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Rapid Evolution

by H. Millard

FOR SOME OF US, the evolution of Whites ever higher is not only a scientific belief but also a religious one. We believe that we have been selected to be the ones to make the leap into a new human type that will no longer be able to bear viable offspring with other human types. We believe this is our highest possible destiny and that it is what the Ineffable Divine wants to happen.

As a religious belief we don’t feel any need to have to prove it. It is something that we have by revelation and we accept it as true based on our faith.

However, we are also rational people and we believe that we are supposed to question everything and search for answers to the big questions of existence in every way we can and that this is not only not sacrilegious, but is commanded of us as part of us being the new model human.

Here’s an article that sheds light on the evolutionary process and how rapidly it can take place:


The construction of a hydropower plant in the state of Goiás accidentally led to an open-air laboratory with an evolutionary bent.

On several of the islands that were formed ever since the reservoir was filled with water in 1998, lizards in the region have undergone rapid changes in both habit and appearance through natural selection.

In less than 15 years, the Gymnodactlyus lizard population — which was isolated by the water of the Serra da Mesa power station, near the municipality of Minaçu — started not only capturing bigger prey, but developing a head that is considered to be more evolved when compared to the heads of its cousins on the “mainland.”

Similar processes took place on five separate islands in the reservoir.

“This strengthens the notion that processes like these, which had been witnessed on separate occasions, contain a certain degree of predictability”, said biologist Reuber Albuquerque Brandão, at the University of Brasília (UnB), who co-authors a study on the matter.

Work by the main author of the study, Mariana Eloy de Amorim, who is also from UnB, was recently published in the PNAS magazine.

Under normal circumstances, the G. amarali species, which feeds on termites, needs to compete with smaller reptiles (the calangos).

Many of the almost 300 islands that emerged ran out of calangos, while the lizards kept feeding on termites.

But the feeding process has changed when compared to their relatives that live in the surroundings: that’s because the island-based lizards have bigger heads.

Why would natural selection favor the reproduction of lizards with bigger heads? Most likely so that they can eat termites that became bigger (and are, therefore, more nutritive) now that there are no longer any calangos around to compete with.

It only took about 15 years for lizards who were once all alike to start evolving differently when they were isolated from each other and had no gene transfer on new tiny islands that emerged in the reservoir built as part of a hydropower plant.

This is virtually identical to the natural selection and evolution that Darwin wrote about relating to the finches on the Galapagos islands.

The really interesting thing is how fast these lizards evolved. Whether they have now become separate species incapable of bearing viable offspring with each other is not discussed in the article, but at some point that can be expected to happen.

The process of the evolution of these lizards works the same for all organisms, including humans. It requires isolation so that there is no gene transfer and it requires slightly different environmental conditions.

Simply stated, Whites who wish to evolve as we believe we are commanded along an exclusively White path must be isolated from all non-Whites so there is no gene transfer and we must live in conditions that present different challenges from those experienced by most other humans. This could involve a different climate and different types of food as well as other factors. This is what happened as we originally evolved into White people in Europe. Unfortunately, now that formerly all-White lands are being flooded with non-Whites there is increased gene transfer and the evolution of Whites who engage in this evil is being hijacked, and they are no longer evolving along an exclusively White path.

We must separate from all other kinds of humans into our own pure White lands for us to fulfill our religious duty and help along our evolution ever higher towards the Ineffable Divine along an exclusively White path. We must avoid all gene transfer between us and other kinds of humans.


It is because we live in a dynamic universe where existence itself depends on movement. Everything that exists has movement, even if it sometimes seems that it is just internal with constantly moving subatomic particles.

And things in existence bump up against other things in existence, and this changes things.

What moves causes changes. Change is another word for evolution.

Whites have reached the point in our evolution where we must now guide it along the best and true path for ourselves alone. We must become more “White” and we believe this is our highest possible destiny and one that the Ineffable Divine has commanded of us.

* * *

©2017 H. Millard

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Ted Ford
Ted Ford
15 January, 2022 4:33 am

This makes perfect sense.

We need to be sacred, that is, set apart. Then we’ll get the evolution we need.

We don’t need to worry about the new environment. We’re White; we change our environment, we create new environments, and we explore. We walked on the moon before anti-Whites halted our progress.