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by Revilo P. Oliver

I SALUTE THE APPEARANCE of a new and worthy periodical in France, Révision, published by Alain Guionnet at 11, rue d’Alembert, 92130 Isay-les-Moulineaux. It is evidently to be a monthly, 260 francs for six issues, and 500 francs for thirteen. Single copies are 18 francs, with $3.75 given as the American equivalent.

The cover bears a reproduction in color of what appear to be the obverse and reverse of a dollar bill that was issued when American currency, although debased, was still real money, since the intrinsically worthless piece of paper could be exchanged at any bank for a silver dollar. The two sides of the bill, however, are the outer faces of a diptych, which, when opened, shows the sinister symbol of interlaced triangles called the Seal of Solomon, with the reminder that the value of the dollar bill depends on the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, a Sheeny named Morgenthau, who, you will remember, was one of the foremost accomplices of our great War Criminal.

To the left of this symbol are comments, not entirely accurate, on the symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States, including the reverse, with its Masonic device, which was kept in abeyance until the loathsome thing called Roosevelt had it placed on paper currency. The thirteen tiers of stone in the unfinished pyramid represent the English colonies that formed the United States, and the pyramid is surmounted by the All-Seeing Eye, a symbol which the Masonic religion took from the Jews, who had filched it from the Egyptians; it is really the Eye of Horus. (1) The legend over the pyramid, annuit coeptis, (2) is an affirmation of faith in the god of the contemporary deists, although both Christians and Jews could read their own meaning into it. The conclusion the author of the diptych drew from the symbols and the signature of Morgenthau is stated in bold characters, which may be translated as “This money is certainly Jewish!”

(1. It is the eye that Horus lost in combat with the god of the Asiatic invaders, Set, who had slain and dismembered Osiris. Osiris, through the divine power of one of his two sister-wives, the faithful Isis, who had reassembled and reunited his body, was able, while dead, to engender in Isis a son to avenge him, Horus. Horus eventually recovered possession of the eye he had lost in combat, and used it to resurrect his father and make him Lord of the Underworld, where the righteous, whose innocence of sin has been proved by the weighing of their hearts in the scales of Anubia, dwell in tranquil felicity. Since the Egyptians did not have the implicit sadism of Christians, sinners are not tormented in the Underworld; their souls are simply annihilated, devoured by a monster that squats near Anubis at the psychostasy. Osiris was originally a god of vegetation, which dies each winter and is resurrected each spring, and naturally became a god that saved mortals from death and thus was a prototype of Jesus.

There was originally an opposition and even hostility between the aristocratic and relatively rational worship of the sun-god, Re, (Ra, Amon-Re, Amen-Ra, etc.) and the emotional and essentially irrational religion of Osiris, the god who died and rose from the dead, but the two religions were eventually amalgamated and the eye of Horus was identified as the Sun. This was a decline, for heliolatry is the one rational religion that has appeared on earth: the Sun is indeed the Creator of life on this planet and hence of each of us. It is a pity that the foolish or venal technicians who pose as “Creation Scientists” do not take an opportunity to venerate a god who is not entirely illusory.)

(2. The phrase was suggested by Ascanius’s prayer to Jupiter in the Aeneid: “audacibus annue coeptis.” It thus referred to the audacity of the thirteen colonies in revolting from the mother country and trying to form a nation of their own, and is, of course, unexceptionable in that sense, having no reference to grotesque myths about a Hiram and “Solomon’s Temple.” The eye of Horus became a symbol of divinity in many religions imitated from or indirectly influenced by the Egyptian.)

The opposite page of the diptych is even more interesting: “This dollar paid for the Jews’ War. It is the only message that the Anglo-Americans are able to send us: Will it suffice to recompense us for the disasters brought upon us by the Jew’s War? Money has no stench, but a Jew has.”

The editors of Révision believe that this recognition of contemporary realities, which obviously dates from the time that the American boobs were financing what was called the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction and Judaization of the Europe they had ruined, was printed in Sweden.

