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In God, as He Truly Is, We Believe

by H. Millard

GOD IS ONE, is ineffable, has no equal, has no son, and has selected Whites.

Don’t believe in God? Good, neither do I, at least as He is thought of in just about every organized religion I’ve heard of. But, I do believe in God as that “something” that my reason now tells me really can exist. And, from “can exist” to “does exist” is no longer a big leap for me.

This is a big change from what my reason told me years ago. What changed? Well, in addition to Arman’s revelations and his reported experience with the odd clouds and some sort of chorus in the clouds, modern scientific discoveries, and especially in the fields of physics, biology, and computer science — along with some plain old belief — inform me that there is a something; an entity, an intelligence, a consciousness, a living being far different from us that can be called God.

God is one of many names for the Ineffable Divine. He/It (just “He” hereafter) exists in the quantum level of the ground of existence and is everywhere. He can be thought of as being the bodiless intelligence, consciousness, personality, and purpose that permeates existence. He is powerful but He must obey the true, basic, natural laws of existence. God often works through flesh and blood and evolution and Nature to do as He wishes for His purposes.

He has selected Whites, through the White genome, to help accomplish His will at our everyday level of existence and to make the world a better place through us.

His selection of Whites doesn’t give our people special privileges or benefits. Instead, it puts special duties and responsibilities on our shoulders that the rest of mankind does not have.

The way for this selected people — Whites — is not an easy way. It is harder and more difficult because this people must do as God wants, not as man may want, in any age. It means Whites must work harder to be good and that there are things forbidden to this people, and required of them, that are not forbidden and not required of the rest of mankind. A few of the most important things forbidden or required of White people are that they are commanded to remain separate and pure, to avoid as much contact with those unlike themselves as possible, to never miscegenate, and to have as many of their kind of pure children as possible.

Even though White people are selected by God through their White genome, there are many who are impure and who do evil and there are others whose genome is “asleep” and dormant. God speaks to those whose genome has been awakened and He often does this in the quiet moments. Such ones must in turn use their free will to select God to seal the bargain, or their selection remains little more than dormant potential. If Whites select God and signify this by bearing His sacred symbols and living as He wishes even if they are hated and persecuted by all the rest of the world, even by Whites who are not pure, then they show thereby that they freely choose to accept their sacred responsibility and that they love and obey God.

The main day-to-day responsibility of this holy people is to live righteous and good lives as rationally happy people, who do no evil and no harm, who respect all of existence, and who seek peace and not conflict in their personal lives and in the larger society — while thinking often of God. As far as relations with other humans go, they are told to follow the Golden Rule. And they are told that living right is worth more than the details of one’s beliefs and is worth more than millions of meaningless formulaic rituals and pre-packaged, non-heartfelt prayers.

There is no one who stands between the selected and God. And each person should take personal responsibility for their acts, they should seek knowledge and wisdom, and they must try do what is right as revealed by God — not by man. If Whites do wrong (and no one is perfect), they must sincerely try to make it right in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of those who are wronged..

God loves existence and life and commands this people to respect both and to not harm themselves or others and to even avoid harming other things in existence except for doing what is needed for their safety, their survival, their expansion, their evolution, and their happiness as good and righteous people.

They should be moderate in all things. They should seek the middle course. They should not be too indulgent and they should not be too ascetic. They should enjoy life, but they should also be moderate and balanced. They should avoid ingesting food, drink, or any substances that can harm them or which can affect their thinking in negative ways and they should be informed in their health decisions by the best scientific and medical practices and the best available information. They are commanded to try to live long, fertile, happy lives as the good and decent people they are supposed to be.

They should be humble, and not be arrogant or haughty. They must not have too much pride. They should be kind and polite in both word and deed. They should be fair and friendly to all and practice justice. They should avoid anger and control their emotions to avoid danger to themselves and others. They must practice self-control, and they must be gentle in word and deed and have patience with others. They must speak softly and politely and show respect for others and allow them dignity. They must not vex them or make them angry or cause them unnecessary distress by their worlds or actions. They must always silently and privately know that they are different from other kinds, but that they are not superior to them and are not their keepers or helpers. They must always politely avoid mixing with them if possible — for this is as God demands.

They must ask of everything: Is this good for White people? And, in asking this question, they must be able to consider both the short- and long-term results of whatever it is they are asking this question about.

They are to mind their own business and not interfere in the business of peoples unlike them, and they are to be indifferent to them. Their paths in life are not the same and must be kept separate. God does not treat all of existence or all of life the same, and all that exists is His to do with as He wishes. They must not go against the will of God as He manifests it in Nature and “luck,” and whatever befalls other peoples. It is God’s will that all distinct peoples must look out for themselves and take care of themselves and not be a burden on other kinds or interfere in the business of other kinds.

They must seek to make more like themselves, for as they expand their genome they automatically make the world a better place, as God works through their genetics and biology to further His goals.

They must not envy others for what they have or for who they are. They, too, have their own problems and faults. Material things are worth little in the long run. What matters is our DNA code.

