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Democracy Saved

by Revilo P. Oliver

IN Liberty Bell, June 1986, I reported the strange behavior of many voters in Illinois. In the schools they had been fed the usual hogwash about the glories of “democracy” and how “government of the people” is guaranteed by the primary system, which enables voters to nominate their own candidates in political parties. A large bloc of voters naively believed what they had been told and proceeded to nominate in the so-called Democratic Party two candidates for important state offices, Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State. I shall take a few lines to tell readers in other states what happened.

As I reported, the whole Democratic gang was astounded by the impudently presumptuous conduct of those voters. The Democrats’ candidate for Governor, scion of “Auntie” Adlai Stevenson, shuddering at the pollution of his pure party by candidates actually chosen by the voters, had the horrors and ran away to form a party of his own, as he was legally permitted to do. Since, as everyone knows, politicians will steal anything except a red-hot stove, it was only natural for him to steal and use as the name of his new party the title, “New Solidarity”, of the principal publication of the organization that the vile candidates were said to represent. He could thus be sure of creating useful confusion.

Confronted by a political crisis, someone in power pressed the button to start the slime machine. Every newspaper in the state, so far as I have heard, began an intensive vilification of the audacious candidates whom the insolent voters had nominated. Specific charges were few, but from the tenor of the screaming one would have supposed that the two candidates fricasseed babies for breakfast and made lampshades out of Jews’ hides. The Self-Chosen people wailed so loudly about “anti-Semitism,” a term which is catachrestically made to mean disrespect for the most viciously anti-Semitic race in the world, that one would have supposed the doors of the famous gas chambers were being closed on them. The Democratic bosses went around beating their spotless breasts and tearfully imploring everyone not to vote for their party’s depraved candidates. And the Federal government obligingly prosecuted Lyndon LaRouche’s organization, which had supported the horrid candidates;(1) the pretext for the prosecution, which was treated as a major national event by the press in Illinois, was some misuse of credit cards, but, of course, when the government in the District of Corruption starts a persecution of insubordinate Americans, one can only guess whether there was some basis for the charge, perhaps provided by that government through its staff of expert “agents provocateurs”, or the alleged offense was entirely imaginary and devised by the government’s staff of trained perjurers.

(1. I made it clear in June that I intend no slightest commendation of Lyndon LaRouche, who is responsible for such deceptive books as The New Dark Ages Conspiracy and Drugs, Inc., on which I have sufficiently commented elsewhere. I know nothing, however, to the discredit of the man and woman who were the candidates in Illinois, and I suppose them to have sincerely advocated the policies the voters endorsed by nominating them. My interest here is in the working of the great swindle called “democracy.”)

Nothing was said about the offending candidates’ real guilt. They had won the nominations by supporting two unconscionable measures: (2) They thought that the farmers of Illinois should not be driven from their land by the usurers, although everyone knows we’ve got to get rid of the kulaks, if we are to share the blessings of true democracy with the Soviet Union.

(2. They wanted to quarantine persons known to be infected with the virus of Immunity Deficiency, although everyone knows that would embarrass our dear little sexual perverts and deny them an opportunity to promote Equality by popularizing their infection; and it might also call attention to the very high incidence of the disease among the niggers, whom Jesus has ordered all Aryans to cherish and subsidize.)

In the election this past November, the wicked candidates were defeated and so were most of the candidates that had been properly nominated for the Democratic gang. Also defeated, of course, were pure-hearted Stevenson and the straw men whom he had impressed for his sudden political party. It is generally believed that if the bosses had not started the great rumpus, the Democratic gang would have won most of the state offices. But the sacrifice will have been worthwhile, if the voters in the state have been taught their lesson and will henceforth understand that they are to choose only between the Tweedledums and the Tweedledees that have been certified as acceptable to the owners of the United States.

The primary system remains intact. If you have a few friends and enough money, you can put yourself up as a candidate for any office in a primary, and you will receive a few hundred votes. You can repeat this year after year, as long as your money holds out and you think running for public office more amusing than skiing or taking a trip around the world on the Rotterdam. Of course, there is a chance that if, in your electioneering, you show talent as a vendor of snake oil and can prove that you are totally unscrupulous, you may be offered membership in the gang and so can embark on a criminal career, but, I take it, that is not what you have in mind. If you suppose that you could by political effort and good luck attain an office in which you could even slightly ameliorate the plight in which the American boobs have put themselves and their posterity, learn from what happened in Illinois.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, April 1987

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