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Failing in Capitalist Business Does Not Mean You Are Inferior

by David Sims

IT IS not necessary to be miseducated or otherwise inferior in order to fail in a business venture and be left thereby with so much debt that it will be 20 years before you can try again.

In all the talk we often hear about how “wonderful” capitalism is, I believe that I detect a selection bias. Most of the apologists, and nearly all who have significant bandwidth and reach, have reasons to pretend that they are self-made men, rather than men who got lucky enough to survive the toss of the risk-venture dice.

It isn’t entirely about hard work and dedication, either. Lots of people who failed in business gave their all to their venture, and failed anyway. And just as a Marxist will stand there and lie to you about the “perfection” of Marxism, capitalists will spout the “if I can do it, you can do it” myth all day, every day, to their dying breath.

Establishing yourself in capitalism is like trying to whiz past the blades of a whirling fan. It’s necessary to get up some speed in order to even have a chance of success, just as “hard work and dedication” are needed to have a chance of success in business. But a risk is still a risk. It is statistically certain that a proportion of those who attempt passage through the fan blades will get whacked and hurt so badly that they won’t be able to try again until a substantial fraction of their lives has passed.

It is statistically certain that a proportion of entrepreneurs, all equally devoted and diligent, will have to shut down and deal with angry investors and predatory usurers.

[How many good, even brilliant, people have had their lives and their spirits ground into the dust because they failed to make a profit under the rigged casino rules of capitalism? — Ed.]

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29 April, 2018 6:51 pm

Capitalism is far from wonderful, in my opinion. I’ve noticed that many American white nationalists have this instinctive preference for capitalist economic policy. I can only assume that this is some sort of hangover from the Cold War. Or a feature of an identification with ‘the Right’. To be clear, the people who are most effectively driving the one-World agenda aren’t some scruffy antifa, or even the liberal Left more broadly (though it’s true they’re cheering on the process). No. The people driving the globalist agenda are capitalists. People who bankrolled such past heroes of ‘the Right’ as Margaret Thatcher, John Howard and the Bush family. Knowing that many here may find this contentious, I’d go so far as to say that capitalism as currently practised is a greater threat… Read more »

30 April, 2018 10:17 am

Capitalism. “What’s in a name.” It’s not an invention. Marketing is buying and selling. American capitalism is heavy taxes, heavy interest rates, heavy debt — covered with laws.