Civic Nationalism Isn’t Nationalism

by David Sims

HAVE YOU EVER seen incipient greatness? This young woman’s video impressed me. I was once a liberal/leftist. My conversion to White nationalism began in 1995, when I was 35 years old, during a debate with White nationalists from Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance. I entered debate with those “racists,” certain that I’d win. But I lost. It turned out, much to my surprise, that they knew much more about race differences, and the history pertaining to the interactions between races, than I did. I had assumed much without realizing that I’d been assuming much. I’d believed the leftist narrative because leftists whom I knew had assured me that it was correct, and I’d believed that the leftists must have checked their views against scientific analysis of honest data.

But during that debate, I learned that either the leftists had never checked and were speaking out of a vast echo-chamber, or else the leftists whom I knew were inveterate and incorrigible liars. Either way, I had to admit that the racists were right and that I had to choose between going with the truth or shielding my pride from the truth though duplicitous denials.

Most leftists stay with their egalitarian narrative, after having its lies exposed in debate, simply by pretending that the debate never happened, or that they had somehow “won” the debate by the way they retreated under a smoke-screen of insults and emotion-loaded repartee.

I’d had some scientific training and was somewhat accustomed to having my theories shot down in matters of physics, and that might have helped me overcome the cognitive dissonance upon learning that my former leftist views weren’t really in accordance with the facts of race. So I made the leap from left to right, and here I’ve been, a White nationalist, ever since: twenty-two years and counting.

Civic nationalism isn’t really nationalism. It’s a kind of cosmopolitanism that tries to use a commonality of polity (i.e., which legal jurisdiction you inhabit) as a faux basis of a fictional nationalism. Real nationalism is always race-based because in natural terms your race is your nation. Your country and your nation are two different things: A country is a legally defined thing (it’s artificial) whereas your nation is a biologically defined thing (it’s natural). Yes, that’s correct: Even the word nation shares the same root word (nate) with nativity and native and natal, and all of them refer to the birth of children.

Adolf Hitler put it succinctly: The state is a vessel; the race is what it contains.

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25 November, 2017 5:52 am

My own “evolution” (politically) was from Joe Sixpack – to Infowars – to Daily Stormer – to National Alliance. I subscribe to several YouTube personalities (Blonde being one of the ‘Alt Light’ ones, but she’s coming along nicely! as is The Red Elephants, though Vince is still pretty stuck in the MAGA matrix) and am active on several pro-White sites these days… minus Daily Stormer, which I pretty much gave up on as another form of controlled-opposition after seeing a few too many “gas the kikes!” posts by people with Hitler avatars and swastikas. Not that I don’t admire the former National Socialist Führer and his intrepid push-back against Jewry, mind you. I most certainly do. And I consider that Hakenkreuz a sacred symbol. I’m just a little bit cautious… Read more »

28 November, 2017 12:23 pm

Well, she pretty much told him.