Like all honest periodicals that do not kowtow to Yahweh’s Master Race (including Liberty Bell), the new periodical is in urgent need of financial support, and the editorial on the inside of the front cover of the February issue pleads for subventions. It also reports that in Paris the Yids have become less aggressively assertive of their dominion, but are swarming in Nanterre (which has become a western suburb of Paris), where a Frenchman is on trial for the crime of having had a thought that was not kosher.

The editors remind us that the Yids are vehemently champions of “Human Rights” because the Holy Talmud repeatedly states that only Jews are human and thus have a god-given right to do what they will with dogs, horses, cows, Aryans, and other goyim. (3) In Nanterres, the swarm of Sheenies is led by a lordly rabbi, whose mouth is adorned by a big “circumcised cigar.”

(3. The editors cite the Talmud from Texts rabbiniques des deux premiers siecles chretiens, published by the Pontifical Institute of Biblical Studies in Rome, 1955. For English translations of these injunctions, see the Christian News Encyclopaedia, which I mentioned in Liberty Bell, November 1989, p. 3. See also the Reverend Father I.B. Pranaitis’s Talmud Unmasked. There are many compilations of crucial excerpts from the Talmud in German and other languages.)

The reference to the clipping of fine cigars prepares us for a vigorously satirical article on the barbaric custom of clipping the sexual organ of male infants, which, by the way, is a practice that according to the Holy Talmud is the raison d’être of the world, which would be destroyed, if male children were not sexually mutilated to give their foreskins in tribute to their ferocious god. (4) And this leads us to an article on the Gospel of Thomas that was found at Chenoboskion (Nag Hammadi) in 1945, of which a definitive French translation was published in 1975. It is suggested that this gospel, which was buried and secure from interpolation for fourteen centuries, should be used to correct the much interpolated gospels in the “New Testament” now is current use by Christians.

(4. On that disgusting and savage practice, see Nicholas Carter’s excellent study, Routine Circumcision (London, 1979; available from Liberty Bell Publications.) In Liberty Bell, October 1989, pp. 1-5, with an addendum in November, pp. 7-10, I reported on articles courageously published in the Truth Seeker issued in San Diego, which condemned “the crime of sexual mutilation” of children, and even advocated a law that would forbid it and make more Jews illegal (oh, happy day!). I gather that as a result of a recent decision in the courts, the rival Truth Seeker that was published in Austin, Texas, will suspend publication, but its proprietors, in the February 1990 issue of the American Atheist, published an equally vigorous article by Professor Franck R. Zindler, which exposes the Stone Age savagery of the mutilation of male children in the United States, which was made “routine” by venal physicians who, wittingly or unwittingly, served the Jewish purpose of making it more difficult to identify disguised Yids.)

The February issue includes a short chapter, “volution politique de la bourgeoisie capitaliste,” from Les financiers qui mènent le monde, the latest of the many books written by Henry Coston, whose name will be familiar to everyone who has paid any attention to anti-Communist writings in France, and the journal offers for sale a new and expanded edition of that book. I do not have that book by Coston at hand, but I suppose it to be an application of what he said in Le veau d’or est toujours debout (Paris, Publications, Henry Coston, s.a. [1987]) which, contains a summary account of great financial bandits, mostly in the United States, supplemented by two hundred pages of small type in double columns, which are a “Who’s Who” of the great malefactors of finance of the present and includes a few of their most notorious precursors (e.g., John Law) in past centuries. It is a very valuable work of reference, and, so far as I know, may still be obtained from Mme. Coston’s Librairie Francaise.

The chapter is accompanied by a commentary in which the editors point out (as prudent M. Coston would never do) the relation of the financial plundering of the world to the celebrated Protocols des sages de Sion, of which they also have copies for sale.

The famous Protocols have always embarrassed Yahweh’s Own, who scream that the work is a forgery — a claim facilitated by the variety of accounts of how the text came into the possession of Professor Nilus, who published a translation of it in 1901. (5) The uproar is intended to make goyim afraid to read the document, but the talk about forgery is really irrelevant. I happen to have a report of a chemical analysis of the coal obtained by strip mining in eastern Illinois. If I attributed that analysis to you and published it under your name, that would be a forgery, of course, but it would not in the least diminish the accuracy of the chemical analysis reported in it.

