Making a child perform homosexual erotic dances is not “pride” — it is child abuse for the purpose of promoting degeneracy and pedophilia.

by Michael Walsh

MANY WORDS have double or more meanings. The term homicide describes murder or slaughter. A slight variation provides us with another term that describes the same ultimate consequence. The word homocide applies to homosexuals who choose to self-destruct by adopting an unnatural lifestyle.

Research which analysed tens of thousands of “gay” obituaries and compared them with AIDS deaths data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reveals that life expectancy for homosexuals is about twenty years shorter than that of the general public.

The study, entitled “Gay obituaries closely track officially reported deaths from AIDS,” was published in Psychological Reports (June 6, 2005; 96:693-697).

In an interview with, Dr. Paul Cameron, President of the Family Research Institute and the scientist who headed the study, indicated that he was not at all surprised by the findings. Rather he said that it only served as further confirmation of what other studies had already shown.

One such study was conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia by pro-homosexual researchers. Published in 1997 by the International Journal of Epidemiology, the study almost exactly mirrors the findings of Cameron’s research.

Encouraged by the controlled media, homosexuals — rather than being “liberated” by their hedonistic lifestyle — find themselves trapped in a cultural gas chamber. Research offers clear proof that homosexuality is not gay. Possibly the only thing more depressing than a homosexual’s life expectancy is a burning orphanage.

No laughing matter, homosexuality is anything but gay. The aberration causes sufferers to be condemned to a lifetime of social ostracism, loneliness, eccentricity, neurosis, and sadness.

Genocide by other means: Government support for homosexuals in the way of grants, education, endorsement, and protectionism, massively cuts short the lives of millions of weak and malleable men. Furthermore, in the program of White genocide, regime sponsorship, accompanied by media orchestration, takes potentially child-producing and child-supporting males out of the re-population loop.

When encouraged by a regime’s educationists and corporate media the aberration is contagious. A cultural Bubonic Plague, homosexuality takes hundreds of thousands of men out of the child creation and nurturing cycle.

Population control: It is little wonder that government, its apparatchiks in the field of education, police, and media promote and ring-fence (excuse the term) homosexuality. The “gay community”’s public relations department can be found behind the desks of conventional media editors.

Do the homosexuals themselves think it coincidental that the Bolshevik-minded pro-“gay” lobby also supports uncontrolled immigration, refugee support, contraception for Whites on a mass scale, supplying free condoms to heterosexuals, et cetera?

Like condemned cattle in an abattoir-bound truck, the hapless and helpless sodomite and lesbian communities are first fattened and fed by government grants and assistance. Why bother with gas chambers or a bullet in the nape of the neck when you can convince millions of malleable dupes that their lives will be enriched rather than massively shortened by a bogus non-existent ecstasy?

It is their choice and perhaps, following Darwin’s theory that Nature has its ways of eliminating the weakest of the species, this natural selection aspect of homosexuality is something that even ethnic-nationalists can enthusiastically endorse.

* * *

Mike Walsh is an international journalist, broadcaster and historian. His book titles can be accessed by visiting


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29 March, 2020 2:22 am Watch that drag queen with kid at party tweet. The police or the whiteehouse should be notified they are 100% criminals.