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The Fundamental Dilemma

Dilemma: a problem seemingly incapable of a satisfactory solution.

by Andrew Hamilton

WE ARE concerned with White survival and the establishment of a White social order. How is this to be accomplished? Who stands in our way? What is to be done?

Racially, Jews wield power. Nobody else comes close.

This racial elite is ideologically complemented by Left-wing Gentiles, including conservatives. The Gentile Left consists of members drawn from all races, homosexuals, and women. Formerly, it was almost all White.

Institutionally the ruling class consists of Jewish and Leftist organizations, the mass media, the educational system, and the government. Market financiers are another factor: Like the tax system, they extort productive wealth from the economy and redistribute it to Jewish and other Left-wing causes. Big business is important, too, but only as an adjunct. Fundamental power is concentrated among Jews, Gentile Leftists, the mass media, academia, and government.

Government is an emanation of Jews and the cultural Left. Though it no longer possesses legitimacy, even according to its own laws and ostensible principles — never mind those of simple justice — it possesses unchallengeable power.

The System is not representative or democratic. On the most fundamental issues, and certainly racial issues, free speech, free thought, and freedom of association are proscribed. Change via the political order is impossible. Thus, the System does not represent the will of the people, but the interests and will of an alien elite that hates Whites and the civilization and culture of the West. This hatred is genocidal.

Realistically, peaceful social change in a positive direction now appears to be impossible. At the same time, violent change, the only other alternative, appears equally impossible due to the despotic nature of the System.

These are the fundamental reasons why past efforts at social reform, despite heroic efforts, have failed. Together they constitute the fundamental dilemma of the White revolutionary.

The totalitarianism of the System blocks change in both directions.

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6 June, 2017 10:50 pm

Very accurate article. So, then one dares to ask, how do we, as members of the White Race, take back our nation? Is it even possible?

C. C. Benson
C. C. Benson
Reply to  JPF
9 June, 2017 12:53 pm

First, we build an organization of Whites absolutely dedicated to building a new society based on racial and evolutionary principles. Then we grow that organization as much as possible without compromising our principles, along the way making it as ramified and self-sufficient a community as possible.

When we’ve grown sufficiently, and survived all the enemy can throw at us, we’ll be able to do What Must Be Done. (Even before that point, as we grow, we’ll be able to do more and more, and influence more and more people.)

It’s likely the work of generations. It’s the only work that really matters. Our lives will be immeasurably richer for having accepted this hard, grueling, but necessary task.)

9 June, 2017 9:40 pm

Great suffering always brings about great change. Only when a majority of our people start to feel physical pain and wake up to their dispossession will a movement arise which they will flock to. But, as long as there are full bellies and mindless distractions, the sheep will quietly graze towards the edge of the cliff.

11 June, 2017 2:20 am

We Whites hold within each and every one of us the power to make the change we want, and yet articles like this neuter that concept. “Defeatist” is how I’d characterize it.

The way out is for each and every one of us who can to actually do what’s needed. Alliance building. New communities that move through the old ones and yet maintain our values, ethics, and moral code. Educate each other about these values, the values of Cosmotheism. Breed more children and educate them ourselves. We must build our strength thus or perish as Nature abhors weakness.

It’s not rocket science, people!