Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot

by Max Musson

FOLLOWING THE SHOWING of the first part, just over a week ago, of the new BBC drama serial ‘Gunpowder’, BBC executives have been criticised for what many have regarded as the unnecessarily gruesome and gory presentation of the Guy Fawkes November 5th plot to blow up parliament. While the programme allegedly features the most violent and viscerally gory scenes of torture and execution ever screened on primetime television, and disturbing though these scenes have been, the aspect of this drama that has hit home hardest for me is the close parallel between the Jacobean persecution of Catholic dissidents during the early 1600s and treatment of dissident patriots in modern day Britain.

No nationalist activist who has attracted the malevolent interest of the political police here in modern in Britain could fail to recognise the direct parallel with the opening scenes of episode one of BBC’s ‘Gunpowder’, in which men with nothing but blackness in their hearts searched determinedly for any pretext upon which to unleash their bigoted hatred and retribution upon the poor Catholics whose simple wish was to be left alone to live their lives and worship their God in their chosen way.

Just as in Jacobean England, there is a division within the United Kingdom today between the peoples of two faiths, however the modern schism is not simply one of divided loyalties between one Christian Pontiff in Rome and another representing the Christian Church of England, neither of which had malevolent intent where the survival of our nation is concerned. Today the division that exists is of much greater significance, because the outcome for the indigenous White people of Britain if mass immigration and the current repression of our people continues, will be genocidal in its impact.

Each year for as long as most young people can remember, we have experienced as many as six-hundred thousand immigrants entering Britain each year. That figure is greater than the total number of children of all ethnicities born in the UK each year and it is causing a massive transformation of our society throughout the country. Indeed immigration at this rate will cause the indigenous White British to become a minority in the UK by 2053.

In 2053 the population of Britain will be over 90 million based on current demographic trends, and during the intervening years the indigenous White British population will fall in number to just less than 46 million people, a disproportionately large number of which will be elderly, while the non-White population will rise to just over 46 million people, disproportionately made up of young people of child bearing age.

In 2053 only one-third of the babies born in Britain will be White – just 336,000, out of a total of more than a million, and in the years that follow, the proportion of the population composed of the descendants of we indigenous Whites will become smaller and smaller.

If nothing changes and current demographic trends continue, we will have consigned our descendants to a future in which they will be vulnerable and at the mercy of the non-White majority — a non-White majority raised and educated, rightly or wrongly, to believe that we Whites have for centuries, conquered them, enslaved them, abused and exploited them, and in some cases committed genocide against them, and while many among us may hope that the future non-White majority will be merciful and humane in their treatment of our descendants, we have no reason to believe or expect that they will be. In fact, the attitude and the pronouncements of non-White ethnic advocates today suggests that there is much pent up resentment and ill-feeling towards White people and there is every indication that our descendants will be expected to make amends and suffer retribution for the perceived wrong doings of their forebears.

Those who have made it their mission to create the nightmare of a non-White majority, multiracial Britain, or who proceed with total indifference towards that end — liberals and Marxists and the vanguard of the nascent non-White political elite — currently hold the levers of power in modern Britain. They form the majority among the small percentage of our population that constitute what passes for the current political elite — and knowing their current numerical weakness — they are as eager as the bigoted Protestant witch-finder generals of the Jacobean era were to vilify and silence anyone who speaks out against their foul machinations. No pretext is too petty and no allegation is too spurious for them to use as justification to criminalise the innocent and to goad the authorities into enacting ever more Draconian measures of oppression and suppression.

In the BBC’s ‘Gunpowder’ serial, we see actor Mark Gatiss playing Lord Robert Cecil, who as Lord Privy Seal had the ear of weak King James I, in much the same way as sinister placemen for the organised minorities and their representative NGOs have the ear of Amber Rudd and Theresa May, constantly fabricating and exaggerating in an attempt to alarm, and in an attempt to elicit further and ever more repressive reactions from those they hold under their spell.

We also see in the BBC’s ‘Gunpowder’ serial, men like Sir William Wade, played by actor Shaun Dooley, who in the hope of promotion are like many of today’s senior police officers and the heads of the security services, prepared to callously and cruelly manipulate, abuse and disregard the law, or at least the spirit of the law, in their efforts to get the results their political masters so earnestly crave.

The difference today is that the punishments meted out to those caught in their nets are not as gory as those of the 1600s as depicted by the BBC. Instead of being hanged, drawn and quartered or ‘pressed’ to death, their victims are subject to disruption orders and control orders that deny basic human rights, they face prison sentences and having their careers and their good names destroyed such that they face a future of unemployability and consequent lifelong, never-ending, poverty. In short, they become pariahs, ‘non-people’ who henceforth have no human rights and face a future of continual harassment by those in authority and by the inquisitorial agents and the spies of the privately directed NGOs such as the woefully inappropriately named, Hope-Not-Hate and the spitefully vindictive and vexatious ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’.

