White Genocide by Design: The Role of the Mass Media in the Destruction of the European People

White women abused by non-Whites: Who is responsible?

by Franklin Ryckaert

JEWS ARE NOW perceived in many quarters as “supremacists”, a description they will naturally find offensive. Because of their “chosenness”, however, it would appear that many Jews feel entitled not only to monopolize the wealth of the world but also to appropriate its power. This is clearly articulated by their prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament where the Jew is told that foreign kings “shall minister unto thee” and that he will one day “suck the milk of the Gentiles”:

And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favour have I had mercy on thee.

Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.

For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast of kings: and thou shalt know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.

Isaiah 60: 10-12, 16; emphasis added.

Following this promise, throughout history the Jews have tried to appropriate much of the wealth and the power of the world. Unsurprisingly they came into continuous conflict with the whole world as a result. They have been expelled from several countries more than a hundred times. Instead of readjusting their behavior, the Jews developed a persecution complex: the whole world is against them “for no reason”. Because it was mostly European countries that expelled them, the Jews came to consider Europeans as their greatest enemies.

After WWII and the intense Holocaust propaganda it brought in its wake — see Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering — the organized Jewish community became convinced that Europeans were a threat to them as a race and that they should therefore be neutralized as a race; in other words, that genocide of the European people, now better known as “White genocide”, would be the “final solution” to the European problem.

But how could a small ethnic group of only 15 million people like the Jews exterminate one billion people of European descent spread out all over the world? The Jews came to the conclusion that it would be possible to neutralize Europeans racially, not by physically exterminating them, but by causing them to mix with other races, thus losing their racial characteristics for good. Mulattoes, Mestizos and Eurasians are no more Europeans, and the Jews believe such people can be more easily manipulated by them than full-blood Europeans. Thus after the second World War the Jews concocted a plan to create conditions that would lead on a mass scale to miscegenation and the interbreeding of Europeans with other races. The effective means of achieving this would be through non-White immigration into White countries. This is a “soft” genocide, “soft” because no killing or violence is involved.

* * *

So the Jews decided to commit a “soft” genocide on Europeans. There are four things necessary to make such an endeavor a success: (1) lowering the White birthrate; (2) opening all White countries to mass non-White immigration; (3) neutralizing the opposition; (4) promoting miscegenation.

Lowering the White Birth Rate

At present the birthrate of Europeans is 1.6 children per woman. That is below the 2.1 necessary for replacement. This cannot be blamed on the Jews, but is a correlate of economical development. Developed East Asian countries have a similar low birthrate.

There are however a number of activities that tend to lower the birthrate even further. Jews are prominent in all these activities, which are: the promotion of transgenderism, homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, birth control, abortion and feminism. Feminism is the greatest additional contributor to the low birthrate of Europeans and Jews are disproportionally dominant in this movement. (see List of Jewish feminists)

Opening all White Countries to Mass Non-White Immigration

European countries were never meant to be immigration countries, and the traditional immigration countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina also, until recently accepted only European immigrants. That has changed dramatically since the mid 1960s and many White countries receive now more non-White than White immigrants. They are expected to become majority non-White within a few decades. The name “Muhammad” is now the most popular name for newly born boys in many big cities of Western Europe. It can be demonstrated that in all cases Jewish lobbying was behind this change in immigration policies.

The recent “refugee” crisis, as is becoming increasingly clear to many who were unaware of this fact before, is also of Jewish making. The destruction of Libya and the attempt to destroy Syria happened all according to the Oded Yinon Plan, an Israeli plan to weaken all Muslim countries from Morocco to Pakistan, in order to facilitate Israel’s regional hegemony. All those “Syrian refugees” (80% of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees), are directed — not to the rich Arabian Gulf states, let alone to Israel — but to Europe and other White countries. Jewish organizations, the ubiquitous George Soros, and even an Israeli “humanitarian” organization called IsraAid are heavily involved.

