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The PC Vomit Flood Makes Customers Flee

Alternative platforms are taking off in popularity.

by David Sims

I HAVEN’T actually watched any episodes of Star Trek Discovery. And because of what I’ve heard about its Political Correctness, I don’t think that I ever will. Indeed, I stopped watching Star Trek: Anything when Voyager introduced the Negro Vulcan, thereby breaking the established lore in which Vulcans had greenish-tinted skin because their hemoglobin is based on copper instead of iron. So wherever this brand of fiction might go from here, count me out. I’m just not fascinated anymore.

This will be, I predict, something of a regular phenomenon. Just when the leftists think they have such a monopoly or a captive audience that they can load it up with Political Correctness enough to make to crazed SJWs smile, their audiences will evaporate and their empires will fall. It is happening to Star Trek. It will happen to Google, to YouTube, and to Facebook also.

Go ahead lefties. Shoot your feet off.

VKontacte and DuckDuckGo, here I come!

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Over It
Over It
8 October, 2017 1:22 am

Dumped Goolag ten years ago and have been using DuckDuckGo ever since. Works just fine for me.