France: White Genocide Openly Celebrated

NOT LONG AGO, White Genocide or the “Great Replacement” as it’s often called on continental Europe — that is altering the demographics of a country from being ethnically European to non-ethnically European — was dismissed as a crazy far-right fantasy. Now brown people, leftists and Jews are openly celebrating it and calling for it to be speeded up.

Here we have a leftist march in Paris, called by a trade union collective to protest against reforms to work regulations. But the leftists just can’t help themselves, they can’t stay focused. They have to throw a bit of White Genocide in there too.

In the video you can see them carrying signs that say “Nique La France!” [F*** France!]

And “Le Grand Replacement, dès maintenant” [The Great Replacement now]

Estimates of the numbers of those attending this march range from 200,000 to 500,000, so this wasn’t some marginal thing.

But it’s not just in France that this is happening. Mark Collett recently posted an image collage of Jews also celebrating White Genocide. “This Jew will replace you”, “Lol your grandkids are gonna be brown”.

Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, recently trolled Trump and boasted that brown people were taking over his country.

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. hunter
    15 September, 2017 at 7:03 am — Reply

    Hi Everybody,

    This protest was originally devoted to fight new laws in the field of what we call ” le code du travail”, which means a series of regulations that protect workers in France.

    The new “president”, wants to reduce all the regulations, just another step in the process to turn France to a more ” neo-conservative ” country.

    It was truly not the moment for these “activists” to ask for replacement and proudly say that they fuck France, but they did it, and the worst is that all the leftist organising the protest, didn’t find this irrelevant !
    Normally these people should have asked these invaders to leave the protest : the frame is a social protest, against bad laws, not the place to say that we fuck you and your country, because soon, we’ll be at home and you’ll be strangers !

    But you know how leftist are : they prefer to see their country turned upside down, and their fellow citizens raped, stabbed and even more, by invaders, because they don’t want to be considered “racists” !

    Well, my country is now a land of submitted people; French people accept everything; the laws are tough :if you say you don’t like muslim invaders, it’s jail and fees ! it’s the reign of fear, everybody is frightened ! As an invader told one of my friends in Paris 3 years ago : ” Français faibles, nous forts !” (I translate : ” French people weak, we strong”)

    I think that this country and most of its native dwellers, have accepted the fact they’ll be exterminated in 30/40 years !

    There is nothing to do, people here are extremely dull, stupid, no more educated, I’m pessimistic but there’s no hope !
    It’s over, everything is over !

    It seems to be our fate, our destiny ! We used to be the dominants, we are now a race of very weak and feminized things, ready to be the slaves of the future islamic masters, themselves puppets of the masters of the universe, I don’t need to write their name, it starts with a J and has 4 letters, and eveybody here knows them.

    Good luck American patriots ! Hope you’ll keep up the fight and win, return to your roots, you have guns, we don’t !
    Here, only invaders have guns, and the police could jail me for an illegal gun, but never sue such an invader…they could be called “racists”, and all the local intellectual intelligentsia would treat them as you can imagine !

    So long !

    Hunter, from occupied France, soon called islamic rebuplic of ex- France !


  2. Arvin N. Prebost
    15 September, 2017 at 10:57 am — Reply

    Beaucoup de pessimissme, Hunter!


    This could just be nature’s boot camp for toughening up a remnant of the people. Sure, it is going to be tough. But nature is tough. I recently attended a hummingbird seminar. Those birds are no bigger that your thumb, but they fly 2000 miles over land and sea to hibernate.

    What will be required of us will be no less spectacular, but it will be done. Pretty soon the enemy will be revealed to all to be nothing more than a pitiful, weak cockroach who has cowed us with nothing but words, only words and the mental images that come from words. He will be smashed with no effort.

    I am glad that nature is calling us, demanding that we step up. It is long overdue.

    ALL Europeans, in Europe and also here, are being called to step up.

    MANY will be found to be wanting, and will be winnowed-out.

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