Now Enough White Nationalists in America to Fill Australia

IN A RECENT Ipsos poll for Thomson Reuters and the University of Virginia Center for Politics — conducted in the wake of Charlottesville — 31% of respondees agreed that “America must protect and preserve its white European heritage.”

This is more than a mere percentage. This is 100 million people, and represents a population larger than Vietnam, Egypt, or Germany, and one almost as big as the Philippines.

The poll also found that 8% of those responding also support actual White nationalism “as a group or movement.” In other words, literally 26 million Americans are dyed-in-the-wool White nationalists, a political position that implies an extremely strong degree of commitment.

Because of the costs of admitting this in today’s America, we have to assume that the real number is in fact much higher. But even if the true number was in fact 26 million, this is still an enormous group of people. To give you some idea of what this means, this represents a population large enough to fill Australia, which has 24 million people.

As White people continue to fall as a percentage of the US population, the percentage and total number of Whites who support White nationalism can only grow. But already it is clear that there are enough racially conscious White people to either form their own large ethnostate or to seize control of America itself. After all, the Bolshevik Revolution that took over the vastness of Russia was carried out by a tiny, but highly motivated, minority, in fact less than 1%.

This poll must be extremely worrying for the  ruling elites of the USA as it shows very clearly the path on which the country is set, a path that leads to their own disempowerment and perhaps something much worse.

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Source: Alt-Right News

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  1. Franklin Ryckaert
    September 28, 2017 at 12:19 am — Reply

    If 26 million Americans are already White Nationalists and 100 million are potential ones, then a White Nationalist political party has a future. Compare the membership of the two existing parties, Democrats : 80 million, Republicans : 68 million. Intensive propaganda and a better leader than Donald Trump could turn things around.

    • Jay
      October 1, 2017 at 9:01 pm — Reply

      It will only happen with us going out into the real world and making this happen.

      That mean doing what the daily stormer did, only being more savvy about it.

      The Daily stormer has it’s place, bigger then this place in sheer numbers(even now), but a political movement will need tact in applying this in a manner that will get us into real power.

      I think Andrew knows this and always has, he knows he has to push the edges out as far as he can. In order for the public to go
      “thats to far, but those
      National Vanguard, David Duke, etc. people sound reasonable”.

      There is a methode to Andrews “madness”.
      I think Andrew became more successful then even he imagined and even now has the largest readership of any pro-white site.

      He published his site like a tabloid because the first rule in any media business is to grow large enough to influence events/stay in business.
      That he did.

      Learn from him and modify into an even better media out let.

  2. Meehawl
    September 30, 2017 at 1:51 am — Reply

    Well, that’s generated a big easy grin right here.

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