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Oliver’s History of Terrorism

Aftermath of the firebombing of the Institute for Historical Review in 1984 (IHR)

by Revilo P. Oliver

HILLSDALE COLLEGE in Michigan is a small college that is making a laudable effort to remain independent of direct control by the Commissariat in Washington. It publishes each month a bulletin devoted to some topic of crucial importance and appropriately entitled Imprimis. The number for November 1988 is an article, “Terror: The War Against the West,” by Ronald, Duke of Valderano. He is the eighteenth Duke and would doubtless be listed in the Almanach de Gotha, if that annual had not been forced to suspend publication in 1944.

The noble duke lists many of the well-known instances of terrorism in recent years and discusses the difficulty of combatting that form of covert warfare when it is practiced by organizations more adroit than “our” C.I.A. He does make one point that deserves notice and may be prophetic.

Terrorist methods include much more than acts of violence, and it is quite likely that the more progressive terrorists will resort more and more to bacteriological techniques. His Grace mentions (without precisely identifying) a group in France and West Germany that was surprised while engaged in manufacturing a culture of anthrax for general distribution. He also notes that the germs of anthrax that were used in an small isle off the coast of Scotland in 1942 are still fully virulent after forty-six years. He does not mention that the experiment was conducted on the orders of Winston Churchill, the stooge of the foul War Criminal in the White House, to determine the feasibility of using anthrax to please their Yiddish masters by exterminating the entire population of Germany with a maximum of suffering to Aryans. The noble duke tactfully refrains from mentioning matters of which American boobs must be kept ignorant. Bacteriological terrorism will have great advantages. Unlike incendiary and explosive materials, including the neat little “plastic bomb,” cultures of bacteria, such as the bacillus of anthrax, can be transported in ways that not even the most rigorous examination by customs officers of police could detect, and, what is more important, the use of an invisible agent of contagion and death would provoke terror far greater than mere violence could produce.

Since we are speaking of a lowering future and a method that no gang of terrorists has thus far employed, we must add that even bacteria have been made obsolete by modern technology. Some competent observers, notably Dr. John Seale in England and Dr. William C. Douglas in this country, have claimed that the virus that causes the African Plague (“AIDS”) was manufactured in a laboratory and intentionally or accidentally released. (Cf. Liberty Bell, April 1988, pp. 6-7.) I believe that conclusion is controverted by the weight of the evidence now available concerning the first appearance and incidence of the dire disease, but it does seem certain that such a virus could have been manufactured in any one of a dozen or more known research institutes and an indeterminate number of secret laboratories in Soviet Russia and Israel and possibly elsewhere. So far as is known, it is at least theoretically possible now to produce a virus to meet almost any specifications and requirements, including varieties of virus that would be more racially specific than the African Plague.

The potentiality of such terrorism is unnerving.

* * *

His Grace of Valderano surveys contemporary terrorism, but the most significant part of his article is what he prudently does not mention, perhaps because he thinks it irrelevant — or irreverent. We hear of the Red Brigade in Italy, the Basques’ terrorist gang in Spain, the Irish Republicans, et al. A small ship, evidently destined for the Irish Republicans and loaded with Russian missiles, bombs, and high-power machine guns, blundered into the hands of the French, and we are treated to the conjecture that the weapons were a gift from the wicked Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, because the Irish are too poor to buy such luxuries. And finally we are told that the United States, “the leader of the free [!] world,” is especially vulnerable to terrorism. But the rest is silence, for His Grace is too discreet to mention unmentionables. And he has his reasons, of course.

When the Jews burn down the offices of the Institute for Historical Review in California or dynamite the homes of American citizens who displease them, that isn’t terrorism: it’s just righteousness, because, of course, God’s People have to discipline the stupid boobs whom Yahweh induced to surrender their country to his own darlings. When American war planes make a sneaking attack to destroy Colonel Qaddafi’s home and capital city in Libya, that ain’t terrorism: it’s godliness, ’cause God’s Race ordered old Ronnie to do it.

The really wicked terrorists are the people of Palestine, who perversely refuse to lie down and die after giving their country and their property to the rightful owners of the entire planet, thus putting the poor, persecuted Jews to the trouble of beating, blinding, and crippling the wicked Semites, and having to endure the painful frustration of not massacring all the Palestinians, just because some Neo-Nazis and vile “racists” among their American serfs might think it wrong for Jews to do God’s Will.

