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The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds Audio Book: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

by Bradford L. Huie
for The American Mercury

TODAY WE bring you Vanessa Neubauer’s new audio book — chapter 15 — of The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds, which discusses Dr. William Pierce’s exploration and critique of the work of the great Russian intellectual Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Click here for all the chapters of this book that we’ve published so far.

Why is individualism an empty philosophy? Why is unlimited freedom to pursue our whims a bad thing? In what ways is Western “democracy” misguided? What is it like to be a truth-teller in a world of people-pleasers and conformists? You’re about to receive a perceptive glimpse into the minds of two great thinkers on these questions.

Listen to this week's installment of The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

Today we rejoin Vanessa Neubauer in her reading of this week’s installment, chapter 15, of Professor Robert S. Griffin’s masterful biography of Dr. William Luther Pierce, The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds.

How did Dr. Pierce, an American scientist and academic, come to found the most influential racial-nationalist organization in America? What were his goals? To what extent did he succeed? Listen in to this fascinating intellectual journey by pressing the play button above (or at the end of this article).

This audio book will be published in weekly chapter installments on The American Mercury and will be available from the Mercury as a full-length audio book when the series is completed.

One of the most original — and controversial — thinkers of the 20th century was White nationalist, novelist, and founder of a new European religion, Cosmotheism, Dr. William L. Pierce.

The only real biography of Dr. Pierce is Professor Robert S. Griffin’s The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds, which was published in 2001. This week we continue with the 15th chapter, “Alexander Solzhenitsyn,” of the book. Experience William Pierce, the writer, the philosopher, the radical — and the builder of an intentional White community in the mountains of West Virginia — just as Robert Griffin experienced him, by pressing the play button now.

Read the other chapters we’ve published.

Listen to this week's installment of The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

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Source: The American Mercury

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  1. James Clayton
    30 October, 2017 at 5:54 am — Reply

    Don’t miss Defying the Censors, by Dr. William Pierce, which is on Volume 3 of The Power of Truth series, available on these pages, at “BUY CDs.”

    He begins his talk with the emotional hook of a story about a man’s neglected if not misled daughter and what became of her. And he lays the blame where it belongs– with us– and suggests the way back.

    Then he recounts Dr. Griffin’s work writing Dr. Pierce’s biography as a tool to explain White nationalism fairly. And this is followed by the difficulty Dr. Griffin experienced attempting, for a year or so, to sell his manuscript to book publishers. And, finally, the then largest book publisher in the world, BARNES AND NOBLE began selling it as an e-book and it rose to the top in sales rather quickly. And Dr. Pierce explains the self-censorship of not only book publishers but White society and political correctness and why it is a mistake– that a significant percentage of intelligent readers are looking for such information– and that the usual suspects are determined to prevent its dissemination.

    Dr. Pierce closes with encouraging words in response to those who continue to try to censor the internet and names them including the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Leo Frank story is important in explaining from whence the ADL sprung and continues essentially the same work. And it is up to the relatively small number of intelligent doers, would be leaders, capable thinkers and readers, to do what Dr. Pierce explained must be done very well in this particular essay and throughout his career.

    And it is exciting to see the current work of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE continuing to facilitate this work. I encourage you to purchase these CDs and download, archive, and share the material available here. It is powerful preventative medicine for depression and is nutrition for the regrowth of Civilization.

    Like BARNES AND NOBLE, you will find that a remarkable number of your associates are hungry for this information that is available nowhere else.

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