Neutralizing the Opposition

Since the Jewish plan to flood all White countries with non-White immigrants has been such a smashing success, the Jews and their lackeys need to prevent the indigenous Whites from resisting their acute demographic dispossession and they resort to various means to neutralize the opposition.

Following are the means they use: (1) argumentation, (2) prohibition, (3) discrimination, (4) denigration, (5) racial disnormativation.

(1) Argumentation: Arguments in favor of mass non-White immigration are of economical, cultural and moral kinds. Immigration from the Third World is allegedly necessary for work the indigenous workers refuse to do, for the payment of pensions, for care of the elderly or for filling the gaps of a growing economy. These arguments are all bogus. Any society develops an economy commensurate with its own size, therefore it can by definition supply a workforce sufficient for its needs. Third World immigration, it is alleged, would also be culturally enriching. In reality the bulk of immigrants have low education, are hostile to their new country and concentrate in ghettos without integrating. Accepting refugees from the Third World would be a “moral obligation” even though such refugees could be temporally housed in camps within their own region and repatriated after the crisis is over.

If “positive” arguments fail, then objectors to immigration always can be accused of “racism”, as if not every ethnic group has legitimate ethnic rights, among which is the right to remain the majority in its own territory. The accusation of “racism” is the strongest weapon in this battle.

(2) Prohibition: Criticism of the presence or (mis)behavior of immigrants is severely punished by Orwellian “Human Rights Commissions”, “Racial Equality Commissions”, “Anti-Discrimination Commissions” etc. that only exist to nip in the bud any resistance to the agenda of race replacement. In Sweden even criticism of the government’s immigration policy is now punishable.

(3) Discrimination: Immigrants and minorities are favoured over Whites when it comes to housing and jobs. They get benefits Whites don’t get (because they are already “privileged”). Since the money for these benefits must come from somewhere Whites are more taxed than non-Whites, making the formation of a family more difficult for them, while non-Whites can afford bigger families.

Thus Whites have to toil for their bare existence and in the process work for their own dispossession.

(4) Denigration: To demoralize the indigenous population, its history is denied, its heroes denigrated and its culture declared as without value. National symbols such as flags are forbidden because they would be “offensive” to immigrants. Christian symbols are not allowed because they would be “offensive” to Muslims.

(5) Racial disnormativation: You will not find the word “disnormativation” in a dictionary, because I have myself invented it. I use this term in combination with the adjective “racial” to denote the policy of replacing persons who are “normative” for a people of a certain race with people of a different race, thus causing a sense of alienation. In White countries persons who are normative, such as anchormen on TV, misses in beauty contests etc., are replaced by people of color, by preference Blacks.

The selection of Barak Obama as president of the US was in effect such an act of racial disnormativation, orchestrated by Jews of course. Racial disnormativation has also penetrated the world of films, TV series and commercials. One would get the impression that at least half of the population consists of Blacks, judging from their absurd overrepresentation in the media. This is done on purpose to demoralize the White population in order to make them accept their dispossession.

Promoting Miscegenation

Miscegenation cannot be commanded, but it can be promoted. Depriving Whites of the possibility to be among themselves in terms of residence, study, work and recreation is one thing. Suggesting miscegenation in films, TV series and commercials is another thing. There is nowadays hardly any form of media that is not full of this race mixing propaganda, mostly in subliminal form, and it is the Jews who control the media.

Anti-White Propaganda in the Mainstream Media

Following is a video with a collection of scenes from commercials and films in which the Jewish plan to exterminate the White race by “soft” genocide is hidden in suggestive subliminal messages. The real purpose of these productions is not to sell goods or to entertain, but to promote the inglorious end of the White race through miscegenation, dispossession and race war.

The commercials sell the ideas of homosexuality, interracial adoption, marriages between White women and Black men and the production of Mulatto children until they form the majority. The films sell the ideas of “evil white racism”(especially of Southerners), the total dispossession of Whites, the surrender to a mass invasion of “refugees”, race war and murder of “Nazis” by Jews.

