Israeli Rabbis: Let’s Use Genetic Tests to Determine Jewishness

This article, written for a Jewish audience, shows that claims that Jews “are just a religion” are disingenuous. They know very well that they are a race — a bizarre mixed race, to be sure — but a race nevertheless.

A GROUP OF EXPERTS on genetics and Halacha (Jewish religious law), who are studying the so-called “Jewish gene,” are claiming that the gene can help prove one’s “Jewishness” in line with Jewish religious law.

“This could be a significant breakthrough,” explained Rabbi Yosef Carmel, head of the Gazit rabbinical court and the Eretz Hemdah Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies. According to Carmel, “Using a simple sample of saliva can save a long and difficult conversion process.”

Any person who wishes to be recognized as a Jew — for example, in order to get married in the State of Israel, which can only be done through the Chief Rabbinate — is required to prove their Jewish roots. In Jewish religious law, only those born to Jewish mothers are considered Jewish. Those who wish to be recognized as Jews have to provide proof of Judaism several generations back in the form of documents — such as birth and marriage certificates.

Emigrants from the former Soviet Union have to present documents to prove their Jewish roots

This can be a problem for over 400,000 people, particularly immigrants and especially those from the former Soviet Union, who don’t have the necessary documents.

People who cannot prove their Jewish roots are considered as “undefined,” with applicants having to undergo a long and tedious conversion process that quite a few wish to avoid and many do not complete.

Currently, the Eretz Hemdah institute is preparing an article to be submitted to the Chief Rabbinate detailing a Halachic-scientific breakthrough that claims anyone whose Judaism can be proven genetically is legally (in the Jewish legal sense, that is) Jewish.

“In recent years, (researchers) in Israel and in the world have been studying mitochondrial DNA — structures within the cells — that a person receives only from his or her mother,” explained Rabbi Dov Popper, an adviser at the Puah Institute, an Israel-based international organization that helps Jewish couples with fertility problems.

“We can find the gene with a simple blood or saliva test. As soon as you find the mitochondrial gene in a person, this serves as a considerable piece of evidence in proving his Jewish roots,” Rabbi Popper went on to say.

“If the gene research is accepted by the Chief Rabbinate, this would be a significant change” for the hundreds of thousands who are considered “undefined,” Rabbi Carmel said.

The breakthrough will be presented at a special conference held by the Puah Institute in Jerusalem on June 6.

“We began researching this because of the issue of egg donation and the ramifications that would have on the Jewishness of the newborn baby,” explained Rabbi Menachem Burstein, the head of the Puah Institute.

“However, it’s important to note this (discovery) would not have practical use until it’s approved by the Chief Rabbinate,” he added.

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Source: YnetNews

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  1. 6 June, 2017 at 10:25 pm — Reply

    The Jews are indeed a race, and they’ve known it for millennia. The Jewish mother preference comes from the cell’s mitochondria, which has its own set of DNA that’s completely separate from the 46 chromosomes one receives from both parents (23 each). With regard to mitochondrial DNA, it all comes from the mother; the father makes no contribution. This is why you can have black Ethiopian Jews, Mexican Jews like Geraldo Rivera, Asian Jews (the Kaifeng of China) and so on. It’s why the Jews are a horribly mixed-race lot and yet, they’re still one race.

    Even so, the Jews started to consider those with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers Jews back in the 1990’s when they realized their population numbers were sinking, especially in Israel. In order to avoid becoming a minority in Israel (imagine that), they allowed those with Jewish fathers to make aliyah or immigrate there. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care which parent is Jewish. I go by the one drop rule, and I don’t trust any of them, regardless of how far back their Jewish ancestry goes. Edgar Steele used to say that Jewishness is in the bones and has “gone to seed” in those people.

    • Anthony Collins
      7 June, 2017 at 12:50 am — Reply

      I think the Jews might be best regarded, not so much as a race, as an anti-race. As G. G. Otto put it in Der Jude als Weltparasit (Munich: Eher Verlag, 1943):

      “If we thoroughly study the racial nature of the Jew, we conclude that Jewry is not a race in the ordinary sense of the word. Instead, as Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote, it must be seen as a counter-race, although the term ‘counter-race’ cannot be understood in a biological sense. From a biological standpoint, Jewry is a stable, inbred mixture of extreme races and racial rubbish. The concept of ‘counter-race’ primarily means the destructive and disruptive effect of Jewry within natural races. The distinguishing mark of Jewry within human races has to do on the one hand with the racial makeup of the Jews, who have been scattered for millennia, and on the other hand in their stubborn adherence to the crassest materialism, based on their so-called religious laws.