In the BBC’s ‘Gunpowder’ serial, we see actress Sian Webber playing the part of Lady Dorothy Dibdale and as we watch huge weights being stacked on top of her, pressing her and crushing the life from her body, it is difficult not to think of brave Alison Chabloz and to recognise in Alison the same courage that we saw in Lady Dorothy. Alison has not yet had to face certain death at the hands of public executioners, but she has endured for her faith pressure that would have broken many lessor mortals, and we must all hope that she prevails against the spurious charges arraigned against her at the behest of organised Jewry.

We also see in episode one of ‘Gunpowder’, a young priest who is taken by Sir William Wade’s men and is next seen at the gallows, battered and bruised from torture, where he is publicly hanged, drawn and quartered in front of a baying mob. Again in episode two we see another young priest taken prisoner by Sir William Wade’s men and tortured on the rack, and eventually in episode three the plot to blow up parliament fails and those attempting to free our people from the religious persecution of Jacobean times by force of arms, are executed in the most grotesque of ways.

While circumstances have not descended to that level of barbarity and oppression yet in modern Britain, we already see the enactment of police state legislation containing ‘catch-all’ provisions that can be used to criminalise virtually anyone in order to justify their oppression and their prosecution and their imprisonment for ‘crimes’ so petty it beggars belief.

In the BBC’s ‘Gunpowder’ serial, actor Kit Harington who plays Robert Catesby, one of the eventual 5th November 1605 gunpowder plotters, is seen imploring the Crown authorities to allow Catholics to celebrate their religion in private and to live in peace, and there is a direct parallel in the refusal of Lord Robert Cecil and Sir William Wade to respond reasonably, with the refusal of our current authorities to allow the British people the right to organise peacefully in our own ethnic interests.

Laws have been enacted that make it a crime to exercise preference for our own kind, and it has been made a crime if we do not welcome foreigners into our midst and accord them privileged status at the expense of our own people.

Just as the liturgy and rituals of the Catholic faith were described in Jacobean Britain as a vile and dangerous doctrine in order to justify the persecution of Catholics, so the ideas and principles of racial nationalism are similarly described today, with the current Home Secretary describing the expression of ‘far-right’ views as tantamount to ‘terrorism’ in order to justify the introduction of prison terms of up to 15 years for people who merely view ‘far-right’ propaganda online.

The authorities currently anticipate and are frantically seeking to prove the first signs that the younger and less patient and restrained among us are preparing to resist our repression by force of arms. They understand full well that the relentless suppression of human rights and the oppression of the Catholic congregations of England resulted in the gunpowder plot of 1605, and they fear a similar reaction by the currently cowed, White ethnic majority of modern Britain and more specifically by the more militant elements within the nationalist movement.

It is not that they do not fully appreciate the self-fulfilling nature of their repression – they fear and expect a violent reaction as a result of their oppression and the genocide of our people, and so they ramp up the level of oppression thereby increasing the probability of a violent reaction – they cynically hope that if they can keep a lid on the situation for long enough, our people will eventually be so numerically weakened and the numerical superiority of the immigrants will be such that resistance or rebellion on our part will be futile. The authorities are however taking a massive gamble, and I believe they have miscalculated, omitting to take into consideration one vital factor.

In their justification for the proscription of National Action the Home Office stated, “Its ideology promotes the idea that Britain will inevitably see a violent ‘race war’, which the group claims it will be an active part of”, and this assertion is intended to imply that members of National Action believed in the inevitability of a race war because they planned to instigate one, but this is not necessarily so, and certainly isn’t so for the vast majority of perfectly decent ordinary people who also foresee the inevitability of a race war.

The mere act of foreseeing something terrible and of preparing to meet that terrible eventuality does not mean that one relishes it nor that one wishes to instigate it. Nor would merely willing the opportunity to at last have the final ghastly showdown, facing and finally removing a threat that has hung above us like the Sword of Damocles for so long, be evidence of any intention to instigate conflict unnecessarily, because it is only natural once the prospect of conflict appears inevitable, to wish to get that conflict over and done with as soon as possible.

It is only natural that young men, who have the wit to realise that government are through either wilful ignorance or malevolent intent creating the conditions that mean a future race war will be inevitable, will visualise themselves playing a part in that war in defence of our people. That is not evidence of evil intent, but evidence of a love of one’s people and a willingness to nobly sacrifice one’s life in their defence. It is evidence of the courage and selflessness that we British celebrate each year on Remembrance Sunday.

It is those who promote the oxymoronic goal of a ‘multicultural and multiracial society’, and who promote and facilitate mass non-White immigration into Britain and the West who have made a violent race war inevitable. In every country into which foreigners have imposed their presence, unwanted by the indigenous people, inter-ethnic strife has occurred and at some level violence, ethnic cleansing or race war has resulted. By what misguided logic therefore do the architects of the proposed multicultural Britain believe things will be any different this time?

When a vast number of the immigrants entering Britain recently have come from countries where people just like them cannot live together in peace and are engaged in inter-ethnic violence and bloody civil wars, what makes people like our Home Secretary expect that they will behave differently once they become the majority population in Britain?

Furthermore, when a substantial number of the immigrants and their descendants express no wish to integrate with the indigenous British people and when they practice a faith and an ideology that has brought them into conflict with every other people and every other ethnicity amongst which and alongside which they have ever settled, by what twisted logic does the Home Secretary suppose things are going to be different this time?

