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The Profit-Motive as a Cover for Jewish Subversion

by Hadding Scott

RECENTLY it was revealed by Project Veritas, in a (covertly recorded) conversation with CNN’s supervising producer John Bonifield, that CNN has been perpetuating for most of a year now the story of Russian meddling in the American presidential election knowing full well that there was no evidence for it. It was done at the insistence of the CEO of CNN, (((Jeffrey Zucker))), a Jew (as the “echoed” parentheses indicate).

The explanation for this behavior — which seems not to be widely questioned — is that it was done for ratings. In other words, the false story of Russian manipulation of the U.S. presidential election was perpetuated month after month because it was profitable.

But the fact that Bonifield offered “ratings” as an explanation for Zucker’s insistence that CNN harp ad nauseam on the Russian conspiracy story does not necessarily mean that this was in fact Zucker’s motive. It is not a very convincing explanation.

First, if profit was a motive, it clearly was not the only motive for CNN to perpetuate the Russian conspiracy story.

The general hostility of mass-media toward Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and the general hostility of Jews, underlying the hostility of mass-media, are well known. Rabbi Eric H. Yoffe wrote in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz last year that Jews were “panicking” and “terrified” at the prospect of a Trump presidency, and that 90% of Jews in the United States would be voting against Trump (E. Yoffe, Ha’aretz, 22 July 2016). There was and still is an agenda to stop Donald Trump and the civic nationalist agenda that he represents.

There is also a conspicuous Zionist hostility toward Russia that has been evident since September 2013, when Vladimir Putin, through diplomatic efforts, deflated the planned overthrow of the legitimate government of Syria. Immediately an anti-Putin vendetta became apparent. It was only five months later that the elected president of the Ukraine, friendly to Putin and pro-Russian, was overthrown and replaced with an anti-Russian government. The granting of diplomatic recognition to Cuba and the deal with Iran were done hastily as attempts to pry away more of Russia’s allies, and the price of fuel, on which the Russian economy depends, was driven down to unanticipated lows. Meanwhile a new Cold War, or even a potential hot war, was generated with talk of Putin’s being another Hitler.

So, let us not pretend that this incessant drumbeat of anti-Russian and anti-Trump propaganda was motivated only by ratings and profit.

Furthermore, if CNN had wanted to invent stories for profit, they should not have obsessed over this one story to the point of running it into the ground. Tabloids that specialize in sensational stories always manage to find or invent a variety of new ones every week. If CNN was inventing the Russian conspiracy story, they could easily invent a variety of other stories to generate even greater interest.

In fact, CNN had put so much time into the Russian conspiracy story that CNN’s own editor-at-large Chris Cillizza observed that the public was getting tired of hearing about it (C. Cilliza, CNN, 22 May 2017).

Ratings and profit was not the reason why CNN put so much time into the Russian conspiracy story. They did it because there is a Jewish vendetta against both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, and CNN happens to be controlled by Jews. Jeffrey Zucker is a Jew.

The profit-motive has been invoked again and again as a cover-story for Jewish machinations.

A good example of this is the so-called War on Terror. The cover story promoted for people who object to all these foreign wars is that oil-companies, or companies that profit from war, had wanted these wars because they expected to profit from them.

But the USA did not get any oil from the invasion of Iraq. Donald Trump complained about this when he was campaigning for president. After going to all that trouble, why didn’t we take the oil? he asked. Ultimately it has become clear that the invasion of Iraq was not about oil.

As for companies that profit from war, there is no reason for their sakes that all those wars have to be against enemies of the State of Israel — but for some reason that’s how it almost always happens.

The overwhelming power of the Zionist motive in U.S. foreign policy has been widely recognized at least as long ago as Professor John Mearsheimer’s (U. Chicago) and Professor Stephen Walt’s (Harvard) book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, which appeared in 2007.

In December 2016, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi commented about the Israel Lobby:

Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions. [P. Giraldi, The Unz Review, 6 December 2016]

How do the media cover the Israel Lobby’s actions? Zionist wars, for those who object, are explained as capitalist wars, and when the mainstream media’s Zionist lies are uncovered, they are explained as capitalist lies.

There are no Jews and no Jewish motive behind any of this, you see? It’s just the effect of competition in the capitalist system. 

That’s what they want us to believe.

Cowards and professional talking heads, with their moistened finger forever in the breeze, will of course happily parrot such falsehoods — if it allows them to avoid the discomfort of blaming Jews.

But our people need to know the real causes of events. They need to know who is pushing these things.

When you hear people parroting this nonsense about the profit-motive being the cause of foreign wars and the cause of lies that serve a Zionist agenda, call them out. Do not let them continue to obscure the Jewish motive behind these events.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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