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Our Proximate Future

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE SPRING issue of Mankind Quarterly contains a concise (pp. 261-273), lucid, and coldly objective article on Evolution and World Population by William P. Stevens of the Population Research Center.

The author examines the simple and indisputable facts of biological evolution, which act uniformly on all species of organic life, and then considers their inevitable consequences in determining the population of the earth in the immediate future, that is to say, the space of two generations, say sixty to seventy years.

He lumps together the several White races under the collective term Caucasoid. He observes that, as no one can deny, “The Caucasoids of Europe and North America, who have the technological and economic potential to eliminate all rival peoples, . . . today appear self-doomed,” since they are confronted by races that “still believe that their social duty requires self-multiplication and a dedication to the economic welfare of their offspring.” Our race has simply become unfit to survive.

He concludes that the evolutionary unfitness of the contemporary Caucasoids lies “not in their genes but in their culture: not in medical or intellectual unfitness but in ideology and ethics. . . . They direct their altruistic impulses not to the well-being of their own subspecies, but to saving and nourishing the offspring of those subspecies that are outbreeding them. They are refusing to compete, as a biological unit, for survival . . . because their culture inclines them to eschew ethnic self-consciousness and to direct their altruism towards biologically dissimilar subspecies, rather than to their own subspecies.”

The Caucasoid races, therefore, are deliberately committing suicide. They are not genetically inferior, but they are suffering from a mental disease more disastrous and deadly than the Black Death. The author does not name the terrible epidemic of suicidal superstition and hallucination with which the Jews infected our race many centuries ago and which gradually undermined and eventually destroyed our racial immunity system. He doesn’t have to.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, January 1986

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
7 June, 2017 2:11 pm

A pretty valid assessment of our current situation. Until we place our own race before other races, we will continue to circle the drain.