Jez Turner Appears at London Magistrates’ Court

AFTER VACILLATING for over a year, the authorities have finally decided that Jez Turner of the London Forum should face charges relating to the ‘Stirring up of Racial or Religious Hatred’. It has taken them a while to arrive at this decision. Clearly, Mr Turner represents a threat to certain individuals in our society who wish to have him silenced. Supporters of the nationalist cause filled the public gallery to overflowing and a new court room had to be found to accommodate the public. Magistrates decided that the case is far too serious to be judged at this level, and arranged for it to be heard at Southwark Crown Court in the latter half of November 2017. So Mr Turner, ex-soldier, a man of wholly good character, and no previous convictions, has to face what amounts to a very serious charge at a high-profile Crown Court — for the non-violent crime of daring to speak the truth.

In Britain, the basic right to freedom of speech has never been under such tyranny in living memory. Mr Turner is leading a vanguard in the struggle to oppose those who seek to deliberately silence people of good character for their own duplicitous purposes.This is the first in a series of videos covering the hearings and trial(s).

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Source: Canadian Association for Free Expression and the London Forum

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8 November, 2017 6:22 am

We Must Free The World From Jewish Control.

8 November, 2017 3:20 pm

It’s interesting that the crown is trying to string him up on inciting religious hatred when it’s common knowledge and statistical fact that well over 80% of jews are atheist or claim no religion. If, however, they’d tried to nail Jez to a charge of racial hatred, they’d be outing the jews as a separate race, and nobody would want to do that.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Zachp
25 November, 2017 7:46 am

The definition of Jewishness is very much a shell game. According to their audience, agenda, and self-interest, Jews will claim that they are a religion, a race, a culture, etc. For example, they’ll claim that they’re people like us, except that they go to church on a Saturday; that they’re White, or that they identify with White interests; that they have nothing to do with communism, because communism professes atheism and Judaism is a religion; and on and on it goes. Jews don’t want goyim to recognize Jews as Jews, for once goyim do that, they might start to recognize certain patterns, and that might be dangerous for the Jews (“the goyim know!”). As Joseph Goebbels wrote: “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel,… Read more »