New DNA Study Proves Ancient Egyptians Closely Related to Whites, Not Blacks

Sarcophagus of Tadja, Abusir el-Meleq

The “Middle Eastern” ancestry cited was Neolithic, including some from ancient Anatolia, which was once almost entirely occupied by proto-Europeans, and likely included Sumerians, another essentially European people.

ANCIENT EGYPTIANS were more closely related to people from the Middle East and Europe than those from Central Africa, according to a genetic analysis of mummies’ DNA.

A team of international scientists from the University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany analyzed the DNA of 90 Egyptian mummies dating from approximately 1400 BCE to 400 CE.

Amazingly, the team’s findings revealed that the mummies’ closest kin were ancient farmers from the Levant — a group that was a major founding population of Europe.

The study, published in Nature, also claims that ancient Egyptians were closely related to Neolithic populations from the Anatolian Peninsula.

“The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300-year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained, genetically, relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” said Wolfgang Haak, from the Max Planck Institutes.

What is perhaps even more interesting is the revelation that modern Egyptians are closer to sub-Saharan African populations than their ancient counterparts, a finding which Stephan Schiffels of the Max Planck Institutes believes was caused by “an increase in sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt within the last 1,500 years.”

The research cited improved mobility down the Nile River, increased long-distance trade between sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt, and the trans-Saharan slave trade that began around 1,300 years ago.

Some 151 mummified remains were initially sampled from the archaeological site of Abusir el-Meleq, along the Nile River in Middle Egypt.

Mitochondrial genomes, DNA passed from mother to child, were recovered from 90 mummies while rare genome-wide datasets, the DNA of both parents, were acquired from three mummies.

Acquisition of detailed nuclear DNA has traditionally been difficult due to contamination issues. For this study, researchers carefully screened the DNA to rule out contamination from anyone who had handled the mummies since their excavation a century ago.

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Source: RT

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  1. Banole
    17 October, 2018 at 9:50 pm — Reply

    The study is very detailed and interesting but certainly proves nothing!

    Even the study itself admits that:”Clearly, more genetic studies on ancient human remains from southern Egypt and Sudan are needed before apodictic statements can be made”.
    I certainly agree with that statement. Besides that, why would they use the remains of known Romans and Greeks from the late Roman and Greek Periods of Egyptian history when Roman and Greek rulers were buried in the manner of native African Egyptians?
    Why not go back to the OLD KINGDOM and, if possible, before that period. There are a few Predynastic remains available.
    Ancient Egypto-Nubian Nile Valley culture does not seem to be European in any way to me. It appears to have been East African Nilotic to me. The language is far more African than Semitic. How is a culture that evolved along the 4,000 mile long Nile river that has its origins in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa, European??
    Why all of this intellectual gymnastics? Europe had its own ancient culture. And it was not in Africa!!

    • quackademic
      18 October, 2018 at 10:43 pm — Reply

      “There are a few Predynastic remains available.” Yes, “Banole” and one of those Pre-dynastic mummies can be seen in the British Museum with remnants of his curly red hair still attached to his head. He is known in the world of Ancient Egyptian archaeology as the “Gebelein Man” or as “Ginger”. Among the indigenous, and might I add predominately Caucasoid, Berber speaking peoples of North Africa many, particularly those living in the Moroccan Atlas mountains and the Algerian Kabylie mountains, still exhibit light skin, light hair, and light eyes. Perhaps such Europoid racial traits were passed on to them by the people “Ginger” belonged to? Just as various European peoples have been entering North Africa historically I see no reason why others from Europe couldn’t have done so prehistorically too. After all Europeans have been a very adventurous people, and not just in modern times, a fact attested to by the discovery in the deserts of western China of many well preserved light haired Europoid mummies thousands of years old.

      • Banole
        20 October, 2018 at 7:11 pm — Reply

        The very title of the article is false and misleading! The article itself does not even claim to “prove “ anything.
        You have got to follow the link , then read the whole study carefully . What does the word “apodictic” mean?
        Lets not play teen age games.
        Were the first people in Europe black? What about the migrating Grimaldi Man? Or the “Venus of Willendorf with her stylized nappy hair? Both Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man came from where? Africa. All were found in the heart of Europe.
        Lets be clear: the modern day Arab and other settler populations had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of ancient Egypto-Nubian Civilizations of the Nile Valley.
        Remember that the Arab holy book , the Koran tells us that at the birth of the prophet Muhammad(570 ad) Arabia was an African colony with Mecca as the capital. The king of Ethiopia sent 40,000 men to crush an Arab revolt. One corps of that army was mounted on elephants.
        Ancient Egypt was invaded numerous times. By Hyksos, by Persians, Greeks, Romans, various Arab invasions, including the Islamic invasion.

        Each time the original African populations were forced further south or fled to other parts of Africa where you find them today.
        If you study the various stages of the ancient writing systems of ancient Egypt we find hieroglyphs for elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, ape, hyena , rhinoceros, lions and other African animals and many plants. Whoever created the script had to have been living in that very African environment!