In the commercials the idea of homosexual marriage is sold as a “normal” variety of marriage, first between two White men and then between a White and a Black man. Such couples are then allowed to form a “family”, first by adopting children of their own race, and then by adopting interracially. This is a combination of three Jewish agendas: 1) degrading normal marriage, 2) promoting sterility of Whites, 3) promoting race mixing.

The major part of the commercials is about the subliminal promotion of marriages between White women and Black men and the production of Mulatto children.

Normally, differences in race form a formidable obstacle to marriage. That can only be overcome by creating a very strong attraction. Men are mainly attracted by the beauty and loveliness of women. White men don’t find Black women particularly attractive, therefore the Jews have concentrated their efforts on White women.

Women are not in the first place attracted by the handsomeness of men, but by their strength and competence. There are sound biological reasons for this fact. In order to give birth to children and raise them, women need men who can protect them and provide for them. A woman therefore seeks a protector and a provider in a man, so if a man of another race seems to be stronger and more competent than a man of her own race, a woman is inclined to go for that man of the other race.

And so it is that White women are being brainwashed, day after day by the mass media, into finding Black men far stronger and more sexually dynamic than the men of their own race.

The Jews understand this and in the numerous commercials and films they produce they always depict the White man as cowardly, weak, foolish, stupid and boring in contrast to the Black man who is depicted as strong, masculine, intelligent, fascinating. The White woman then goes for the Black man, eventually marries him and produces mulatto children — by which the “soft” genocide of the White race is inexorably achieved.

Following are the recurrent themes in the mass media, which the video below will help to illustrate:

1. White men are weak

Examples: A clumsy White man always types with caps but can’t help himself. A clumsy White worker nearly hits his own feet with a drill. A weak feminized White man is scolded by his wife for being a total loser. A White man poses for a group photo with Blacks. The Black photographer gestures him to step back a little. The clumsy White man tries to do that but falls backwards. All Blacks laugh.

2. White men are inferior to Blacks

Examples: A big, dominant, successful Black man juxtaposed to a weak looking White man. A Black stern looking highway patrol officer follows a smallish White man, driving incorrectly. A Black woman lectures high-handedly clumsy Whites about the need for a lawyer in tricky situations. A well dressed Black gentleman sitting in an easy-chair in the lounge of a hotel, has his shoes polished by a submissive White man.

3. A White woman chooses a superior Black man over an inferior White man 

Example: A White man and a Black man go to a restaurant. The clumsy White man doesn’t know what to order (he is “incompetent”). The Black man knows exactly what to order (he is “competent”). The White waitress is charmed by the competent Black man. She says: “That’s hot”. The White man asks: “What’s hot, the chilli or the chicken?” The waitress indicates that it’s the Black man that is “hot”.

4. A White woman is married to a Black man

Examples: A Black man is sitting in a romantic pose with his White wife on a bed. They eat white cream. A song sounds in which the words love, joy, and happiness occur. Everything is sweet and romantic.

A happy coal-black bridegroom and his White bride dance in the wood, embrace each other closely, stand in the surf of the sea, reach with their arms to the sun. Beautiful music sounds. Every thing is sweet and romantic.

5. A Black and White couple has a mulatto child

Example: A little mulatto girl discusses the merits of cheerios with her White mother, while her Black father sleeps on the couch. The mulatto girl is cute and disarmingly charming. This mixed family is depicted as perfectly normal.

6. The whole family, father, mother and children consists of mulattoes

Example: The scene of an all-mulatto family. The mother and all four children have afros. They are presented as the “typical” American family. Notice that the Jews, who don’t want Whites to have many children, suddenly suggest a big family. That is because they want the whole White population to become mulatto.

As for the films, Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios produced films with the theme “evil white racists” (Amistad, The Help, Lincoln), “bigoted whites” (Meet the Parents, The Stepford Wives, Anchorman) and a film about a Black American president (Deep Impact) to prepare the American public for what the Jews would later orchestrate in reality.

