Iowa: National Alliance “Love Your Race” Message Triggers Hysteria


by Chris Rossetti

ALL THE flier said was “Love Your Race.” Except for the picture of a White woman and the National Alliance URL, that was the entire message. Nothing but “Love Your Race.” But Fox Channel 18 television in Davenport, Iowa objected strongly. Why? For no other reason than hatred of Whites — and you may be assured, ladies and gentlemen, that the people who own the major media in this country do indeed hate White people. The quoted words are those of Fox 18’s writer, Kelley Bowles, or those she cites.

“On a quiet street in Davenport neighbors got a rude awakening Sunday morning.” All the flier said was “Love Your Race.”

“Elesha Gayman says… she found a disturbing flier in their driveway.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated about living here or being part of this community.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“. . .what was most concerning was knowing someone had been so close to their homes, possibly delivering the fliers overnight.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“You question their motives and the fact that they want to hide about this.” Yet all it said was “Love Your Race.”

“He says his 93-year-old mother was especially disturbed by the fliers.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“A no-hate group called One Human Family QCA [run by Rabbi Henry Karp — Ed.] started a No-Hate Rally in response to the fliers.” And all it said was “Love Your Race.”

“They want those posting the flier to know hate has no home here.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“. . . knowing someone was so close to their homes. . .” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“They don’t want the fliers to get into the wrong hands, especially their children’s.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“Neighbors say they won’t be deterred by the disturbing signs.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“It is very disheartening because there’s web addresses on it and kids have access to tablets and anything; I really do worry about kids finding it.” All it said was “Love Your Race.”

“Stand up and speak out against it so that people know that they’re not alone and that it’s not tolerated and won’t be tolerated in this community.” Yet all it said was “Love Your Race.”

Love your race. Join the National Alliance.

Read the Fox 18 anti-White broadcast text here:

National Alliance fliers are available here:

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Source: National Alliance

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  1. JimInFlorida
    10 November, 2017 at 12:32 pm — Reply

    If the picture featured a Negro, Pacific Islander, Mexican, or some other non-White person, that would be O.K.

    It is thoughtcrime to even take notice of being White. Much less to love being White or rediscover the glories of the White race.

  2. 10 November, 2017 at 12:34 pm — Reply

    Our Iowa people have started the #LoveYourRace2018 campaign with a direct hit! Great work!

  3. 10 November, 2017 at 5:56 pm — Reply

    Snail mail received at the National Alliance National Office:

    “I live in Davenport [Iowa] and a few days ago you placed a flier on the windshield of my car. I was out of town at the time and my house sitter saw this disrespectful flier on my windshield. Don’t leave papers on my car. Honestly, I don’t want you touching my vehicles, I don’t think it was appropriate to leave that kind of flier on peoples’ cars. In Davenport we have a lot of crime, lots of shootings and stabbings for no reason at all and you leaving that kind of flier on cars is dangerous around here. All it takes is for the wrong person to see that flier, that person may not even care who left it on there but they see me getting into that car and now I’m a target because I had a racist flier on my windshield. That’s all it takes around Davenport. I’m a 26 year old white tiny woman, I’m not looking to get hurt because of a poor flier you left. Seriously just leave us alone before we get hurt.” -Breanna, Iowa

    But, but, Miss Breanna, all it said was “Love your race.” You are a “target” of street thugs, not because a flier was placed on your car, but because you live in a bad area, deny your race and are spineless.

    • JimInFlorida
      10 November, 2017 at 9:40 pm — Reply

      I would suggest that Miss Breanna’s fear is NOT from the Feral Niggers who would harass her but, her deepest fear is that the Police State will NOT protect her from said Feral Niggers.

      Unfortunately, White Men have thrown up their hands and are not sticking their necks out any longer to protect ungrateful White Women. The few Blue Pill White Knights who WOULD like to protect her will not do so. If a White Knight took action to slay the nigger who harassed her, he would be arrested. Or, he would face a shoot-out with the Police State. A martyr for his race but, who would mourn his sacrifice?