(5. Intelligence agencies naturally and habitually try to conceal their sources. Some of the stories about how the Protocols were obtained seem to have been devised to discredit them. For one plausible account, see Waters Flowing Eastward, by “L. Fry” (the late Countess Paquita de Shishmareff), edited by the Reverend Dr. Denis Fahey, (London, Britons, 1965), pp. 74 ff.)

Whether or not the Elders of Zion were really so indiscreet as to put on paper an outline of their methods, the Protocols contain an accurate account of the methods that the Jews now use and have long used in their instinctive racial effort to help old Yahweh carry out his promise to them, that he would destroy every nation they invaded (e.g., Exod. 23.27). It is ironical that although many complacent Aryans could not discern the validity of the Protocols in 1904 and following decades, the Jews are now, by their arrogant assumption of mastery and their promotion of their latest great swindle, the Holohoax, establishing conclusively the accuracy and historical authenticity of the document they called a forgery, in an attempt to prevent their victims from reading it and learning how and by whom they are victimized.

Révision is a journal written on a high intellectual level that is rare among ‘right-wing’ publications. The longest article in the February issue is devoted to the situation in Soviet Azerbaijan and adjacent territories, where the recent outbreak of fighting between Shi’ite Moslems and Christian Armenians, with belated intervention by Soviet troops, was sparingly reported in the American press.

The article sketches the historical antecedents, without which no current even can be understood, and describes ethnologically the present inhabitants, making it clear that the real difficulty is the innate hostility between incompatible races and ethnic subgroups. Sound philology emphasizes the fact that language is not a racial criterion, but does often bring together peoples of diverse racial character and results in some confusing amalgamation by miscegenation and hence a divisive weakening of the racial stock, whatever it is. It is noted that the present policy of the Soviets in their part of Azerbaijan does not differ basically from the policy of the Czars.

Révision is the most outspoken periodical that Aryans have in France today, and we must hope that it will survive and flourish and perhaps become a major force in liberating the real French from the nightmare of oppression by the Jews and the uncivilized aliens they have imported into France to destroy gradually its civilized people. Perhaps France will some day become what it was in the Eighteenth Century and even until the Jews used the Dreyfus case (6) to acquire a preponderant influence over gullible Frenchmen, a civilized nation in which Yiddish terrorists cannot with impunity assault and try to murder men of intellectual integrity, such as Professor Faurisson.

(6. I summarized the Dreyfus affair in America’s Decline, pp. 19 f.)

I note, incidentally, that France under its Judaeo-Communist government has paralleled the United States in that there has been an enormous increase in superstition. According to the current (Spring 1990) issue of the Skeptical Inquirer, a poll conducted by L’Express shows that “a sizeable proportion of the population believes in paranormal phenomena of one kind or another, including astrology, witchcraft, sorcery, and telepathy,” A poll “of more than 1,500 people indicated that those with a higher scientific [!] qualification were more likely to believe in the paranormal [a weasel word for supernatural drivel] than those with basic primary schooling — 46 percent compared with 41 percent.”

“France,” the article concludes justly, “appears to be taking its cue from Nostradamus rather than Descartes these days.” A book of the ambiguous predictions made by the crafty Jew called Nostradamus has sold more than 1,300,000 copes, and there are three hundred publishers who specialize in books of occult hocus-pocus. There are “more than 40,000 professional astrologers who declare their income to tax authorities” and “undoubtedly a far greater number of moonstruck stargazers, mediums, necromancers, and fortune tellers . . . choose not to declare their income.” Estimate the number of ignorant boobs required to support that horde of nitwits and swindlers. For further details, see the periodical cited, pp. 232 f.

This extraordinary growth of infantile credulity in a country that once claimed to be the most rational and skeptical of all European nations must be accompanied by a probably enormous increase in the number of French men and women who are now befuddled by Christianity and similar religions, which the article in the Inquirer did not consider.

Surely it cannot be a coincidence that there has been a catastrophic decline of rationality in France, the United States, and all other countries that have fallen under the dominion of Yahweh’s Pestilential Parasites.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, June 1990

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