* * *

For all practical purposes, terrorism, a covert kind of guerrilla warfare that secret insurrectionists carry on by means of stealthy murders, was invented by Jews in Palestine during the last century B.C. Although the inspiration was the barbarians’ racial urge to kill civilized people, especially Aryans, almost all of the victims were Jews who were suspected of becoming civilized or were supporters of Jewish kings or high priests who were suspected of cooperation with civilized peoples.

A romanticized image of one of the sicarii

The skulking assassins were called sicarii by the Romans from the short, curved daggers that were their characteristic weapon; they stalked their victim and slipped up behind him in a crowd, and they were so skilled in the use of their weapon that they usually inserted its slender blade through the back directly into the heart; their victim, sometimes unaware that he had received a lethal wound, did not die for a minute or two, while the assassin was effacing himself by merging with the crowd.

The Terrorists called themselves KN’N in Aramaic (they probably knew no Hebrew), a term of which the pronunciation is shown by the fact that when the word was transliterated into Greek characters (ignoring the unreproduceable guttural sound of K) and supplied with Greek endings that showed membership in a sect, it became, in Greek letters which I here transliterate literatim, Kananites and Kananaios. Usually, however, the Aramaic word was translated by the Greek word zelotes. All readers of the “New Testament” will remember that one of Jesus’s apostles, a thug named Simon, was a Terrorist. For some account of the many atrocious crimes committed by the Zelotae around A.D. 68-69, see Josephus, Bell. Iud., passim. (1)

(1. The textually best edition of Josephus is the one by H. St. J. Thackeray, Ralph Marcus, and L.H. Feldman in the Loeb Library (9 vols., London, 1926-1965), which will be kept in print and may be obtained in this country from the American agents, now the Harvard University Press. This edition is accompanied by a faithful English translation (which I have repeatedly checked), concise but accurate notes, and indices. I recommend it highly — The stealthy assassins operated chiefly in cities and were recognized as Zelotae by their characteristic methods; in the countryside, they formed gangs that assembled, attacked and murdered travellers, and then dispersed, so they were usually called simply leistai (‘bandits’) in Greek. (I apologize again for transliterating Greek letters for the convenience of the printer; in the transliteration I have no means of showing that ei is a diphthong.) That word does not appear in the indices, so for crimes committed by the Terrorists in open country you will have to read through the text of Josephus.)

The world’s most celebrated terrorists were, of course, the Hassasin, whose name, simplified to ‘Assassins,’ became a common noun in all the languages of Europe. They were Qarmatians (one of the many sects of Shi’ites) and, under the command of Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah (the “Old Man of the Mountain”) and his successors, they operated from 1090 until Alamut was taken and destroyed by the Mongols in 1256. Unlike the Jewish terrorists, who sneaked up to kill when they could be sure of escaping unharmed, the Assassins had the courage and devotion of their faith and were reckless of their own safety. They assassinated openly and were commonly captured after the event and executed, dying with the assurance they would awaken in Paradise. (And, if there are immortal souls, as the religious would have it, you can’t prove they were wrong about that.)

A modern artist’s (Ijul on rendering of one of the Hassasin, or Assassins

While they flourished, the Assassins were the terror of the world. My favorite illustration of the fear they inspired is in the Histoire de Saint Louis of Jean de Joinville, who accompanied Louis IX on the Seventh Crusade. At one point on the way, the King stopped to hear mass and take communion in a local church. Sire Jean, noting that the officiating priest was a lean man with black hair and a swarthy complexion, became afraid that the priest was really a disguised Assassin, who would murder the King when he approached him with the paten. The Lord of Joinville seems to have placed himself at the King’s side, ready with his sword, should the priest draw a poisoned dagger, but his suspicions proved groundless. The Sire de Joinville was a sober and prudent nobleman, not given to fancies and idle alarms, so the incident will give you the measure of the dread excited by the Assassins.

Gunpowder greatly simplified the problems of efficient assassinations, as is shown by the murder of Lord Darnley in Scotland and the almost successful plot to blow up the English Parliament which made Guy Fawkes famous and commemorated by a national holiday. Real large-scale terrorism, however, became feasible when explosives of much greater power and less bulk, nitroglycerine, dynamite, gelignite, etc., became available. During the last decades of the Nineteenth Century the new technique was used for sporadic bombings in Western Europe and North America by crackpots and degenerates, often incited by Jews who remained safely in the background, but the incidents were too infrequent and isolated to be called systematic terrorism. They seemed, indeed, to be merely feeble echoes of what was going on in Russia, where revolutionary terrorism was almost institutionalized after 1870 and reached a climax in the first decade of the present century.

