The Best Thing You’ve Ever Done and the Best Words You’ve Ever Spoken

by Insitor Messor

DON’T BE servile. Always be ready to act in the interests of our people, and act with quiet, assertive confidence.

I took a woman on a date to a restaurant on New Year’s Eve. In the back was a group of our beloved African-American equals, making enough noise to be, well, distasteful. There were two booths available. One booth was back near Little Africa, and the other was far away from our dusky brethren. The hostess told us there was an open booth, and moved to seat us near Little Africa. I looked at the waitress and firmly said, “No, we aren’t sitting next to those people. Hell no. We’ll sit up here, where people know how to behave.”

You could have heard a pin drop in the booths near us. People were paying attention.

We were seated — away from Little Africa — and my friend said, “Why don’t you want to sit back there?”

I could see people around us — older people, prosperous people, educated people, White people — almost pause to hear my response.

“Well, I just can’t stand to be around those jungle savages. Simple as that. There’s no peace and quiet, and they just ruin the experience for the rest of us. They ruin every place they go. Simple as that.”

Everyone around us grinned quietly; one guy looked at me, smiled, and gave me the “thumbs up.”

“Do you think you’re a racist?” my date asked.

“Yes. Yes, I am. So were all of my ancestors, and so were all of your ancestors. They, alone, built civilization, they alone make democratic governments work, and they alone are responsible for all that is good on this planet. Medicine? White people. Hospitals? White people. Schools? White people. Men on the Moon, and bringing them back? White people. Do you see a pattern here?”

“I don’t think it’s going to work out between us.”

“Fine. I’ll take you home now.”

“Okay. I’m sorry you’re a racist.”

“I’m not, as you understand the term, but I don’t have time to explain this to you. For that matter, if I have to explain it to you, then I have too much work to do.”

Every man looked at me with a smile of support and approval.

Not one woman looked at her with anything other than pity.

Then came the kicker.

She spoke softly, quietly, with a skip of hesitance.

“I don’t want to ride in a car with a racist.”

“Fine. Here’s cab fare home. Happy New Year.”

She went to call the cab. An older couple who had seen all of this was nearby.

The guy looked at me and smiled, while shaking his head and nodding in her direction.

His wife looked at me and said, “It’s not my business to say, mister, but you are right, and she’s wrong. She’ll be sorry she let you go.”

I looked at them, said “Thanks,” and gave them Kevin Alfred Strom’s best line: “What happened to us? What happened to White people?” And I told them where they could find out more.

I mention this as a reminder that race is a concept that is greater than mere words can convey; you can explain what it is, up to a point, and how it operates, up to a point. Past that point you are in the realm of inner knowledge coupled with creativity. Past that point of mere explanation is where we need to go. The raw materials are in place in each of us. We all have that inner knowledge, but it requires the spark of creativity to give it life.

At the restaurant that day, my inner knowledge and a little spark of creativity combined — and I acted. And my actions made an impression.

The arts preceded the development of words. The human mind is a symbol processor, and the arts are how the soul communicates without words with other souls. Our public actions can be a form of art.

When we allow the words we hear — and these days, most of those words are unhealthy — to overrule the soul, we literally remove ourselves from the source of our creativity, which is, uniquely, the hallmark of our race. As a result, too many of us slowly go mad. We’re trying to make the outer world of the propasphere, the 24/7 wall of damnable Jew-controlled media, match our inner world — an impossible task. The instincts and ideals inherent in our souls tell us that the media images simply are not real and that the story they tell cannot be true — not even remotely true.

When you listen to that inner voice, you can unleash a power that you may not even be aware of.

Suddenly, you just realize the truth. You literally know without knowing. The spirit bypasses the mind, as your racial consciousness sees an opportunity to move the race forward. All this happens inside your own mind, without words. You just know. You are inspired. Inspired to act and to speak. It happens without words, but it can inspire words — the best words you’ve ever spoken, words from the best part of your soul.

And the race moves forward.

* * *

Source: Insitor Messor and National Vanguard correspondents

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4 August, 2017 1:58 am

Well, I can say this much: no date is worth compromising oneself. Kudos to you. That’s exactly the type of honesty and willingness to “let sleeping dogs lie” that we, as a movement, often must couple together when dealing with “non-racists” and philo-Semites. We have to be willing to part ways at certain crossroads.

