Baltimore: Confederate Statues Removed in Dead of Night, Replaced With Image of Pregnant Negress

In this video, we get to see two Jews exulting over the removal of this beautiful neoclassical sculpture honoring two White heroes, and its replacement by a crude image of an even cruder savage giving the Communist salute.

ANTI-WHITE “activists” today lifted a modern sculpture depicting a grotesque pregnant Negro “Lady Liberty” onto the pedestal where a monument to Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson was removed overnight.

Thus do civilizations mark their fall.

The new statue is not sanctioned by the largely Black-run City of Baltimore which owns the site, but there was no immediate action to remove it by police or city officials.

As of today, it looks like the “great pregnant Black woman giving the Communist salute” statue just plain fell over. It is not known if the “sculptor” was so incompetent that he was unable to make the eyesore stable — or if a local resident or two decided to make a statement, and thereby improve the appearance of their neighborhood.

The removal of the Lee-Jackson monument and three other Confederate statues was ordered by Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. The removals were done at dead of night. Pugh told reporters she ordered the removals as a matter of “public safety” after “violence in Charlottesville, Va. involving white supremacists.” In reality, all the political violence — including beating in White people’s heads with blunt weapons, throwing of urine bombs and cola cans filled with cement, and acid attacks which may cost one man his eyesight — was by “antifa” thugs there, trying to forcibly shut down a protest by White advocates who disagreed with the city’s decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee there.

“The commission concluded that this monument was part of a movement to perpetuate the beliefs of white supremacy, falsify history, and support segregation and racial intimidation,” said a city plaque placed on the monument before its ultimate removal.

One of our correspondents located the confederate statues in a city disposal yard in Baltimore. One day, heroes will avenge this destruction, and greater cities — with even greater art — will be built to honor these heroes.

Pugh said the monuments have been moved to safe locations for storage, but she did not say where. Once city council member is calling for the destruction of the statues. Pugh suggested the possibility they could be relocated to Confederate cemeteries. However, she said no decision has been made.

* * *

Source: WBAL, WUSA and National Vanguard correspondents

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A Swedish Man
A Swedish Man
18 August, 2017 6:31 am

Give it a generation and they will dynamite Mt Rushmore. With enough propaganda they will even have support of most of the Whites who will by then be a minority in your country.

20 August, 2017 5:37 pm

Those who hate the Southern Confederacy have lots of work to do in Texas. It’s a remarkable fact that Jefferson Davis is carved on a mountain in Georgia and has an entire mountain range named from him in Texas — The Davis Mountains along with Fort Davis and Jeff Davis County. What about Robert Lee, Texas? Confederate heroes in Texas is too long to list in a single letter. Let me close with the Father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin who was a racist that brought slaves to Texas. His sister owned a plantation. I guess the state capital will be renamed whatever.

comment image

23 August, 2017 7:37 pm

There are moments when I am inclined to agree with the general tone of Dr. Revilo Oliver’s assessment of the future of the white race. In a nut-shell – no future! The removal of national monuments celebrating the achievements of white people anywhere in the white world (or what remains of it) should send any white person into a rage. It should make them want to grab their martini-henry rifle and then hunt down the race traitor or nigger who orchestrated the removal of the monument. What is wrong with our people? And here I am referring to the numerical majority of our people, not just those on the so-called extreme right (if such a human does exist). They put up a statue of a pregnant nigger displaying the communist… Read more »

31 July, 2019 9:59 pm

A sad thread on a popular adventure-biking forum. Bikes not required in pics. No politics.

1 August, 2019 2:25 pm

Bob Whitaker: “The United States hates the Southern nation.”

Texas Capitol. comment image

11 August, 2019 10:45 am

They have no inkling what the world was like back then, thanks to public schools. Slaves, in many instances, were better off than the 6.4% of the British population that found themselves in work houses.