The fundamental motive of such terrorism, often sicklied o’er by a pale cast of ideology, was frankly and bluntly stated by Nechayev: “Our task is terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction.” He was inspired, of course, by Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the narrative portions of the Jew-Book in which the race’s nihilism appears in the frequent promises to make one or another country “a desolation forever.”

In Russia, however, terrorism was a phenomenon peculiar to that country and could not be adequately described in less than a long essay. The Anarchists, Nihilists, Social Revolutionaries, and Bolsheviks (as it is proper to call the votaries of the Marxian cult even before they took that name in 1901), were all Jews or incited by Jews, but their appalling success was made possible by conditions in Russia, including the putrefaction that naturally occurs in multi-racial societies, the corresponding corruption of government, and the morbid mentality that fascinates Christians when described by Dostoyevsky and the other “great” Russian novelists. Only in Russia, for example, would the widow of the Grand Duke Sergius have gone to converse amicably with the murderer who had just blown her husband into scraps of flesh, and have patiently listened to his ranting, presumably with a Christian impulse to “understand” him and possibly even with the masochistic self-abnegation of praying for his putative soul. Double-agents are found everywhere, but they were especially abundant in Russia, including such specimens as a mongrel named Azev, who was both a trusted member of the Czar’s Secret Police and the director of a particularly successful band of terrorists, and General Zaionchkovskii, who, after 1917, was both an agent of the Soviet Secret Police and the head of a Monarchist conspiracy to overthrow the Bolsheviks. These two are but examples. What is exceptional and remarkable in other countries seems to have been customary in Russia.

The utter and peculiarly Russian incompetence of Nicholas II is amply illustrated by the fact that the filthy but cunning animal named Rasputin became of a favorite of the feeble-minded Empress and of “aristocratic” circles in St. Petersburg. The corrupt laxity of his government is shown by the fact that half-Tartar, half-Jewish monster, Ulyianov, alias Lenin, and the venomous Jew, Bronstein, alias Trotsky, were not expunged, but sentenced to comfortable exile in Siberia, (2) from which they easily escaped to enjoy the patronage of Jewish bankers in Switzerland and the United States.


(2. Since Americans were taught to snivel over the terrible hardships of exile in Siberia, I will remark that the degenerate female who was Lenin’s mistress and accompanied him to Siberia has left a record of her suffering, notably the fact that, given her violent temper, she was without a single servant for four whole days. I expect the housewives who read this article to be reduced to tears over the woman’s plight.)

Given these peculiar circumstances, the terrorists in Russia were equally strange and are perhaps incomprehensible to Western minds. If you have time to waste, you will find an attempt to “understand” a few leading specimens in terms of their professed “ideals” in Robert Payne’s The Terrorists (New York, Funk & Wagnalls, 1957), a book written from a standpoint that reminds one of Conrad’s “Russian” novels (The Secret Agent and Under Western Eyes). Their more spectacular exploits, the murder of Czar Alexander II, of a Grand Duke, and of two Prime Ministers, are recorded in every history of Russia, but if there is an objective survey of their activities as a whole, I have not seen it. The important thing to remember is that most of their victims were members of the middle class, and one could almost describe their murders as wholesale. They killed about 1,400 Russians in 1906, and became more efficient in 1907, when they murdered more than 3,000. The one competent Prime Minister in this century, Stolypin, repressed the terrorists until they murdered him in 1911. Our “Liberals,” with their instinct for destruction, moan over Stolypin’s violation of the idealists’ civil rights.


* * *

In the Western world, terrorism is a natural product of “democracy.” So long as Europe was ruled by monarchs, wars (unless made religious wars by the competition of Christian sects) were fought for territorial gains by small professional armies under the command of more or less cultured noblemen, who naturally sought to minimize damage of property and hardship to the civilian population, since it was obviously to the interest of both sides to keep the disputed territory prosperous. It was not unusual for opposing commanders to stipulate that there was to be no cannon fire or attack in certain specified quarters to avoid damage to a city or valued edifices. On their part, the civilians were to remain neutral and not take up arms for either side.

