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Can One Race Be Superior to Another?

by David Sims

YOU CAN’T ARGUE that one race is superior to another unless you supply a context by which the superiority can be measured.

One race can indeed be superior to another in average intelligence, in manual dexterity, in general work ethic, in relative tendency to settle differences in accordance with rules of civility, in the ability to defer gratification, and so on.

But that’s just the point. Contexts of that kind are readily found. And, with regard to the demands imposed by Nature upon humans, some of the contexts are more important than others. So there is, after all, a basis for the concept of overall racial superiority, even though every race might be best at something.

Because what really matters, what trumps all other considerations, is survival — continued existence within the universe.

It was said: “Whales have adapted to their environment, and human beings have adapted to our environment.” Quite so. And notice what a difference there is between those environments. Whales live in the deep blue sea, surfacing once in a while to breathe air. Humans live on the land and use tools, extend their minds with computers, and fly into space on rockets.

At least, some humans do such things. Other humans… um, not so much. If a Black flies in space, then it is only because Whites put him there. In a less Politically Correct time than ours, that would be done only as a joke.

Although there are differences in the natural environments of Whites and Blacks, many Blacks are now trying to live within the White sort of environment, among Whites, and compete with them for resources. And, as you might expect, the Blacks just don’t do very well at it. They fail. And then they make excuses. They whine that Whites are not being “fair” to them. They demand compensatory benefits that Whites have to pay for. And they call any sign of White resentment to paying for them as “racism.”

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Jorby Wheeler
Jorby Wheeler
20 June, 2017 5:08 pm

All comparisons are made inside the framework of a context, whether one is comparing the merits of one girlfriend over another or one brand of cola over another. When doing so, one is seeking to discover which one is superior, specifically in regard to one’s intended use. That’s why I always scoff at the expression, “you can’t compare apples and oranges”. Oh, but you can. For example, if one knew nothing of these two fruits, but needed to know which was a better source of Vitamin C, then a comparison can indeed be made between apples and oranges. And in this case, the orange would be the superior fruit. On the other hand, if one lived in New Hampshire and wanted to know which seed from these two fruits had… Read more »

22 June, 2017 3:00 am

Jesus Christ you guys are insane. Judging races is crucial to our survival? Are you insane? What fucking threat are we facing? Do you seriously expect a race to unite over global domination? You are fucking loony

24 June, 2017 1:32 am

I like to get to the point! Niggers – that says it all!!