Inspirational Video of the Day: Europe Must Not Despair

MY FRIENDS, it’s all there. It’s all waiting. Of course it can be done. It depends upon ourselves.

You say, “but again, we’re scattered individuals. Everything’s against us.”





All the new forces are used against us. All the great forces, all the material powers of the world, you say are “against you.” And so they are. You’re quite right to feel that and I don’t underrate them. But I don’t despair and you shouldn’t despair because you, like I, have read something of history. You know something of the record of the achievement of Europeans. And dark as this hour is, it’s no darker, it’s not as dark, as some of the hours you’ve known in European history.

When everything was cowardice, treachery and betrayal, and when the Saracen hordes from far outside Europe swept right across that continent and would have come on over our own Britain too if they hadn’t been stopped. And it didn’t only happen once, it’s happened more than once. Small bands of men came together in resolution, in absolute determination giving themselves completely and saying, “Europe shall live!” and stood firm and faced the menace to Europe: its values, its civilisations, the glory of its achievement, all those things in mortal danger.

And they stood firm. They faced it. They came together and more and more ran it to their standards and those hordes were thrown back again and again and again!

Our Europe lived in triumph because the will of Europe still endured!

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
6 September, 2017 10:30 pm

Thanks for this inspirational piece. Sort of makes the
Category 5 hurricane coming my way seem like small
fry, doesn’t it?