Asian Immigration Outnumbers Europeans for the First Time in Australia

IT HAS BEEN a direction the country has been intentionally steering towards for decades, however now it seems Australia can truly call itself an ‘Asian Nation’.

The 2016 census figures reveal that China, India and the Philippines now account for more foreign-born residents than the traditional birthplaces of England, New Zealand and Europe.

The census reports that more than a quarter of Australians — 26.3 per cent, up from 24.6 per cent in 2011 — were born overseas in 2016, and even second-generation Aussies will soon be the minority.

Nearly half of Australian residents had at least one parent who hailed from a different country.

In the five-year gap between 2011 and 2016, an additional 1.3 million new migrants — mostly from China and India — called Australia home. As a whole, Australia experienced an 8.8 per cent population increase since 2011.

Migrants now make up 28 per cent of the populations of New South Wales and Victoria, and 32 per cent of the population in Western Australia.

Tasmania is the least migrant-populated state, at 12 per cent, and recorded the highest English-speaking only population of 88 per cent.

There’s also been an increase in the number of Australians shying away from religion.

Up from 22 per cent in 2011, 30 per cent of the population identified as having ‘no religion’ in 2016.

But, while Australians are turning away from Christian religions (Catholic and Anglican being two of the biggest), there’s been a massive leap in other religions since the 90s.

Hinduism has undergone a 533 per cent increase since 1991, Buddhism has leapt 200 per cent, and Islam has increased by 160 per cent. …

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Source: The European Union Times

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  1. 15 July, 2017 at 2:26 am — Reply

    A common people will only fight and die for three reasons; land, tribe and creed. Although Christianity gets a ton of bad press on White nationalist sites, and even with its downside, there is no denying that historically, it served as a powerful uniting force for Whites against the jews…even though some hold that Christianity itself was a jewish tool. The danger in dumping Christianity comes when it’s not replaced with any higher, uniting belief system to hold a people together with priorities that are greater than themselves. Dumping Christianity has left Whites with no common creed and yet, one less pillar that should be uniting us, that we’re willing to fight and die for. Since many Whites have already been taught to hate their own countries/lands and tribe/race, becoming increasingly creedless has all but eliminated any amount of cohesiveness we had left as a group.

    Without a common creed, humans become the focus of life instead of greater ideals, and society becomes lost in momentary gratification, materialism, and narcissism. Scandinavia is furthest along the Kalergi plan because they were the first to abandon Christianity decades ago, seeing themselves as far more “enlightened” than the rest of the White nations. The problem is that they never replaced it with anything. I completely understand the philosophy of Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism and never realized that’s really what I’ve been following for at least five years now. The problem is explaining such an abstract philosophy to other Whites.

    This is why, for good or ill, I still say that working with the Christian Identity crowd could benefit us greatly because they still have a strong common creed while at the same time, are very jew-wise and do not believe Jesus was a jew or subscribe to a pacifist version of Christianity. I don’t care if Jesus was real or not. Our priority is to unite people under the cause of saving the White race. We can deal with the details later. Why squabble over a system of faith when right now, we have no collective home or future to plan such things in?

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