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What Would it Take to Change Police Bias Against Whites?

by David Sims

THE POLICE usually support the left and oppress the right on our streets. That isn’t because the police, themselves, are leftists. It’s primarily because the politicians from whom the police departments obtain their funding are leftists. Most police officers are motivated to work by their paychecks — and uphold the law only incidentally.

When an officer thinks he’ll get into such bad political trouble, if he enforces a law, that he might be fired, he’ll think twice about doing his job. Conversely, a policeman might even break laws (e.g., creating a public danger, as happened at Charlottesville) if that’s what he believes the local political bosses want him to do.

A threat to the paycheck will, in other words, make most people turn a blind eye to mischief or pretend to believe every lie they ever heard.

The right must win local elections before they can win street fights. Otherwise, the police will join the left against the right, simply because that would be the way for the officers to keep their jobs and avoid having left-leaning local public officials fire them.

And there is another complication. The reason that a lot of public officials (at every level of government) lean toward the left is that the Jews make it advantageous to politicians hoping to make a career of politics to lean toward the left. These Jews own and control the mass media, by which they shape public opinion about almost everything in the world, including the worthiness of politicians to hold public office. As long as a politician says what the Jews want him to say, represents what the Jews want him to represent, and votes on laws as the Jews want him to vote on laws, then he will remain in good odor on television and in the press.

But if he strays from the Jews’ policies in the slightest, he will find himself suddenly being cast as a villain. If he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll be called a “Nazi” or some other pejorative term, and he will most certainly not be re-elected. His career will be ruined.

The Jews control legislatures and the executive offices of government in precisely this way.

The Jews also control, for the most part, the financial system of the United States, and they use that control as a means of governing our elected government. The Federal Reserve System is a Jewish creation and it remains a Jewish tool of immense political leverage. With Jews and Jew-dominated members of Congress and in the US Senate prepared to obstruct any effort to change the money system back to honest greenbacks, the Jews in the Federal Reserve System can threaten to shut down all government operations.

That means that before we can get the police on our side, we must get the local politicians on our side. Before we can get the local politicians on our side, we must break up the Jewish monopoly in the mainstream media, probably by enacting anti-trust regulations. But with the Jews infiltrating the legislative houses, too, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to pass those anti-trust laws, or to enforce them if they are passed.

At the least, it’s going to be a very nasty fight. Most Whites don’t have the stomach for it.

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5 October, 2017 2:25 pm

While most rank and file patrol officers lean conservative and are fair-minded, an equal proportion of police administrators are not. It’s most law enforcement administration like the chiefs of police, county sheriffs or district attorneys that have either been sold out to the jews or are murrano jews themselves. This is how things like Charlottesville happen. All it takes is one order from the police administrator for the entire force to stand down so chaos can reign. Unfortunately, like military servicemen, police officers have been stripped of a good deal of their individuality, being absorbed into group mentality and trained to follow orders unquestioningly. It’s crucial that fair-minded Whites be placed in these important, mostly elected law enforcement administrative positions for Whites to receive the equal protection they’ll need in… Read more »

Reply to  ZACHP
25 August, 2018 11:07 pm

I agree with Zach regarding having enough Whites who are awake to bring about political change, this is the central premise of this article and should be brought about.

To bring a higher consciousness to Whites so that once again we’re on the path to the Creator’s purpose, each of us must do our part and reach out to our people using methods the National Alliance has provided here: https://natall.com/free-national-alliance-fliers/ or through other methods you’re comfortable with using.

These other methods can include advertising with billboards; if you have a website that’s Cosmotheist-oriented then approach the NA to share links; start a book club in your community; open up a private social club for our people to gather at; and so on. Use your imagination too!