The Weinstein Brothers are more revengeful in the anti-White themes of their films. They too produced films with the “evil white racists” theme (The Great Debaters, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, The Butler, The Equalizer, Crossing Over) but then went over to the “anti-white revenge” theme (Mandela, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds).

Inglourious Basterds is no more than a rather pathetic Jewish revenge fantasy.

All in all, Jewish commercials and films contain both overt and subliminal anti-White propaganda, with a thinly disguised wish to cause a “soft” White genocide by mixing Whites with Blacks or other races. The end result is mongrelization or a race of half breeds. Whites have already begun to die out and disappear from our traditional White homelands.

This important video should not be missed. It illustrates in dramatic pictorial terms all the points made in the article above.

* * *

Source: Darkmoon

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Michael R
Michael R
8 August, 2017 1:52 am

Great article but I’ve already seen the video.

8 August, 2017 2:46 am

“The Jews came to the conclusion that it would be possible to neutralize Europeans racially, not by physically exterminating them, but by causing them to mix with other races…” The number of Whites murdered in jewish banker financed wars and proxy wars for israel FAR outnumber the Whites destroyed via miscegenation. From the War Between the States (jew financed and instigated) to WWI, WWII, Vietnam and the endless Middle Eastern Wars, jews have murdered well over 100 million Whites. When you factor in the 2 to 4+ children all of these dead soldiers would have had, as well as the children their children would have had and so on, it becomes clear Whites are indeed in the middle of a physical extermination and have been for a LONG time…and we… Read more »

Reply to  ZACHP
17 August, 2017 10:27 am

Just reading through some of your replies on various articles here is a refreshing thing, ZachP. You’re one of the few regulars (and their are a few besides yourself) who just seem to “get it” more than most. As usual, excellent point, and I agree 100%.

Reply to  ZACHP
1 December, 2020 6:34 am

Top comment totally literal.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
8 August, 2017 1:15 pm

Those White women in that photo at the top of the article, who were (obviously) beaten by non-Whites???? They are overwhelmingly, if not entirely, mud sharks and coal burners. They chose to be with those negroes knowing what negro males do to negro females; involvement with narcotics (using, selling), venereal diseases, domestic violence, abandonment of progeny, come under scrutiny of law enforcement (narcotics involvement) leading to higher chance of incarceration. Same things will happen to any female involved with negro males. But they got involved anyway.

No sympathy whatsoever. I would save my sympathy for others who deserve it.

Reply to  Thomas Plaster
17 August, 2017 10:28 am

Well-said, Thomas! I concur.

8 August, 2017 11:27 pm

Is it me, or are the same clips shown over and over? Anyway, I don’t have to look for a video compilation of stupid Whites, and “strong” Blacks. I just got to turn on the TV!

Louis Charles "Chuck" Geshlider
Louis Charles "Chuck" Geshlider
14 August, 2017 11:52 pm

This article completely misses the point about how the jews gain control, even though in such a minute minority. COUNTERFEITING. No other means. Everything flows from “The Fed” in America. It empowers these talmudThumpers to create as much currency as they want, to buy who they want, when they want, with no limits on the quantity. With today’s technologhy, they don’t even have to worry about trees, ink or Brinks trucks to move the loot around. Instantaneously create a billion dollars at the click of a mouse and give it to their gang leaders.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
Reply to  Louis Charles "Chuck" Geshlider
1 September, 2017 11:17 am

“Chuck”: Indeed. After getting total control of the money supply they inflate it to cause “key” industries and corporations to have financial distress and then become mortgaged to …. the jews in banking. Voila. Now they can buy whatever companies/corporations, and finally whole industries, at pennies on the dollar. First up, news media. This is exactly how the jews got ownership of The Washington Post, as one example, in the so-called “Great Depression” (to make jew stooge Roosevelt look the hero in history books, which they also control, plus publishing so goyim don’t get to print dissent to jew orthodoxy). Anyway, just in time for the beginning of Roosevelt’s administration. The Tribe was able to glorify Roosevelt and what he was doing to America; bolshevism lite. Entertainment media, when that… Read more »

1 September, 2017 2:34 am

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