The error is in the ideological assertion that all people are equal — that we all want the same things — and that once disparate peoples are allowed to settle in Britain, they will adopt the fundamental British values as defined by the Home Secretary. Obviously, this is pure fantasy!

Under the Prevent Strategy implemented by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, fundamental British values can be defined as: “belief in democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs”, however Third World immigrants settling in Britain come primarily from countries where belief in democracy is tenuous, where the law that prevails is all too often Shariah Law, and where the dominant religion, like the Protestantism of Jacobean Britain, advocates the severe punishment of unbelievers and their tolerance only as second class citizens devoid of human rights.

Once people of this ilk grow in number and comprise the majority in our society, one doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise the overwhelming probability that democracy will become more of a sham than it is today, that the rule of law will be progressively undermined and will eventually break down, inter-ethnic and inter-religious strife will proliferate, and eventually the surviving indigenous White minority will become the victims of violent assault by a progressively hostile majority who will not feel inclined or obliged to tolerate our continued existence any longer.

There is no need for imaginary ‘far-right extremists’ to ‘incite violence’ by propagating the idea of a coming race war, one only has to listen to the man in street to discover that a substantial proportion of the politically inactive members of our society already anticipate one.

I can remember many years ago canvassing door-to-door for the BNP in an election campaign, and being disconcerted thinking I must be on Candid Camera, when for the first time I was met by a significant number of individual voters proffering unprompted their belief that they, “can see all this ending in a race war”.

When government deliberately and unnecessarily creates the conditions that will inevitably lead to: inter-ethnic rivalry; leading to inter-ethnic strife; and eventually inter-ethnic violence and the breakdown of law and order, government cannot be surprised when responsible, forward thinking members of society reluctantly take sensible steps to prepare for the inevitable. We would be crazy and guilty of the most reckless dereliction of our duty as citizens, as parents and as patriots if we were to unreservedly sign up to the Home Secretary’s dream of creating a ‘happy-clappy’ society with a fatal concoction of ‘ingredients’ that have only ever previously resulted in blood-bath politics and despotism.

Unless the indigenous British are to be genocided, as hapless minority groups are routinely genocided in virtually every Third World country, we will eventually be engulfed in some kind of race war where we are reluctantly forced to fight for our very survival.

It is the sincere wish of everyone within the nationalist movement that inter-ethnic strife and race war can be averted, but it will only be averted if there is a change of heart and a change of policy on the part of government. The remedy for our current parlous state of affairs does not need to involve hatefulness or nastiness of any kind, it can be accomplished with kindness and consideration, but it requires the realisation on the part of government that we indigenous White British have interests that do not necessarily concur with those of the ethnic minorities, that sometimes run contrary to the interests of the ethnic minorities, and that were there are differences, we have the right to primacy in this our historic homeland.

“Remember, remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot”, are words we are freshly reminded of at this time of year, and particularly this year in view of the BBC’s new serial, and what Amber Rudd and Theresa May need to keenly remember is that while treason continues to be perpetrated against the British people through the encouragement and facilitation of uncontrolled non-White immigration into Britain, this country will increasingly come to resemble a powder-keg, but there will be no need of any ‘far-right’ plot, of the kind perpetrated by Catholic dissidents in 1605 in order to light the fuse, that will be the inevitable consequence of government policy if nothing changes, and it will have been forced upon our movement and our people whether we want it or not and irrespective of whether anyone among us has the foresight to prepare for our defence.

We pray that common sense will eventually prevail!

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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christopher drach
christopher drach
2 November, 2017 8:42 pm

The England of 2050 sounds like it will be a Blade Runner-style dystopia.

4 November, 2017 11:22 am

The England and Europe of 2050 will look like today’s Syria and Iraq…on an immensely BIGGER and MORE MURDEROUS scale!!… The monstrous Race War, minutiously prepared in Europe by the Globalists since more than half-a century, is now clearly UNAVOIDABLE!!! It will be the most HORRIFIC War in all of human history, dwarfing even the two preceeding World Wars!… Sad, but true! The White Population of Western Europe is DOOMED!! Whites will probably survived, in much reduced numbers, only in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Reply to  Marc
5 November, 2017 7:33 pm

Billions will die, we will win. Bring it on.

David Cavall
David Cavall
Reply to  Titus
7 November, 2017 9:08 am

Although I wish what you say were true, I see zero evidence of a reversal of what is going on now. On a related note, the people of Germany just reelected Merkel, a person who has ruined their country. Why did the people do that? Have you taken a walk through London or Paris as I did recently? Why did the British people elect a muslim mayor? Why did the people of America twice elect an America hating fraud like Obama? It is because the schools, colleges, universities, government and media of these countries have brainwashed their people into thinking what’s wrong is right. I think of America, take a look at the people, particularly the males, at least 60% are significantly overweight and are preoccupied with sports, beer and… Read more »

6 November, 2017 3:49 am

I know that many of you have heard and/or read the vile Jew Noel Ignatiev’s words before, but these bear repeating because they expose the method, the goal and the perpetrators of White genocide: