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A Litany of Fake “Hate Crimes”

Andrew King and one of his fake “swastika daubings”

by David Sims

HERE IS A VERY SMALL and incomplete list of hate-crime hoaxes perpetrated by leftists and/or “minorities” since 2004. Of course, there are lots more. But these should whet your appetite and motivate further research. Racist and/or “anti-Semitic” hate crime hoaxes, involving slogans, symbols, and graffiti are everywhere.

There are far more hoaxes than there are actual “crimes” of this sort. Leftists enjoy protesting them, and minorities benefit from the reaction to them, which is probably why they perpetrate so many frauds of this kind.

The George Washington University Swastika Hoax of 2007

Between 23 October and 2 November of 2007, someone had been drawing swastikas on doors to rooms in a women’s dormitory at George Washington University. Robert Fishman, the local Hillel director, began hollaring for the perpetrator to be caught, arrested, and sent to prison.

The FBI, called in to investigate the symbols, put hidden cameras in the dormitory hall. Soon the perpetrator was identified: a female Jewish student named Sarah Marshak. She was the one who had originally brought the swastikas to the attention of the university administration. She drew them. And then she complained about them. All to create a hoax about a “hate crime” that would bring sympathy to the Jews (including herself) at the expense of whomever took the fall. (At the time, she probably didn’t think it would be herself.)

As soon as it became known that the perpetrator of the swastikas was a Jewish girl, Robert Fishman suddenly stopped calling for arrests and criminal charges, and began talking about “sympathy” and “counseling” instead. Apparently, only Gentiles are supposed to go to prison for hate crimes.

The Schenectady Swastika Hoax of 2017

A Jewish male named Andrew King drew swastikas on his house in Schenectady, New York, and reported them to the police as a “hate crime.” Someone tattled on him, and the police arrested King for making a false report about a crime.

The Claremont McKenna College Fake Racist Vandals Hoax of 2004

In March 2004, at Claremont McKenna College, a visiting psychology professor named Kerri Dunne, while on a tour to speak out against “racism,” claimed that her car had been damaged by unidentified “racists.” Her car was damaged, all right, but witnesses said that she did it herself.

The Elmhurst College Fake “Violent Nazis” Hoax of 2008

Safia Jilani, a Muslim female student at Elmhurst College claimed to have been assaulted by “nazis” in a women’s bathroom. Despite many holes in her story, both the media and the university administration most gullibly lapped it up and began verbal crusades against “hate.”

What were the holes in Jilani’s story?

Well, there was a question of how she texted the “emergency” to the Schaible Science Center while supposedly being unconscious. There’s the question of why a “nazi” would bother writing “Kill the Muslims” when there was an unconscious one right there on the floor, very handy for killing. There’s the question of why she did so much texting when dialing 911 would have been easier and more effective.

And how did that “nazi” knock her unconscious with a gun without drawing blood or leaving a big bruise?

There were many indications that the Muslim girl was lying, and the leftists of the media and the leftists in the university administration refused to consider any of them.

The Duke University Lacrosse Team Rape Hoax of 2006

A female Black named Crystal Gayle Mangum invented a false story about being hate-raped by several members of the Duke University men’s lacrosse team. As in the previous example, her story didn’t add up, and a local district attorney named Mike Nifong was later caught concealing evidence that the accused young White men were innocent. The accused were eventually exonerated, and Nifong ended up being disbarred for dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation. Wikipedia actually has an article regarding this particular hoax, if you want to learn more.

The University of California at San Diego Noose Hoax of 2010

In February 2010, a non-White student at the University of California in San Diego, whose name has not yet been discovered by this researcher, left a noose hanging in the school library. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that the perpetrator was a “White racist” with KKK connections, even though San Diego isn’t where you would normally look if you wanted to find KKK members.

The noose incident was used to promote more resources being devoted to “Black Studies” and increased special privileges for Black students on campus.

Four days later, someone outed the non-White female who really did plant the noose, and said non-White published an apology letter in the school newspaper.

The Marietta, Georgia, Torched Mosque Hoax of 2010

In July 2010, Tamsir Mendy, a male Black congregant of a mosque at the Masjid Al-Hedaya (Islamic Community Center) in Marietta, Georgia, burned down his own worship hall and allowed false speculation to rise and harden regarding the identity of the supposed perpetrators. Mendy, recently immigrated from Gambia, confessed to the arson in January 2012.

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Over It
Over It
22 October, 2017 3:14 pm

The fake hate crimes industry is used to constantly strengthen the victimhood status of and further create special rights, protections and privileges for jews, blacks, Arabs and Latinos, while further demonizing and isolating the White race from everyone else.


John Hays
John Hays
27 October, 2017 11:41 pm

The first amendment is designed solely to permit citizens to criticize their government without fear of reprisal. As such it is the right of individuals. Corporate media has the right to editorialize opinions when presented as such. However, presenting disinformation and outright lies about hard news and actual events by media should be criminalized as it is extremely dangerous. A good example is the manner in which Walter Cronkite “reported” events as they related to the Tet Offensive of 1968. There are many others.