11 pm — Reply

    We are totally behind,beside and in agreement with you and love the opportunity to work with you and be the support to keep perservering a great life here.

  3. David Cavall
    17 November, 2017 at 9:21 am — Reply

    The book that helped me see the truth of what has been going on for ages in this country and what the reasoning is behind it.
    I am forever grateful this book was written.

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