Peter Stolypin

All that changed with the coming of “democracy,” which Colonel Hoffman Nickerson used to call l’anthropophage in recognition of the vast slaughter wrought by mass armies, raised by conscription and slavering with hate excited by propaganda, in wars which are evolving gradually to wars of annihilation. “Democratic” wars are wars between civilian populations, and as once civilized nations revert to barbarism under covert pressure from the Judaeo-Communist enemies of all of them, one technique of warfare is to use any opportunity to incite terrorism within the opposing nation or the territories it has occupied, using criminals and traitors to weaken the opponent from within.

During the Holy War of 1939-1945, the Jews’ Anglo-American war machine hired virtually all the desperate criminals in France to pose as the “Heroic French Resistance,” with a leaven of idealistically stupid young French men and women recruited for the sake of appearances and to provide agents who were eminently dispensable and could on occasion be sacrificed while the professionals made their escape. The thugs planted bombs and dynamited trains, killing many innocent civilians, including women and children; they ambushed and murdered level-headed French patriots, mutilated French women, and made life dangerous for the whole population as well as both French and German soldiers. But that wasn’t terrorism because the Germans and the French who welcomed or accepted the occupation were too wicked to revere God’s People.

Churchill, left, with the diseased War Criminal

Similar methods are used by “democracies” to continue a war after a defeat or to harass overwhelmingly superior enemies. One remembers Churchill’s organization of the English population for frantic terrorism in the event of a German occupation of the British Isles, and although that was really a ploy and propaganda device (cf. Liberty Bell, July 1988, p.3, n.1), no one objected on either moral or prudential grounds to the “democratic” device of continued and clandestine “resistance” in a Holy War.

The same toleration, of course, cannot be extended to the Palestinians and other Semites of the Near East, who are fighting, with their only available weapons, the colossal machine of Jewish dominion financed by American serfs.

* * *

It is only appropriate that the most successful, as well as the most brazen, campaign of terrorism in the modern world was the work of the race that invented it. The eminent murderers who are now the leaders of Israel attained distinction by dynamiting the King David Hotel to kill English men, women and children, assassinating a British High Commissioner and Count Bernadotte (who had been sent as a mediator by the “United Nations”), treacherously trapping and killing British police and hanging up their bodies for public display, and perpetrating countless murders of Aryans and Semites who did not understand that the Yids’ second invasion of Palestine, like the first, was authorized by Yahweh, the hypostatization of their race’s eternal hatred of civilized mankind.

We almost regret that their well-laid plan to succeed where Guy Fawkes had failed and to blow up the British Parliament did not succeed on the first attempt (the bomb failed to explode) and was then countermanded by Begin or whoever was giving the orders.

Holy Terror, as we must call it when God’s Chosen Predators treacherously murder unsuspecting Aryans or Semites, is carried out surreptitiously, whenever others can be blamed for the crimes, but when that is not feasible, the Jews acknowledge their responsibility with proudly sanctimonious boasting, In 1943, for example, Yitzhak Shamir arrogantly proclaimed:

“Neither Jewish ethics nor Jewish tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat. We are very far from having any normal qualms as far as our national war goes. We have before us the command of the Torah, whose morality surpasses that of any other body in the world: Ye shall blot them out to the last man.”

Noteworthy is the candid vaunt that what Jews consider the highest morality in the world authorizes and commands them to exterminate “to the last man” (or woman) everyone who gets in their way or tries to balk their greed, but Shamir made that boast for the express purpose of frightening the Palestinians and the British who were trying to keep order. He added explicitly:

“First and foremost terrorism is for us a part of the political battle being conducted under the present circumstances, and it has a great part to play: speaking in a clear voice to the whole world, as well as to our wretched [!] brethren outside this land, it proclaims our war against the occupier.”

In other circumstances, of course, Shamir, the eminent murderer who came to the United States occasionally to pat his Ronnie on the head and order his American subjects to work harder for God’s race, would not have proclaimed the law of the Torah. His race normally works covertly, surreptitiously, and in darkness, the better to bamboozle stupid Aryans.

