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The Swiss Reprieved

by Revilo P. Oliver

IN MARCH, under the rubric “Avalanche in the Alps,” I gave a summary account of the decay of Switzerland and its people in recent decades. I noted that a Kikess, who had wormed her way into office as the Minister of Justice (!) in the Swiss government, had notified the Swiss Parliament that it was going to enact a law that would make it a criminal offence to express doubts about the Holohoax, biggest of the Big Lies currently used by Yahweh’s Yids to paralyse Aryan minds. And I concluded by noting the apprehensions of M. H.-A. Amaudruz, who had courageously published the Courrier du Continent for almost a quarter of a century, but now feared that the end had come, “vu la menace d’une loi-museliŠre.”

At about the same time, the admirable little journal in German, Eidgenoss, also foresaw suppression by a lawless government, although its immediate problem was its inability to find in Switzerland a printer brave enough to set up the type and print each monthly issue and risk destruction by Jewish terrorists.

The Swiss were saved, for a time at least, by one of those perfect coincidences that are often called providential and thought by many to prove that some daimon has intervened in human affairs.

The rabid Kikess who was Minister of Justice, Elizabeth Kopp, n‚ée Ikle, was caught using her office to protect her husband and law partner, a mogul in the heroin business. She was forced to resign, together with her henchman, the Chief State Prosecutor, Rudolf Gerber (race unstated, but guess). And even Newsweek in its report of a supposed “drug crack-down” in Switzerland, 10 April 1989, could not quite conceal the fact that there was some connection between the narcotics business in Switzerland and the C.I.A. in Washington.

Newsweek claimed that stolid Swiss were astonished and alarmed by the fact that Switzerland has one of the highest rates of addiction to heroin in Europe (which implies a similar rate of addiction to cocaine), and that the country is blessed with the highest incidence of the African Plague of any country outside Africa, except the United States. The magazine could have added that Switzerland is also a leader in crimes of violence. What Newsweek did not explain was how the Swiss could be so stupid as to be astonished by what had been the mathematically predictable result at the time that they began, with Christian zeal, to stuff their little country with niggers, wogs, and other anthropoid refuse.

According to Spotlight, 11 June 1989, which oddly did not mention the Kopps’ race, the woman had often come to Washington to confer with her cousin, Fred Ikle, then Under Secretary of Defense, whose three aids included Richard Armitage, one of Israel’s most devoted stooges in the government that rules the American people. Armitage, who became Assistant Secretary of Defense, was recently nominated for the post of Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia by Bush, who had been the director of the C.I.A. and its covert operations during the Presidency of Ford and doubtless knew thoroughly the clandestine intrigues and suborned revolutionary violence carried out by that agency and financed by the American tax-paying serfs.

The weekly newspaper further reported that a veteran of Special Forces, Lieutenant Colonel James Gritz, had charged that all of the major secret operations of the C.I.A. and the Pentagon were carried out under the supervision of Israel, and that Armitage not only served his Yiddish master but had close connection with the Asiatic heads of the trade in heroin, cocaine, and their derivatives. These charges could have been ignored in the United States, but, again according to Spotlight, the Swiss investigators found that the funds for the secret operations of “our” Department of Defense and its C.I.A. went through the same hands, especially Kopp’s, as the profits of the heroin and cocaine business. The Vice President of Switzerland, Achille Casanova, publicly and pointedly connected the drug business with the C.I.A. and “other secret American authorities.”

The newspaper further alleged that the Swiss investigation into the activities of the Kopps had, according to its sources, made our Bushman decide that it would be prudent to withdraw the nomination of his pal, Armitage, before he could be questioned in the Senate.

However that may be, it is obvious that Lizzie Kopp had worries of her own that distracted her from her appointed task of teaching the Jews’ Swiss dogs to heel on command, and not to doubt the Master Race’s Big Lies. Thus did Fate grant the Swiss a reprieve from the sentence that the Kopp woman and her racial kin intended to force the Swiss government to impose on them.

It appears however to have been only a short-term reprieve. According to G.-A. Amaudruz in the Courrier du Continent, September 1989, Yahweh’s Yids, through their poison-pen press, have already begun anew agitation for legislation to chain up Aryan curs who dare to doubt whatever lies they are told by the god-given masters, and who, oh horrors!, are such “Neo-Nazis” that they don’t want to see Switzerland totally overwhelmed by an avalanche of biological refuse. M. Amaudruz quotes some of the journalists’ diseased pus, which, though in French, will be drearily familiar to everyone who reads the Jewspapers in this country.

It is amazing and, more than that, appalling that the enactment of the projected law in Switzerland appears to be possible. I have commented before on the strange and relatively sudden decay of the Swiss, whom the world long admired as the one nation in which democracy seemed successful — a virile democracy that made every able-bodied male a member of the Army, with weapons at hand for immediate mobilization. But the result has proved that “democracy,” in its modern form, like Christianity, is a disease of the mind and spirit which eventually destroys the immune system of a nation and a race, gradually and slowly but irremediably, much as the African Plague destroys the immune system of the body. It is therefore significant that the famous Jew, Feuchtwanger, boasted that this democracy is also a Jewish invention: “Es gibt überhaupt nichts Demokratisches, was nicht jüdisch w„äre [There is nothing democratic at all, which is not Jewish].

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, November 1989

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John Coffee
John Coffee
27 August, 2017 11:23 pm

All the immoral and destructive policies jews push onto western Europe and its colonies are forbidden in isreal. Its a blatant act of genocide and subversion.