      “Jewry is the result of the mixing of every possible race. It is the biggest racial mish-mash in history. This racial mish-mash is so dangerous for all peoples because it because it includes elements from every race. The bad characteristics of these races have been passed on for many generations through Jewry in ever stronger form. From this artificial, rootless, materialistic racial mish-mash, a parasitic counter-race has developed among the peoples.

      “The core of Jewry is the coming together of rootless, rejected, asocial, sick, and degenerate elements of the various races, predominately of Middle Eastern and Oriental origins. One should remember that in antiquity, lepers were ejected from their racial community, just as were criminal asocial elements.”

      • 7 June, 2017 at 2:06 pm — Reply

        Great quote. As I’ve always said, Jewish genes are more scrambled than a Denny’s breakfast special.

  2. Harvey
    18 June, 2017 at 8:30 pm — Reply

    There is something dreadful about jews having access to our genetic technology, just as it is with our money and media. As if the whoreson had absconded with boudoir activity book, lurching into the night like an unchecked runt; so as to bribe and terrorize the townsfolk. One may long for ethno-technological clawbacks in the name of focusing our racial evolutionary trajectory, just as one might wish or work for the nationalization of globalist companies. Will halachic genetic testing be rendered kosher? Will they eventually use it as State identity? Will it be anti-semitic to reject their genetic identity?

    Could Europid citizens imagine and use a genome authenticated white ethno-currency with non-universal, non-egalitarian exchange values?

    28 March, 2018 at 6:41 pm — Reply


    According to the publicly available material gathered by Texx Marrs, almost all of the “jews” are fake jews, according to dna.


    Texx Marrs says in his intro…

    “Who are the Jews? What is their ancestry? Are the Jews a homogenous race? Are Jews descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Today, DNA science reveals that almost all the Jews in the world come from Khazaria. They are not of the blood lineage of Abraham and the prophets, but of King Bulan and the pagan peoples of the Caucasus. The ancestors of today’s Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians. Khazaria’s people, in the 8th century, converted from paganism to Judaism. In the 10th century, these Khazarian “Jewish” converts emigrated to Eastern Europe, and especially Poland and Lithuania. In 1948, the Khazars, erroneously believing themselves to be “Jews,” arrived in the territory of Palestine and set up the state of Israel. The people of Israel today are virtually all of Khazar (Turk/Mongol stock) extraction. The “Jews” have no genetic claims to the land of Israel and no family connection whatsoever to historical Israel. DNA science joins recent discoveries in history and archaeology to present the world with a correct and remarkable picture of the Jewish people. Now, everything changes!”.

    Also, for another SHOCKER…

    I believe GOD did not promise the “jews” anything.

    Why would GOD, the Creator of the entire universe, start doing “promises” to some filthy human rodents ?

    Also, it seems that much of the “testimony”, such as from Abraham, can not even be proven with collaborating testimony from other persons.

    Also, it has been widely accepted that the continental plates are shifting, merging, breaking apart, and therefore, how can those stupid jewish monkeys believe that a certain section of continent, allegedly given to Abraham, will never change ?

    Perhaps Abraham was a false prophet ?

    Those “jews” are full of camel shit.

    Also, pertaining to “who is a jew”, Texx Marrs as cited above, also suggested in a radio broadcast with jeff rense that many of the persons from the besieged Palestine that the “jews” in “israel” are killing, may actually be more jewish than the “jews” in israel.

    The following are some links of some of the radio broadcasts with texx marrs and jeff rense…

    Those stupid “jewish” monkeys from “israel” are not even getting any dna tests done of the Palestines and others that they are harrassing, let alone themselves ?

    There therefore presumably are other “arabs”, “muslims”, “islamists”, etc, throughout the Middle East, such as in Iran, Irag, Syria, and Afghanistan, etc, that may be more “jewish” than the fake jews in israel.

    Those “jews” are really stupid.



    • 28 March, 2018 at 6:59 pm — Reply

      The Khazar theory is flat-out not true (though Jews may have mixed somewhat with Khazars, just as they’ve mixed with the Whites and other races among whom they’ve lived). Jews, including Ashkenazi Jews, are more closely related to each other than to their host populations.

      Having said that, though, it still may be true as you suggest that the Palestinians are more closely related to the ancient tribes from the area than today’s Jews are. After all, the Palestinians didn’t have a nomadic existence or mindset, and probably engaged far less in racial mixing than have the Jews.

      But the really significant truth about the Jews is that they have biologically evolved into a unique parasitic race, and their extreme us-versus-them and deceptive mental qualities have been reinforced by selective pressures for the thousands of years they have lived as tiny minorities in other people’s countries. It is clear that their hatred of their hosts was already well-developed when they wrote their hateful, violent, and genocidal “Old Testament.”

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