We must dress in comfortable and simple clothes, preferably of a plain color. Clothes should be timeless, with form following function, and without any unnecessary or frivolous appearance items. If they have pockets, the pockets should be functional and be used. So too with all other items. As with all things, our clothes should be comfortable and functional with every part of them having some reason or function behind them. For this reason we eschew neckties unless they serve a purpose for more than just appearance. Rings and amulets with the sacred signs are encouraged as are the bearing of the sacred signs directly on the skin.

Give charity to our kind only.

We should avoid befriending those who hunt for sport, for all life is sacred and no life should be taken for sport. Hunting and fishing and even killing plants for food, for our health as the people we are, must always be first in our minds and it is part of our nature that we must eat other things to live and survive and fulfill God’s will for us. We must be healthy, strong, and wise to fulfill our duty to God which requires us to do His work in our sphere of influence and on all worlds where we can live and prosper.

We are not to try to convert other kinds to our ways for this is an abomination in the eyes of God; and it is impossible for them to follow our path, which can only be taken by those with the genetic keys that we are born with. We must leave other peoples alone to their own fates and destinies. We carry God within us in a conscious and intelligent form, and our pure flesh and blood are needed by God. Where we go, there goes God. We are the walking Temples of God and in our Essence is He ensconced.

We must, each one of us, both male and female, expand our personal and collective DNA code as much as possible and this must start when Nature says our bodies are ready even though society at any time may have other views on this. God has put His laws, His clock, and His calendar into our DNA code and these things are not wrong because they come from God. We must not stop expanding our personal DNA code so long as our bodies allow. It is the way of God and Nature that males of our kind can expand their DNA code many times during the day if they have willing female partners of our kind and it is also the way of God that our females can usually only expand their personal DNA code once every nine months. This is as it should be and is the design that allows us to adapt and evolve without making permanent changes in our DNA code for temporary changes in the world. It is humans who do evil who have tried to rewrite the laws of God and Nature to suit their own desires and views of what they wrongly believe are right and wrong and moral and immoral.

What Are the Most Controversial Elements of Our Belief in this Age, and Why Has God Come to Us Now?

The most controversial aspects of our beliefs are those related to race, genes, DNA, evolution and our purpose as the distinct and selected people that we are.

Earlier forms of life instinctively hate newer forms with newer adaptations, because they sense the newer forms will replace them. They then instinctively act to destroy the newer forms by all means including directly killing them — and also by having the newer forms lose their differences, by having them blend back in with the older forms by mating with them, before the newer forms evolve even further and can no longer be pulled back into the older forms.

This is why God has appeared in this at this time to reveal more of His will to Whites to help this people survive, and get on — and stay on — the right path that He wishes for His own sacred purposes. We are His hands in our level of existence. As we help Him, He will help us, but we must do what we must do. He will not do for us what we must do. He reveals His will, but we must use our own free will to choose to obey God or not.


God has set His moral code and laws within Nature and within us, and they are holy even if we do not fully understand them, and even if some human moral codes differ, for only God can see the trajectory of existence as it flows into the far future. God’s moral code for us is designed to fulfill His purpose through our flesh and blood, and this means that we must remain separate, and pure, and we must fill all places where we can live with our kind, and we must help with our evolution along our sacred path as revealed by God.

* * *

©2017 H. Millard

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
23 November, 2017 9:04 am

I think that you have just described “the Venusians” from George Adamski’s “Flying Saucers Have Landed” and “Inside the Space Ships.”

Those female space chicks wore skin-tight outfits, as I recall, and they were ALL Nordic-types.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
24 November, 2017 6:41 am

The science fiction of George Adamski sounds far more congenial than that of Marc Dem, author of The Lost Tribes from Outer Space (originally published in French as Les juifs de l’espace).

23 November, 2017 12:42 pm

“His selection of Whites doesn’t give our people special privileges or benefits. Instead, it puts special duties and responsibilities on our shoulders that the rest of mankind does not have.” Perfectly said. It’s only when Whites understand that they have a divine mandate unique to themselves and that the future of all life on earth is conditional upon its fulfillment that they will be both united and ignited into action as a group. I read too much about Whites dumping Christianity, but with no other higher value system to fill that void, it’s far too easy for things like consumerism and other harmful behaviors or beliefs to take its place because ultimately, we all subconsciously seek greater meaning in our lives, to make sense of out our existence. If we… Read more »

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
24 November, 2017 10:48 am

I thought that was a joke, Anthony!

That book sells on Amazon. Weird—Herbert W Armstrong-level scholarship / nonsense combined with outer space Jews!

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
25 November, 2017 2:00 am

I knew you were joking. So was I. But who wouldn’t prefer Nordic-looking space chicks to hook-nosed space Jews?

It’s sometimes tempting to regard the Jews as an alien species and a cosmic evil.

It’s often incredible what gets written, translated, published, and read. It’s also depressing. The scale on which lies, delusions, and superstitions are concocted and vended is appalling.