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They Called It “Fascist Pseudoscience”

Intelligence, strength, and race

by David Sims

FOR HUMANS, greater strength and greater intelligence (and greater dexterity) stay gold throughout a very wide range of environments. It would be difficult to contrive an environment in which weaker men are more likely to survive than stronger men, or in which intelligence is a handicap, or in which being clumsy is more conducive to survival than is being dexterous.

Brains do have a cost, and a species (such as deer) whose adaptation is to react instantly at the sight of a predator, running away on reflex, would be at a disadvantage if it had an intelligent brain that wanted to evaluate, to ponder, and then, after due deliberation, decide that running away was probably the best course of action. In the time it took to do the evaluating, the deer would become the lion’s dinner.

Intelligence gives leverage to action, and it makes possible what otherwise would not be possible, but it needs time to work. Human social organization at the highest level — civilization — exists partly to give people the time to use their brains, so that the pursuits of survival, truth, and beauty can be better done.

How strange that phrase sounds to me (that was used by a leftist in response to my first draft of this article): “fascist pseudoscience.” It’s a staple in leftist propaganda, you know — this imputation of falsehood to “fascism.” There isn’t any good reason for that association to be made, and, if the proverbial Man from Mars were to tally up lies, abuses of emphasis, inexcusable omissions of important fact, deceptive use of pejorative, then I think he’d find more fault with the left than with the right. By far.

But here we can see why Blacks are so corrosive to civilization. Their lower intelligence, poorer impulse control, and higher levels of aggression make them less suited to life in an advanced civilization, in which legal theory and science are well-developed, than White people are. That’s why Blacks have crime rates that are about an order of magnitude higher than are those of Whites. They are adapted to life at a more primitive level, where the launching of a fist by fast-twitch muscles on reflex, without thought, is advantageous. They don’t have the intelligence needed to be competitive as thinkers, as ponderers, as solvers of technical mysteries, and therefore they don’t need the time that civilized living affords those who do have a competitive level of intellectual skills.

And that’s why Haiti and Zimbabwe plunged into the abyss from the civilized heights that Whites once brought them to, after Blacks took over the reins of power in those countries. It’s why South Africa is plunging now, on exactly the same trajectory. It’s where Detroit would have gone if it hadn’t been encysted within a larger White polity (though, to be sure, it’s almost gotten there anyway).

“Fascist pseudoscience,” huh? Nothing of the kind. There’s hard evidence to back up the racial views I’ve expressed. It appears that all of the “experiments” yield results that the “racists” have been predicting.

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  1. JimB
    3 September, 2017 at 11:10 pm — Reply

    Didn’t you go to college, Mr. Hanson? Science itself (along with math, art, music, architecture, etc.) is racist. In fact, everything is racist except mud huts, ju-ju, voodoo and cannibalism! If it came from White people… IT’S RACIST (and/or Fascist).

  2. Your Grandkids Will Be Gay
    4 September, 2017 at 10:22 am — Reply

    Yeah, unless you have some actual scientific evidence to back up your statement and not just “Look at Haiti!” it’s not even “pseudoscience.”

    It’s just your poorly informed opinion.

  3. Thomas Plaster
    4 September, 2017 at 11:56 am — Reply

    I have lately begun to respond to LEFTISTs (all the coalition members that constitute the LEFT) with the words “I will not let you zip me up in your slander bag”. And I don’t under any circumstance let the talk/discussion/debate/whatever proceed unless the label is corrected or taken back.

    The LEFT, rather quickly, will try to slap their pejorative labels (racist, supremacist, extremist, bigot, hater, fascist et alia) on their opponent and then the whole encounter with the LEFTIST becomes a struggle to get the label corrected, to show that it is the LEFT themselves that deserve the label. Which of course rarely, if ever, succeeds.

    And after sticking their label upon someone in disagreement with them, the LEFT will try to quickly move on to another or the next point/topic. That way, the label has never been (effectively) removed.

    To me, it is akin to teenagers shoving someone in a gym room locker and locking it; if the target does nothing and waits for someone to rescue them, they look bad. If they thrash about and do not succeed in getting free, they look bad. If they thrash around and eventually succeed in getting free, they still look bad. No matter what, they look bad.

    Sort of like campers trapping someone in a sleeping bag as a practical joke, making them struggle to get out. No matter the outcome, the target looks bad.

    Analogously, the same is true during verbal encounters (out on the street it will be the Charlottesville type of encounter) with the LEFT. I stop them in their tracks and do not let get away with the labeling. Interrupt them, talk over them, shout them down if necessary, but never let them apply sticky label and then move on to another topic. Just grind the whole encounter to a halt.

    You may occasionally get the chance to say that the LEFT’s labels are bogus for two reasons: first, they never use the label/word true to the component/root words and second, they never apply the same definition of the word to themselves that they use on their opponents. Mostly, though, you won’t get that far.

