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Hypocritical Leftists: Living Scum

Ted Koppel

by David Sims

A HORSE sees a tiger and tries to escape from what the horse assumes the tiger will do. And, nearly every time, the horse is right. Prejudgments evolved as a defense; they are correct judgments often enough that they do us more good than harm.

When you are choosing where to live and where to send your children to school, one of the things you will do — if you are wise — is to avoid picking residential locations and school districts that have a high proportion of high crime demographics. That’s a fancy way of saying “too many people from the more violent races.” Even Leftists and liberals (like Jewish newsman Ted Koppel) who criticize “racists” for avoiding minority neighborhoods do this (Ted chose to live in Potomac, Maryland, which is 99% White). I don’t blame Leftists for choosing to stay safe through defensive housing choices, but I do blame them for being flagrant hypocrites.

It really does not matter that most persons belonging to high-crime-rate demographics won’t try to kill you while you’re out for a jog. The only consideration that counts is the probability that just one of the members of those groups will try. You pick your neighborhood with the idea of keeping that probability to a bare minimum, and you probably won’t give much importance to the “altruistic” notion of taking a chance with your own family’s safety in order to bring a rainbow, “kumbaya” world a single Planck time closer to being reality.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but Leftists and liberals aren’t particularly charitable with their own money. They prefer to use other people’s money, forcibly expropriated by taxation, to subsidize their causes. Well, they do exactly the same thing with risk that they do with cost. They expect others to do what they won’t do themselves — risk their own families’ safety by living among Blacks and Mestizos and other Third Worlders — in order to bring about the “utopia” toward which they imagine themselves to be progressing. That makes them disgusting hypocrites — and unworthy of any decision-making power in our society.

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5 June, 2017 1:56 pm

Excellent post. Here’s a terrific short video on the necessity of prejudice. Someone later (((revised))) it to remove an image of Abe Foxman and a mention of the Jews, but the original is back up. Check it out.


5 June, 2017 7:19 pm

The Zebra – A bedtime story for the children. Lions once upon a time ate zebras. The zebra was the lion’s main, and in some cases only source of food. Lions did not eat all the zebras – only enough zebras to fulfil their need to survive. But some leftist piece of filth, or perhaps even a Rabbi masquerading as a human, convinced the lions that it was not nice to eat zebra. After all, zebras are mammals too! So the lions stopped eating zebras, and within a short span of time the lions became extinct. With no lions to keep the zebra population in check, the zebra population exploded to the point where the grassland could no longer support the ever growing zebra population. The grassland quickly disappeared and… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
6 June, 2017 10:36 am

An even better bedtime story would be “The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens” by George Lincoln Rockwell.


6 June, 2017 5:02 am

It also makes them worthy of the rope.

30 December, 2019 10:55 am

So glad for the internet. We can now pillary MSM windbags like Koppel.