Yitzhak Shamir

As everyone now knows, in June 1967, when the Jews treacherously attacked the U.S.S. Liberty, they planned to sink it and kill all survivors, so that they could manufacture evidence that the wicked Egyptians had destroyed our naval vessel and their stooge in the White House could then declare war on the Egyptian victims of Jewish aggression. And in June 1981, when the Jews, using American planes and bombs, made a surprise attack on Baghdad, the capital of a nation with which they were officially at peace, and destroyed the reactor the French were building for Iraq, the Israeli Parliament censured Begin and his government for negligence in not painting Iranian markings on the terrorist planes so that Iran would be blamed for the treacherous attack. Such, you must always remember, is the morality of God’s People.

Menchem Begin

What we may expect in the future is the use of the atomic weapons the Jews began to manufacture in Israel before 1955, when their activity was known to American Military Intelligence (see Major Robert E. Williams’ The Ultimate World Order). Although that fact was concealed from the American public until the American press was unable to suppress the disclosures of a Jewish defector which, complete with photographs, had been published in a British newspaper (see Liberty Bell, December 1986, pp. 66 ff.). In the meantime, of course, the Kikes in this country wailed over the awfulness of atomic warfare and sabotaged our own researches while inciting “demonstrations” by mobs of collegiate bums to “ban the bomb.”

It is also known that Yahweh’s Yids have been working for many years on methods of bacteriological and epidemical warfare in their laboratories in Israel, while yammering about “World Peace” to persuade their American serfs to destroy even what little preparation they have made for such “awful” warfare. It is quite likely that God’s Race will soon use such weapons in their global terrorism, thus confirming the prophetic hints of the Duke of Valderano, which I reported above. But when they do, the Christian dogs will doubtless continue piously to lick their masters’ bloody hands.

* * *

The current excitement over terrorism seems to have been inaugurated by an “investigative journalist” named Claire Sterling, whose book, The Terror Network, was published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston in 1981, and reprinted as a widely-sold paperback in the following year. Her “investigations” showed that the wave of terrorism, which began in 1968, was the work of the Soviet Union, which, she says, is the wicked enemy of godly Israel. And she went on to identify as the principal inciter and financier of terrorism everywhere, even in Ireland, the present ruler of Libya, Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi, who, it seems, is virtually the incarnation of Satan.

The authoress tried her hand at a second book, The Time of the Assassins (same publisher, 1984), in which she, at great length, solved the attempted assassination of the Pope to her own satisfaction, fixing the primary responsibility on the Soviets’ international Communist apparatus. I have no means of verifying her disclosures, so I can only remark that she seems to have explored a mephitic swamp of clandestine conspiracies, and that at several points in her investigation she showed good judgment in her interpretation of the evidence she reports. And it is quite possible that the oddly unsuccessful attempt at assassination was an argument to persuade the Pontiff to become the instrument of Judaeo-Communist subversion that he now is.

It is her earlier book, with its detailed description of numerous terroristic outrages in Europe, that interests us. I suppose her reports of what happened are accurate enough; her account, at least, gives an impression of thorough preparation and documentation. It is her interpretation of those events that is important. Now I do not know whether she is Miss or Mrs. Sterling; I know nothing about her parentage, antecedents, or race; (3) I do not know where she was educated or what she has done besides investigate and write two books; but I can tell you all that you need to know about her. She is proud of having attained the honor of meeting one of the “bravest and most incorruptible men,” Simon Wiesenthal, the great “Nazi hunter,” (4) who hunts down victims to provide at least excitement and publicity that will seem to make more plausible his race’s great swindle, the Holohoax.

(3. There is a very small photograph of her in Reader’s Digest, October 1984, p. 86; it explains why pictures of the writer did not appear on the jackets of her books, but is inconclusive as an indication of race. She holds up her hands in horror when she mentions “Nazis” and “Fascists” obiter, and she professes love for the dear “democracy” that keeps the Christianized Aryan sheep stultified while their Jewish shepherds herd and fleece them, but that is required of all journalists who do not want their names entered on the Jews’ Black List and so find themselves both unemployed and shunned by right-thinking boobs.)

(4. The Time of the Assassins, pp. 104 f.)

* * *

You can be sure, therefore, that if Claire found evidence of the work of Mossad or one of the other terrorist organizations of God’s People, she regarded that work as holy, unobjectionable, and unmentionable. And above all, she would never remind the American dupes that they are primarily responsible for all the terrorism she does describe. It was the American people who intervened decisively and sacrificed their own lives and resources to blight Western civilization and to make the Soviet rabble the dominant power in the world today. They created the chaos that brought forth the terrorism that should please them as their handiwork.