        Read the great French linguist Jean Francois Champollion. PRECIS du SYSTEME HIEROGLYPHIQUE. p.456-57.
        Remember that this European scholar deciphered the hieroglyph script. He stated that the ancient Egyptians did not look like western Asians and that almost nothing about the culture of ancient Egypt seemed similar or “analogous” to that of western Asia. He stated that ancient Egyptians were completely foreign to the Asian continent.
        I agree because I sense no European spirit in that ancient culture. How anyone can look at the original Egyptian art works such as the famous head of Pharaoh Thutmose lll or the Namer Tablet or Sesostris l or Zoser Pharaoh of the Third Dynasty under whose rule all the elements in ancient Egyptian civilization were firmly in place and see European culture?
        When we know that the great temple complex of Amen at Napata in Nubia , sacred to both the ancient Egyptians and ancient Nubians had to have a Nubian priestess in charge. I ask how is this European inspired, much less Semitic? To this very hour many of our people still say AMEN at the end of their prayers. So strong was this ancient religious force.
        The head claimed to be of Nefertiti now at the Agyptisches Museum in Berlin was kept in the home of a Jewish hustler for nearly a decade before it was sold to the museum. This forgery violates almost all of the cannons of Ancient Egyptian art. Nothing identifies the head as Queen Nefertiti. The head has obviously been reworked. There are images of Nefertiti in her tomb that shows a clearly African woman. The real world is so complex that our puny attempts to formulate it completely into an ideology will fail.
        Let the discerning reader be the final arbiter.
        Hail and farewell!

        • quackademic
          21 October, 2018 at 9:55 pm — Reply

          Even if Grimaldi Man was Black that doesn’t neccessarily mean the first inhabitants of Europe were Black, since the Grimaldi remains are not the oldest Homo Sapien remains found in Europe anyway, most of whom are proto-Europoid Cro-Magnoids with high vertical forehead, large cranial capacity, narrow nasal aperture, powerful square jaw, and rectangular eye sockets. The term African does not equal a Black person. As far as I’m aware the oldest proto-Negroid skull found in Africa, the Iwo Eleru skull, is only 13,000 years old, which is a full 30,000 years after the appearence of the Caucasoid Cro-Magnon men in Europe and North Africa. Check out the facial reconstruction of the Cro-Magnoid skull found in North Africa called the “Afalou Man” on Youtube. There you will see he was not Negroid at all. The Venus of Willendorf figurine might not actually be depicting nappy hair but instead a head dress made out of round beads. Lions depicted in Ancient Assyrian art are also shown with nappy hair but lions in reality do not have such hair texture. Alexander the Great is depicted in an ancient Egyptian wall carving at the temple of Amenophis III at Luxor with facial features indistinguishable from much earlier Pharaonic wall carvings. Also artistic depictions of Rameses the Great never showed the high-bridged Caucasoid hook nose that his mummified remains clearly show him as having. All of this means that Ancient Egyptian art can’t be entirely relied upon to determine the racial stock of those represented. The population of Ancient Egypt would likely have been made up of Caucasoid and Negroid types from a very early date but with the Caucasoid element predominating due to Egypt’s close geographical proximity to other Caucasoid population centers adjacent to it in North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Take care.

  2. 18 October, 2018 at 8:24 am — Reply

    they never said it was european you stupid idiot, they said it was more closely related to european peoples than sub-saharan africans. arabs and jews as well as some indian and iranian people are closely related to european people even though they are not by that definition white. even if they were not white and given the fact that intelligence is largely hereditary only fools would think the great ancient egyptians were black. it’s one of the most ridiculous assertions ever uttered and it is time for it to stop. instead of taking credit for other peoples achievements why don’t black people once and for all build a great civilization on their own, nothing is stopping them.

    • banole
      18 October, 2018 at 11:46 am — Reply

      Let us take close look at my post: I wrote that the people who wrote the study said the following: “Clearly, more genetic studies on ancient human remains from southern Egypt and Sudan are needed before apodictic statements can be made”. Do you understand the sentence? Did you actually attempt to read the study, did you follow the link to the study? It is clear you did not read the study! Or you could not comprehend what you read.
      You wrote this extremely vague phrase : “they said it was more closely related to european peoples than sub-saharan africans. arabs and jews as well as some indian and iranian people are closely related to european people even though they are not by that definition white……” Does this make sense to you? European Jews have little if anything to do with biblical Hebrews who knew nothing of the European land mass. Remember that Judaism and Jews enter history coming out of its African cradle. The New Testament claims that Moses knew all of the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. Even the name “Moses” is Egyptian, not Hebrew or Aramaic. What about the Ethiopian Jews or the Jews of India? Are they “closely related” to Europeans?
      Anyone familiar with early European cultures and the cultures of the so-called “Middle East” would know almost immediately that the Nilotic Cultures of ancient Egypt were African. Not European and certainly not Semitic! The European madonna figures did not come from the Middle East, they came from Africa were Isis nursing Horus was the prototype. Facts are stubborn things!
      If you see European cultures in your “Ancient Egypt”, then I would suspect some sort of denial of reality or perceptual distortion on your part.
      We shall let the discerning reader be the final arbiter.

  3. 18 October, 2018 at 5:04 pm — Reply

    ethiopian jews are not real jews according to israel. in israel they are severely discriminated against. do you honestly believe that present day blacks are the descendants of the ancient egyptians. there is so much evidence that indicates they aren’t. as i said before the ancient egyptians may not have been european but they most certainly were not black “they said it was more closely related to european peoples than sub-saharan africans. arabs and jews as well as some indian and iranian people are closely related to european people even though they are not by that definition white……” let me explain the caucasian race(aryan, semitic(even though arabs and jews are mixed up with negro blood) aryan(include european, persians(modern day iranians, even though they are also quite mixed and some populations of india. anyway present day egyptians who are mixed now are the direct descendants of the ancient egyptians.

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