It Happens Every Time

Manchester, May 2017: The dead and wounded were White — the attacker was non-White. Why, in the name of God, was it necessary for the media to repeatedly and almost continuously invoke the name of Anders Breivik when reporting on these murders?

When White people are targeted by non-White killers, the media’s mantra is to always remind us that Whites have killed, too, so temper your sympathy — and redirect your anger back at yourselves.

by John I. Johnson

ALL THAT MATTERS is something one White man did more than half a decade ago; all the White men, White women, and White children killed by non-Whites for racial reasons before and since — thousands and thousands of them — do not count. Ideologically speaking, it is as if the mass media were minutely controlled from one central location.

Read these recent news accounts about the Manchester terror attacks:

From “The Manchester attack — the first in Europe to deliberately target children since Anders Breivik gunned down 77 youngsters in Norway in 2011 — is . . . .”

From “There have been examples of lone bomb makers in the past, but they are rare. Anders Breivik, who killed 77 in Oslo in 2010, and David Copeland and . . . .”

From KBZK Bozeman News: “In 2011, white supremacist and Islamophobe Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway — many of them, if not most of them, were teenagers. But our . . . .”

From Local 10: “Anders Behring Breivik, an ultranationalist who authorities say was upset about the rise of multiculturalism in Norway, detonated a bomb in Oslo . . . .”

From The Canary: “In 2011, extremist Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in Norway, the majority of them children and teenagers. After that devastating attack, Norway’s . . . .”

From the Yorkshire Evening Post: “. . . . than those baptized in Protestant churches had anything to do with Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage in Norway which claimed 77 young lives.”

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