The Hypothetical Friend

THE GREATEST DANGER currently facing the West is the rise of the extreme right wing. They have already left a trail of atrocities far worse than anything done by the innocent lambs of Islam that we welcome to our nations because someone with a weird little cap on the back of their head said we should. We must be ready to turn in our friends and neighbors if we see them exhibiting signs of Thought Crime. Some red flags include any display of patriotism, complaining about job loss, gym attendance, questioning the need for endless foreign invasion, not watching sufficient amounts of talmudvision and not committing suicide. If you see these troubling markers of ungood belief, the Ministry of Love wants to hear from you. And if it’s too complicated, here’s an insulting phone app from United Kaliphate “Bobbies” to help.

Police have linked hanging out with someone you met at the gym to “right-wing extremism” in a simulation advertised Saturday.

Since weakness and apathy are the only remaining virtues in our dying lands, it’s understandable.

The Bedfordshire, U.K. police department made the connection in a tweet advertising an online decision-making game called “Cross the Line,” which begins with the player meeting a friend at the gym and can end with the police arresting the player for beating up a Muslim.

Play this “Nazi” simulator, shkotzim! You’ll soon realize there’s a direct logical progression from doing squats and questioning the need for another million enemygrants this year to brutally beating an innocent sand monster. Better stay soft and stupid, you don’t want to be a “racist” and go to prison, do you?

The simulation begins with the player sharing an article detailing young people’s inability to find jobs. The player proceeds to go to a gym incorporating martial arts and is contacted the next morning by the friend.

Finally, a kosher story line for Whites who thought “Romper Stomper” and “American History X” were too complicated and difficult to follow.  

“Hey it was good to meet u [sic] yesterday at the gym,” says the hypothetical friend, who belongs to a political group called “Youth Action,” in the simulation. “I’m going out tonight, wanna join?”

Oi mate, u (sic) wanna go blast some muzzies or whatevs?

“Do you think you could spot the signs of right-wing extremism?” asks the Bedfordshire Police in a tweet describing the interaction.

Can you notice Crime Think in yourself and learn to love Big Jew before it’s too late?

After choosing to drink with the friend and go to a political rally with him or her, the player apparently beats a Muslim to death. The simulation ends with hate crime statistics in the U.K., and the Bedfordshire Police explaining that targeting someone because of their race or religion constitutes a hate crime.

“Allahu Akbar!” *drive down undocumented highway, killing dozens* Motive remains unknown.

Twitter users taunted Bedfordshire Police for the tweet and simulation.

Let’s mock it some more. You’re going to want to put your hands on the screen for this, like you’re watching the 700 Club or something. Trust me, the following is completely interactive. Get ready to “cross the line!”

Hello, fellow White person. The following is an accurate simulation of your life. Please poke at the prompts to experience the free-fall into the “right wing” abyss. Do you want to go to the gym and get jacked, or what?

YES no

“Hey bro, awesome size. Look thick, solid and tight. Thanks for the motivation. I’m part of a group called the Fourth Reich Hate Criminals. Wanna hang out tonight and watch violence?”

YESSSSS!!!!!! no, i lack passion  

“You like this kinda fighting, huh? If you wanna see some real fighting come with me to the Hitler extremist xenophobe innocent brown person racism crushing rally next weekend!”

YES, YES, OH MY G*D YES!!!!! no, that’s wrong

While we’re waiting let’s share an article on unemployment and come to a conclusion that’s logically defensible but has been declared wrong by the Jewish plutocrats that rule over us and guide our nation’s disastrous policies!

Yeah, sure. Articles? Reading? No thanks.

Time for the “Nazi” hater rally! Are you ready to bag your very first law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working and generally decent immigrant who just wanted a better life?

DEUS VULT!!!!!!! this is not a choice

You just murdered a moon cultist. What the hell, man? What were you thinking? This is what happens when you get all up in the right-wing extremism. Wouldn’t you rather watch the Africa Ball on your talmudvision while inhaling booze and pills? Of course you would. Please turn in your friends and family if they question the need to destroy our homeland. 

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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