Black Propaganda

by Michael Walsh

A MAINSTAY of propaganda strategy is the spreading of “black” propaganda. Black propaganda is the most effective form of subversion because the contagion is carried by those most harmed by it.

Black propaganda is the distribution of false information for the purpose of undermining the popularity of an enemy. Black propaganda is used by media, social media, and of course state security organisations.

Sadly, those caught up in the ethnic-European struggle for survival tend towards political naïveté. For this reason nationalist leaders and their followers are particularly vulnerable to being influenced by black propaganda. Many actually self-inflict harm by unwittingly spreading this subversive menace.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is steadfast in his determination to keep his country free of non-European influx. He is an avowed enemy of globalist George Soros and no friend of Israel. As such Viktor Orban is a thorn in the side of globalists.

Examples being set by Orban and other European nationalists like Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico and Czech President Milos Zeman increasingly attract support across Europe. In an attempt to dilute their growing popularity, Orban — and American and European anti-globalist leaders — are targeted and tarred with the “shill” allegation, one example of black propaganda.

The current crop of black propaganda victims is merely the continuation of a strategy as old as prostitution. Today, in an attempt to counter growing support for Adolf Hitler and National Socialism there is increased black propaganda claiming that the German Chancellor was Jewish. Black propaganda claims Hitler was covertly working for Jewish interests, financed by Rothschild’s banks, and in bed with America’s corporate interests.

“Shill” slurs are usually accompanied by images and statements that are unsubstantiated and unproven. If this is too obvious then there are alternative ways by which a popular leader’s following can be decimated. There will be unverified and groundless asides about their sexual preferences or behavior, financial integrity — or insinuations about the company they keep. A common ploy is the use of the terms, ‘according to sources,’ ‘an insider who wishes to remain nameless’ and ‘according to undisclosed sources.’

The definition of black propaganda is ‘false information that purports to be from a friendly source in the conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. The purpose of black propaganda is to vilify, embarrass, or misrepresent the enemy.’

There is also what is known as “grey propaganda” — the source of which ‘information’ is unidentifiable. Finally, there is “white propaganda.” The latter strategy is adopted when much of the content about the intended victim is true and arguably positive. But the information is slanted in such a way as to have a negative rather than positive effect on the reader, viewer, or listener, raising doubts while seeming to praise the target.

Black propaganda is just another tool in the box used by those involved in covert psychological operations (psyops). The major characteristic of black, grey and white propaganda is that people are unaware of its nature or even presence. However, they are unwittingly victims of such propaganda every time they open their conventional periodical, switch on the radio or TV, or log on to the Internet.

Those aware of how black propaganda works smile and move on. The naïve unwittingly spread the malicious lies and in this way unknowingly act as germ spreaders.

* * *

Mike Walsh is a journalist, broadcaster and historian.


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