      Almost no modern White Woman in this day and age is worth the drama, and they have only themselves to blame. Perhaps Miss Breanna instinctively knows that and that is why she fears the way she does.

    • JM/Iowa
      10 October, 2018 at 12:47 am — Reply

      Because we Cosmotheists love our race did flyers get distributed to you, Breanna. In an all White society that we want you won’t have to worry about non-White thugs shooting or stabbing you. Help us reach this and higher goals we have. Want to know more? Go here:

  4. Ann E
    12 November, 2017 at 4:02 pm — Reply

    Of course we should Love Our Race regardless of which race that is. Its natural! The promotion of White ‘Guilt’ is a cultural marxist strategy to bring down ethnic-Europeans. Mohammed Ali calls those who do not Love their own race, race traitors and he called his interviewer Michael Parkinson (BBC) exactly this.

    • 14 November, 2017 at 1:24 pm — Reply

      I drop this one when questioned about “Love Your Race” fliers:
      “I love my race more than any other race. Just like I love my family more than any other family and my children more than any other children. I don’t hate families that aren’t my own. I don’t hate children that aren’t my own and I don’t hate races that aren’t my own.”

      This is at the core of the Racial Nationalist idea.

      Self-determination for all; oppression for none. Is the one thing the scorpions riding our back don’t want.

  5. Travon Martinsburg
    13 November, 2017 at 9:02 am — Reply

    The problem historically is that whites imported non-whites, and occupied and economically exploited their lands. Therefore liberals fall back on the fairness issue to support their totalitarian suppression of white unity. All while there are non-white legal immigrants building large, successful businesses, particularly in the western states, examples of such being the non-white officers in a powerful private equity firm, or the arab who’s connected to the aging white elite in Ca. by modifying high-end sports cars. If whites had filled those economic niches, those immigrants might not have been quota-ed in by the federal gov’t. Whites do not want to live around non-whites or send their kids to schools with them, no matter how successful the non-whites are (unless they’ve married them – another issue). The only solution is for whites to have their own nation in N. America, and return their society to an excellence of the kind Scandinavian countries had striven to be before their non-white immigration. Wedge issues are needed to pry society into racial separation. One is the BDS movement. Although it aligns whites with non-whites (even some jews) temporarily, it is small first step in rattling the jewish monolith of media/academia/legal suppression of white racial interests, by questioning the US alliance with Israel. Another is environmentalism, which can be a shield toward legally blocking development of rural farm and forested lands into suburban tracts – thereby limiting housing to non-whites in proximity to preexisting white homeowners. Another is demanding that local elected officials pursue investigation of hassidic communities, urban community based organizations, and non-white politicians (like Bob Menendez of NJ) for misuse of government grants, bribery, tax evasion etc.

  6. Jim
    13 November, 2017 at 11:58 am — Reply

    The “whites” in davenport are marching against their
    own race and the Alliance. (((jews))) are right, some white goys are dumber than rocks.

    A good idea, those fliers. Would make good bumper sticker too.

  7. Sic Semper
    13 November, 2017 at 1:08 pm — Reply

    Anything placing jews inside it is a recipe for the entire product to carry a kosher label. If but one jew is in the mix, the entire product has been poisoned and adulterated as if a plague carrier spat in the food upon which the entire society ate from.

    The insidious invasion is so far along that many Ethnic Europeans regard their tormentors as heroin addicts regard heroin, they go into withdrawal when the cause of their disease is taken from them and seek it out.

    Too many Ethnic Europeans have been poisoned to see the jew invaders as “necessary” for their lifestyle. Where would they be without the jew doctors who were pushed through schools for their jewishness and given practices? Where would they be without jewish inventions that were stolen from gentiles? Where would they be without jewish science that was appropriated from still more gentiles? However can they survive without the puerile entertainment of jewish media and the propaganda fed to them as truth in the jew owned news complex?

    It is beyond mere separation and founding anew. So many of our own have been poisoned by these aliens and would only reinfect a new civilization. An entire remaking of society is what must accompany any separation. The risk of reinfection would stymie the most successful attempts to re-found Ethnic European Society.

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