Good read!

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
4 August, 2017 11:43 am

The worst part is, the woman was in all likelihood just parroting slogans and code words that she swallowed hook/line/sinker from the jew dominated culture (academia, news, entertainment). She thought she was oh-so-noble by taking sides against her own race, her own “people”, her own kind. She has no problem with the enormous volume of interracial crime (rape, robbery, murder, assault) that negroes perpetrate upon Whites every single year (FBI statistics). She doesn’t stop for one second to think (not emote, but think/cogitate/reason) that if Whites are vile, evil, hateful, despicable “raysis” for not wanting to use the same public water fountains, bathrooms, transport … or in this man’s case sit near/next to them … then the violent crime that negroes commit against Whites must make the negro even more… Read more »

4 August, 2017 4:06 pm

This is precisely why every time our freedom of speech is infringed with a new law (see Anti-Israel Boycott Act, Anti-semitism Awareness Act), we die a little inside; we lose a part of our soul, our humanity. Taking someone’s voice is to destroy their humanity. They become nothing more than an animal that cannot speak for itself or on its own behalf. The more we speak openly about racial realities and White rights, the more we embolden others to do the same. It just takes a courageous few to give others the ability to permit themselves to follow our lead. The story of the date is interesting. The more aware a White person becomes, the more crucial it is to find a mate who holds the same views. It becomes… Read more »

Brian Smith
Brian Smith
5 August, 2017 12:02 am

Absolutely inspiring. I will share this with my 18 year old sons who are just peering over the threshold of having to navigate their way to a good white woman. (With which to make those 4+ grandchildren we require of them – lol).

You did her a favor though. Although she failed the test of character this time, just hearing the truth, and where else was she going to hear it?, could be step one for her to a better understanding and a better way of life.

Thanks for sharing.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
5 August, 2017 10:30 am

Perhaps we cannot speak truth to power, for the goy apparatchiks of our society are by and large hopelessly compromised and corrupt, blind to reality, and deaf to our truths, but we can speak truth with power, addressing ourselves to those who are receptive to our truths, and speaking in a way that attracts and secures their attention.

Although I’m no Christian — far from it! — I’m tempted to paraphrase the Bible here: “the stone the destroyers rejected will become the cornerstone.” In other words, the ideals, instincts, and traditions that are proper to our race, that are the source of its creativity and power, and that are now largely suppressed should be made the basis of our thought and action, and ultimately a new nomos and polity.

Michael R
Michael R
5 August, 2017 11:18 pm

What a story. How interesting (and yet, curiously predictable) the female lemming didn’t want to ride into a car with a “racist”. Was she afraid the racism would rub off onto her? Or was she afraid that being a racist automatically made the author a killer or a rapist?

6 August, 2017 4:27 pm

Pleasant reading! Stories from real life contribute survival techniques for day to day interactions with foreign national race-bolsheviks. In a recent telephone call to a globalist pharmacy, all of which are utterly dominated by Asian chemistry graduates, there I inquired if a certain prescription was covered. An entire science, by the way, which their race was handed on a platter by whites. Also not to forget the broadly known Asian Cheat Nets in western universities. When she returned to the phone and responded, I could not understand what this pharmacist was saying because her English pronunciation was so rotten. I asked her to repeat a sentence once, and then again, because it was so incomprehensible. On the third try, she spoke sarcastically slow, as if I were retarded. I called… Read more »

Liviticus Jackson
Liviticus Jackson
6 August, 2017 5:25 pm

Kudos to this guy for having the courage of his convictions. Most guys would play along with the woman and not alienate her so they could get out of her what they wanted. In addition, most guys wouldn’t have the nerve to express their true feelings about negroes in public. They would hide them in order to fit in and/or not cause a fuss. Each man has to do what he thinks is right for the time and place. In our society, you are committing career and social suicide if you were to express these feelings but if this guy was in a situation where he had nothing to lose, he made the decision to let the real “him” come out and see how the date would react. He found… Read more »