Claire Sterling’s indictment of Colonel Qaddafi is especially open to doubt, for he is particularly hated by Yahweh’s brood. It is true that Hilaire du Berrier, in his privately circulated newsletter, February 1986, cited from The Times (London), 18 April 1972, a report that Qaddafi’s mother was a Jewess, but that is probably just the Jews’ usual technique of denigrating their enemies by attributing Jewish ancestry to them. According to Professor Bernard Lewis, The Jews of Islam (Princeton University Press, 1984), Libya, which in 1947 had a Jewish enclave that numbered 25,000, is now believed to have no Jews at all. Think of it! A country that other nations might be tempted to imitate, in defiance of Yahweh’s will!

I should therefore be more than skeptical about Miss/Mrs. Sterling’s claims, if an English friend, who has connections that make him observe events in Ireland, had not told me that he thought it entirely possible that Colonel Qaddafi was either subsidizing the Irish terrorists or permitting Libya to be used as an entrepôt for the transshipment of Soviet weapons and munitions. By that interpretation, the Libyan ruler is helping the Palestinians resist Jewish terrorism in Palestine by the only means available to them; and if he is sponsoring the Irish Republicans and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua (the darlings of the Congress the Jews own in Washington!), he is fighting the enemies of his race by methods that Americans always approve when used by, or in the interests of, the Chosen People. But let us disregard all possible justification of his policy.

Let us assume that Colonel Qaddafi is ten times the terrorist that Claire says he is. Americans should be proud of him: he is their creation. Libya was a Italian colony, you remember, when Italy was ruled by that wicked man, Mussolini. You have probably seen the sickening pictures of his body and that of his mistress, hanging by their heels, after they were butchered by a mob of the most ferocious and evil animals on earth, who had been subsidized and equipped by the tax-paying dolts in the United States. If Colonel Qaddafi is indeed sponsoring terrorism everywhere and doing it from sheer malice, it is most inconsistent of our “Liberal” jabberwockies to be yapping at him, instead of taking pride in their accomplishment. And if Americans are not pleased by their guilt, they should begin a return to sanity by facing the facts of what they have done before they, by the iron law of nature, suffer the terrible consequences of their hubris.

* * *

Addendum: Since the foregoing was written, one of the largest of the Pan American jet planes was destroyed at an altitude of 31,000 feet by a violent internal explosion over the village of Lockerbie on the border of Scotland. The explosion was obviously caused by an extremely powerful bomb that had been planted in the plane by terrorists, evidently in keeping with a prediction made a fortnight before. A man claimed over the telephone that he represented the “Guardians of the Islamic Revolution,” who had destroyed the plane in retaliation for the destruction of an Iranian plane by an American frigate in the Persian Gulf. No one seems to take his claim seriously. The significant news was reported from Washington by the representative of the Wall Street Journal, 23 December 1988, who intimated that old Ronnie was itching to order another sneaking terrorist raid on Libya before leaving office, although there was, of course, no slightest evidence that Libya was in any way involved in the destruction of the Pan American plane.

In the absence of concrete evidence, the most natural hypothesis is that the bomb was planted by the world’s experts in terrorism, Mossad or some other arm of the world-conquering Jews, to stir up the boobs against the Semites of the Islamic states. It may be objected that among the passengers on the plane were quite a few of God’s Masterpieces, including a ranking Sheeny from Ronnie’s gang of pseudo-legal terrorists, whom the American serfs hire to find Aryan victims for sacrifice in Jerusalem. That fact does not impair the hypothesis. So many arrogant members of the Master Race are constantly flitting about the world, usually at the expense of their American subjects, that every major flight from Europe to the United States would have included a fair number of them, unless they had been warned in advance by the terrorists to cancel their reservations, and that would have exposed the operation so clearly that even Americans might have begun to think. Furthermore, Yahweh’s Chosen seem not to object to the sacrifice of even a large number of their own horde for the advantage of their strange termite-like race. They seem never to have taken exception to the efforts of their Zionist leaders to induce the Germans to kill many thousands of Jews during the recent war, so that it would not have been necessary to invent their preposterous Holohoax after the Fall of Germany.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, February 1989

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