Kabbalist: Jews Come “From Another Dimension” to Conquer Gentiles

(You may download this video, but a better, more complete, copy of the video, without the editing and with more context, is available here.)

One of the most psychologically revealing Jewish statements ever made: “We go into countries as an undercover team. We take on the same shape and form as the people there . . . we’re like undercover agents . . . We are aliens, starting to prep ourselves to conquer Earth . . . We are being trained, activated, and that emotion and mind awakens in us. It’s coming from our original planet . . . We will take over those living on Earth . . . It’s not a different galaxy, it’s a different Universe. It’s a different dimension altogether.”

by Chris Rossetti

WHEN I first saw this video by Jewish Kabbalist Michael Laitman, I thought it was a case of some prankster putting a fake “translation” soundtrack on a generic video of a rabbi lecturing Jewish students. But I started investigating, and found that the translator’s voices and styles here are identical in every way to Laitman’s numerous other lectures that I’ve seen. (Someone added some “joke” material to this copy of the video; try to ignore it and concentrate on the lecture.)

Laitman is revealing an insight so deep in the Jewish soul — in the Jewish genetic programming at a sub-cellular level — that some of his own students are aghast and unbelieving. But Laitman insists; he knows he is right.

Watch, listen, and learn something fundamental about the mentality of those who dominate the modern world and who are threatening our very existence.

* * *

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24 August, 2017 10:51 pm

The general feeling I got from watching this was that jews are more like a virus invading a host. Which pretty much sums up my take on them anyway. These old “mystic” jews like to sound all mysterious with their talk of “other worlds” and their “moralizing” psychobabble, a tactic to tingle the ears of superstitious, “intellectual”, gullible fools. In reality, they are nothing more than a race of ethnocentric and greedy mutts who have a deep-rooted inferiority and victimhood complexes born from their abrasive interactions over the centuries with more advanced and less devious people. They are gollums (each one a Sméagol), their pet Negroes are orcs… and we Caucasians are Hobbits, Elves and Dwarfs. I believe my fiction is far closer to reality than this weirdo rabbi’s, don’t… Read more »

Reply to  JimB
13 November, 2019 6:17 pm

I know you wrote this comment way back in 2017, but I really think it is fitting and well said. Kudos.

Over It
Over It
25 August, 2017 12:33 am

I’ve often said there is something other-worldly about jews, particularly with regard to how they have been able to organize with surgical precision what is essentially an ancient plan to destroy the White race and conquer earth in the process over thousands of years and never miss a single step. It’s like some other force or dark energy is guiding them. There has to be something larger at play because never do they lose their commitment to the end goal, all the while generations of jews have given their lives to the cause knowing full well they would never live to see their efforts come to fruition. Who does such a thing? Who makes such sacrifices like insects, giving up their lives to protect the colony? It’s like an inhuman… Read more »

Reply to  Over It
26 July, 2020 10:54 pm

Watch videos of jared kushner “wet” his lips. Far as i know no normal person does it like that .
Also is weird is darth henry kissinger said a few years ago that israhell won’t be there anymore in like 10 years

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
25 August, 2017 1:26 am

The Jews want to turn this planet into Bizarro World. It often looks like they’re succeeding.

Ton Nuiten
Ton Nuiten
27 August, 2017 2:01 pm

So, the Jews are, in fact, aliens from another dimension? This remains me of the book of Erich von Dániken, “Were the Gods Cosmonauts.” It was published somewhere in the ’70s. In it, Von Dániken asserted that the aliens with their UFO’s had their origin of planets in outer space. That the Jews would be Gods is completely ridiculous, of course! However, the Talmud, the holiest book in Judaism, declares that the Jewish people as a whole, are “God.” And this makes one thing very clear: This Rabbi shows with his baloney how far estranged from the world and the international community of peoples the Jews are! And then this: We all know that almost in every country of the world there are Holocaust memorials. Not only in Europe where… Read more »

8 June, 2020 11:05 pm

There was the moment when he said, “oh he’s even forgot about it but then it calls to him. Reminds him of the mission.” Although paraphrased it embodied his point and the evil behind it.