More Than A Rapefugee

PLEASE WATCH the above amazing video, or at least as much of it as you can handle. Be sure to dislike it and leave comments for the merchant behind this abortion to read.

Looks like the propaganda arm of Jewtube is still a work in progress. This vile drivel was a “featured video,” sure to convince the shkotzim that their planned destruction is good and proper. Instead we get something so grotesque and ham-handed that even the most delusional and apathetic Whites aren’t buying into this kosher con game. Our enemy turned up the heat too quickly and the frog has jumped out of the semitic pot. Let’s take a closer look.

We start with some brown property yapping away in an ugly alien tongue. In the interest of full disclosure, this is how far I made it the first time I watched (time to go hit the heavy bag for awhile). Here’s an invader eager to suck the generous welfare programs and birth a litter of worthless animals to replace the children you’re not having, goyim. Look at that fat face, bloated by your suicidal generosity. “Good mooor-neeeeeeng.” Yeah, it sure is. We’re waking up.

True love — not!

We get a quick “hello” montage from various human waste. Oddly enough, the fighting age male that makes up the vast majority of enemygrants is notably absent. This might be the only clever trick in this odious genocide propaganda. A White man with no chest talks about how he “Met this girl” today and we cut to a misshapen African negress as he continues to sing the praises of his new sex monkey. Tar black, deformed skull, 65 I.Q., this is your new dream woman, gentiles. This kind of soviet-style propaganda as humiliation only works when the target is afraid to fight back and, as we’ll see, this is no longer the case.

Since the first pathetic White wasn’t effeminate enough, two sodomites discuss how “Hassan” opened up his house to their nihilistic hedonism. Maybe next time he can take you up to the roof of an apartment house? With the poisonous message already floundering, it’s time to bring on the female Muslim aspiring rapper! I’m not joking. Can’t wait for those “sick bars” about how you were pounded out by male relatives for failing to cover your hair and then had your clitoris removed to ensure it would never happen again. We need more of this backward savagery in our ancestral homelands, a lot more.

An older moon cultist mentions how he likes to “keep children happy.” Yeah, that sure sounds familiar…

Look, amazing African super athletes! That dark continent “pace,” we want to see more of that from “our” team so we can beat the other team of waste-colored foreign creatures while I passively watch it on the talmudvision, salivating over a ball-gag. They’re just here for a better life. That “War in Iraq,” you know, the one the chosen loudly advocated for, it really disrupted the sand people. Now, because you acted as a golem in this Jewish conflict, you’re morally required to take in every non-White on the face of the Earth. How about “no,” Shlomo. That’s enough of that. As of this writing there are nearly 300k dislikes for this poorly executed call for invasion. Let’s look at some of the comments and restore our faith in our people and the future:

Stop trying to sell these unwashed violent hordes to the West, we don’t want them and dealing with the ones you’ve already forced on us is going to be a big enough problem.


It’s amazing that entire comment section is against this. Just shows people are really waking up to the problems. Also how come it’s only America and Europe that have to take refugees?

Video: 50% children, 40% women, 10% men. Reality: 90% men, 5% children, 5% women.

You cannot censor people’s voice, google.


No more hate! Time for israel to miscegenate! Open Borders for Israel!

We know jewtube. WE KNOW.

You can delete comments but you cannot delete the truth.

Your damage control isn’t working YouTube, you can’t censor the whole world.

How come I count 165,000 dislikes, but when I refresh it goes down to 163,000 dislikes?

The United kingdom took refugees. now look what’s happened to them.

Q: What separates humanity from animals?
A: The Mediterranean Sea.

Why the hell are we allowing ourselves to be invaded from the inside out? WHY?

More then a Refugee, economic opportunists and terrorists, too.

Days without jewish trickery is ZERO

A kite maker, rapper, and soccer player. how will western civilization thrive without these remarkable human beans. #morethanarefugee #prayfor<InsertEuropeanCity>?

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
23 June, 2017 7:24 pm

Great and encouraging article.

A kite-maker (probably with 4 wives and 24 children), a soccer player (more fertile than the fertile crescent) and a rapper (really!)

All wanting us to work harder to support them, with more taxes.

Whites are Viking up! Abusing our good instincts, our generosity, and our compassion . . . is a form of rape.