Italy: African Invaders Destroy Hotel, Demand Money

PLEASE WATCH this amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread; I doubt it will be up on Jewtube much longer.

It’s time for the long-awaited sequel to the Hotel of Hate. This time 65 I.Q. genetic aliens were disappointed by the lack of appeasement provided by an indigenous White population they’ve been brought in to destroy and replace. Piles of mattresses in front of what was once a luxury accommodation provide physical evidence of the profound suffering of an enemy army that just wants to kill you, rape your women, burn your cities and make you pay for this entire process. We should have been nicer to this swarm of waste-colored locusts, now they’re unhappy and you’re a “racist.”

Enemygrants bitch about the poor conditions as a solitary tear rolls down my cheek for the savage inequalities we visit on the dangerous outsider during those agonizing few weeks before the welfare money starts rolling in. Incredibly, the Jew makes an appearance with its biological weapons, providing silent moral support as the light of the world while creatures from a nightmare demand their own private rooms in the five star hotel instead of having to share with their fellow living fossils.

They see our generosity as weakness to be exploited. One thing you’ll never, ever, hear from a “refugee” is “thank you.”

The Jew gets a good laugh at the demographic mess it caused.

We get a steady parade of sullen, moronic alien faces demanding “money” and whatever else we can get out of you before you’re drowned under a tidal wave of reeking brown sewage. We even get what looks like a mystery meat from puck-ee-stan or maybe Bangladesh. Man, that “War in Syria” just keeps spreading. A native Italian who needs to die for “justice” apparently isn’t happy with his homeland being flooded with ungrateful parasites. That’s “racist” and “xenophobic.” You must be replaced by genetic aliens who will become the slaves promised by the Talmud, but please keep paying until then.

We need a lot more of this in Europe.

While the Italian fake news talks about the need for more “pocket money” hand-outs to the advance scouts of an invasion force the camera surveys the damage caused by a lack of future time orientation, low I.Q. and a general contempt for their hosts. Elsewhere, an Italian woman appears to be attempting suicide by negro. Do-gooding gone wrong? Fortunately we cut away before the “rape gone wrong” for more complaints about bed quality from the missing link between humanity and the ape-like ancestor. The towels, also, are “not good.” Shame on you, Italy. The lack of quality linen will be remembered when your rotting corpse is being lowered into the cold earth of “multi-culti.”

Also, there’s no Wi-Fi! Looks like fascism is alive and well in Mussolini’s Italy. This is the worst “racism” I’ve ever seen. Only the complete kosher destruction of Europe can redeem the time some brown invader couldn’t get on the Internet. Tribal drums play, appropriately enough, as this video, and Italy itself, fades to black.

These mattresses weren’t good enough for the Camp of Saints.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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17 September, 2017 8:56 am

More than likely this x 5 star hotel was forced by their government to take the ungrateful savages in, the self destruction of Europe is truly pitiful.

John V. Fields
John V. Fields
23 September, 2017 8:01 pm

When are people finally going to start taking action against this sort of invasion? Individuals should physically throw these Africans out of their country once and for all. Pay no attention to what the politicians say or do, just rid your country of this pestilence.