Video of the Day: Another Epic CNN/Pravda Fail

Question: How is it that an overweight Negress has to explain the first amendment rights of White nationalists — i.e., traditional, sane Americans — to a CNN anchor? 

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Source: Dissident Millennial

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2 September, 2017 6:41 am

Just seeing this CNN “Fake News” idiot sitting there on her high chair, frowning, looking down her nose at these normies as if she’s looking at mold she just noticed on the underside of a sandwich she’d made, is infuriating. This witch is the very definition of cosmopolitan snobbery, hypocrisy, and the type of stupidity that comes from being ed-JEW-cated via any liberal college in Weimerica. I loathe these non-Jewish “reporters” and “journalists” just as much as I do their (((Bosses))).

Judging by the panel of normies (and the explicit agreement from much of the populace with Trump’s ‘fake news’ label concerning so-called mainstream media), I’d say I’m not alone in my contempt for these Decepticons.