    So far it has been working well. No LEFTIST “gets over” on me anymore. I am only one person but I do what I can in my little corner of the world. No more “slander bag” used on me.

  4. 4 September, 2017 at 1:39 pm — Reply

    First of all, if there is one word that’s been more corrupted and misunderstood in the English language than racism, it’s fascism. People use the word fascism to make themselves sound intellectual, but they have no idea what it really means. In any case, colonialism was a good thing because it provided the savages with a quality of life they could never have achieved on their own. On the other hand, it was bad for Whites because not only did we put ourselves in a minority position with the threat to be killed or overthrown in places like Rhodesia or South Africa, but we gave the Third Worlders the gifts and technology of our people (guns, automobiles, etc.) that would eventually be used against us. In a better world, Whites must focus on their own needs and leave the savages to themselves. No missionary work, no hunger outreach programs, no building homes, schools and churches, no medical treatment and supplies, nothing.

    • Thomas Plaster
      4 September, 2017 at 8:20 pm — Reply

      Andover 8: Agreed. With the advent of the twentieth century, with advances in travel allowing world wide reach and medical technology to help youngsters survive to adulthood plus surplus food production, the third world populations enjoyed the same lowered infant mortality rates and extended old age that the first world enjoys.

      Unfortunately the third world did not lower their birth rates like the first world and now their burgeoning population surpluses are using the aforementioned modern transportation abilities to come to first world i.e. White homelands.

      The same culprit that sent food/medicine over to third world lands are heavily involved in bringing their excess populations into White countries; the Jesus freaks.

      I’m not saying they are the only ones, but they are a main instigator. That religion needs to be dealt with. For the sake of all White/Euro peoples. It is a terribly hamstringing creed.

      • 5 September, 2017 at 2:59 pm — Reply

        You make excellent points. Yes, the reason the populations of black and brown people the world over have exploded into the billions is because of suicidal humanitarian efforts paid for and conducted by Whites and, of course, headed and encouraged by, jews.

        As more r-selected creatures, the non-White races’ survival strategy is sheer numbers, in the same way low IQ creatures like fish or rodents have thousands of offspring, sometimes in a single birth, knowing that most will die from starvation or be killed/eaten by another creature. The small percentage that survives is enough to continue to propagate the species. Likewise, the famines, diseases, and droughts of Africa and Asia aren’t bad things. They’re nature’s way of keeping the black/brown high reproductive strategy in check so they do not overwhelm the earth. When we violate the natural processes by intervening with food, medicine and so forth, we end up with the situation we have today.

        It’s the same reason you see the “Don’t feed the squirrels” sign at the park. If enough aren’t allowed to die from natural processes, including starvation, their numbers will proliferate so greatly that they will overwhelm the local ecosystem creating an imbalance, forcing park rangers to exterminate many of them to bring things back into balance. That is the situation we face in the world today because of White meddling in the black/brown world.

        • Thomas Plaster
          5 September, 2017 at 6:35 pm — Reply

          Andover 8: Well said. Especially about nature keeping population numbers in check and western goody two shoes (jesus freaks and garden variety LEFTISTs) unnaturally abrogating it.

          To the LEFTISTs, God forbid any non-White on this earth perish; that would be one less non-White to flood White countries with. LEFTISTs probably think to themselves “we need every non-White that can be had”.

          I have wondered for some time that urban cities, first or third world, can only keep their extremely dense populations alive with chlorinated water supplies and that takes electric equipment. Plus, urban areas do not grow any of a nation’s food supply. If a nation’s electricity supply is interrupted by a catastrophic event, say an EMP burst from an enemy, would end electricity supplies. Urban cities would be veritable hell holes with all the dead form cholera/typhus.

          This is why, up till very recent in human history, population density could not go above a certain limit (well below today’s levels) else mother nature (in the form of cholera/typhus outbreaks) would come along and “apply correction”. Cities just could not be but so large.

          Of course, today, if this EMP event or whatever causes long term interruption, happens the urban populations would stream out into the suburbs and rural. Looking for free food and what else I can only imagine.

  5. 4 September, 2017 at 6:51 pm — Reply

    While JIMB makes a very good point, the author of this article makes an even better one. I hope that this article is widely read and thoroughly comprehended by those persons we want to reach.

    8 September, 2017 at 1:19 am — Reply

    You need to fully digest one very simple fact. And that fact is the facts do not matter. We are dealing with a parasite (Jews) that will use whatever facts (true or false) they can to advance their agenda. Forget debate, forget good-manners, forget polite speech, forget the Marquis of Queensberry rules – just get on with the task and that task is about fighting to the finish. In the words of WLP – ‘the only solution is white revolution’ and that is the only fact that matters.

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