This Day in History Going on Eight Decades Ago

How times have changed: a British medal for military service in Palestine, fighting terrorist Jews

by William White Williams
Chairman, National Alliance

WHILE READING a biography of Howard Hughes, I came upon this section, with its matter-of-fact paragraphs about Jews in Palestine and Germany in the year 1938.

Howard Robard Hughes Jr. (1905 – 1976) was a brilliant, successful American businessman, investor, pilot, film director, anti-Communist, philanthropist, and love interest of some of the most prominent, beautiful, and acclaimed women of his day. The following is from a short chapter in a biography of Mr. Hughes titled Bashful Billionaire (1967, by Albert Gerber, published by Lyle Stuart).

To me, this passage illustrates how fast the historical circumstances of a people can change, even reverse, in the span of a single lifetime. It’s our task to give the pendulum of history a massive push back in the opposite direction, and do it right — do it completely — this time.

* * *

News Items Contemporary with Howard Hughes’ Trip Around the World

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1938:

• Justice Benjamin Cardoza of the United States Supreme Court died last night.

• Britain dispatched more Cairo troops (the 11th Hussars) to Palestine to put down the violence, shootings, and the stabbings of the rebellious Jews. The casualties in Palestine that week rose to 12 killed and 24 wounded.

Howard Hughes around the time of his round-the-world flight

• Generalissimo Francisco Franco’s insurgents hammered from the sea, the land, and the air against the government defenders in Spain.

• The U.S. Public Works Administration announced a grant of $8,325,000 to construct the long projected Criminal Courts Building in New York City.

• An editorial in Pravda indicated that there is a melancholy picture in Soviet retail trade. Although workers have plenty of money there is nothing to buy. It is said the shelves are either empty or piled with unseasonable goods. The salesmen are rude and careless and many villages do not have a single store.

Germany, 1938: a sticker reading: ‘Jewish shop! Whoever buys here will be photographed’; German Historical Museum, Berlin

• Berlin announced further measures restricting the commercial activities of Jews. After August 6, Jews will no longer be allowed to act as tourist guides or marriage brokers. The licenses of all Jewish peddlers will expire September 30. On October 6, Jews will be prohibited from acting as private detectives or doing any investigating. On January 1, 1939 Jews will not be allowed to be active in any business or profession.

Howard Hughes was thirty-three years old.

* * *

Source: William White Williams

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