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Attention Social Scientists: I Have Made an Amazing Discovery

A view of St. Bernard Parish in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

by David Sims

I HAVE MADE an amazing discovery with wide-ranging social implications, and I want to share it with you: Urban riots are caused by Negroes inside the city limits.

Studying the history of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina — and treating it as a scientific experiment — provides encouraging results. When the levees broke and water from Lake Pontchartrain flooded New Orleans, the city’s Negroes were caught almost entirely unprepared, despite having had a week’s warning of a possible threat, and two days’ warning of certain danger. Rather than leave the city, or at least provision themselves against a long outage of commerce, many of the Blacks ignored Mayor Ray Nagin’s tardy evacuation order, preferring to endure the storm in the expectation of easy loot afterward.

When the hurricane passed, all seemed well for a short time. But the city’s Black mayor assumed that all would remain well and did not order an expert inspection of the levees — which ought to have been a routine precaution after a strong storm. Then the levees broke and New Orleans was flooded. Authorities warned that the city might remain flooded for months and repeated the evacuation order.

There are several conclusions to be reached.

First, Whites who are caught among, and outnumbered by, Blacks in a disaster situation had best flee if they can, otherwise they must hide until they can flee. Fortify your homes with food and weaponry ahead of time, and remain at home until a chance to get away from the disaster area appears. Under no circumstances should you go into any government-assigned “safe zone” or refugee camp. These will be full of the most violent, meanest, and most depraved Negroes of the city. You will be robbed, raped, beaten, stabbed, repeatedly insulted and humiliated, and ultimately murdered — unless someone in authority chooses to put moral decency above the insane Federal “racial equality” rules and helps you escape. National Guard Staff Sergeant Garland Ogden did just that.

Sgt. Garland Ogden is an American hero and patriot but for whom 30 British and 65 Australian visitors to our land would have been murdered inside a darkened Superdome by vicious, predatory Blacks. He saved their lives, and spared us at least the shame their deaths would have brought us.

This was my father’s belief, and this is also mine: Let the corn be all of one sheaf, and the grapes be all of one vine… — Rudyard Kipling

Did you see it, world? There are still some Americans in America.

And Bud Hopes — consider yourself an honorary American. You deserve the status more than any of those Black savages do.

The second conclusion is that Whites at some distance from the disaster area may be safe from migrations of Negroes away from it. It was the FEMA effort alone that saved the Blacks, whereas for the most part the Whites saved themselves (at their own expense). If there had been no Federal program to evacuate the remaining Blacks from New Orleans, the Negroes would have squatted in that flooded city until they starved, by which time they’d have eaten every scrap of food they could find (and the search would doubtlessly have been a thorough one) as well as engaged in much cannibalism. Even 20 miles distance might be enough of a barrier to permit rural Whites to handle whatever threat does manage to reach them by land or by waterway, and the safety factor appears to increase more than linearly with distance.

However, future disasters might find Blacks more inclined to migrate in armed bands, perhaps with transportable provisions that could see them across a few days of walking. Therefore, fifty miles (80 kilometers) should be considered a minimally safe distance from an urban disaster such as Katrina.

Thirdly, Whites living in majority-Black disaster areas should not expect any organized assistance from the Federal Government. Although White people paid nearly all of the taxes used to subsidize relief efforts, those efforts will be directed to the benefit of non-Whites almost exclusively. Whites are on their own in such circumstances. You will get no police protection, and, indeed, Black policemen might be foremost among the predators you should avoid. You will have to contrive your own escape. You will have to provide for yourself — and the only feasible way to do that is to do it before a disaster strikes. Food, water, fuel, backpacks, guns, ammunition — never be without a supply for your family that will suffice for several weeks, on the assumption that your only interaction with the outside world during that time will be fighting off hostiles.

Fourth, expect (by default, until proved otherwise) that everything Blacks say about their circumstances and about the causes for them are lies. You will get a more accurate picture of events if you assume that Blacks always lie than you will by assuming the opposite.

Fifth, if you are White, you’ll be called a “racist” no matter what you do, and no matter what you don’t do. Get used to it. Learn to like it. Once you realize that racism is a good thing (because it is the truth about race), you’ll find that you are no longer bothered by the “racist” label. It becomes a badge and a laurel, when it has become a fact.

Katrina proved (again) that Whites and Blacks do not behave in the same ways in a crisis. In Louisiana, St. Bernard Parish took the direct hit from the hurricane; New Orleans did not. The destruction and the flooding in St. Bernard was more complete than in New Orleans. St. Bernard is mostly White (88.9%). New Orleans is mostly Black (72.8%). Federal rescue and relief efforts bypassed St. Bernard on their way to New Orleans.

See how ridiculous are the Negroes’ claims that they were slighted by the government due to their race? It’s the Whites who are entitled to say that, not the Blacks. But through it all, the Whites in St. Bernard Parish were as orderly as they could be, as helpful as they could be. The county sheriff remarked in amazement at how little complaining he heard from the White residents. And that’s a racial difference you can depend on to appear, again and again, when a crisis occurs.

Why is this assessment “encouraging”? As fossil fuels become ever scarcer, there will come a day when food production or transport for the cities will become impossible. On that day, all the cities will be like New Orleans was during the flood. Negroes will rampage everywhere within the city, but perhaps not so far beyond its environs. We should not take this for granted, however. If you are within 50 miles of a major urban area, you should move farther into the countryside. If you haven’t stocked up on survival essentials, you must do that soon, and maintain those stocks until the day the real Apocalypse begins in earnest. With sufficient foresight, we will regain our territory after most of the Blacks have done themselves in with their savagery, incompetence, and general foolishness.

* * *

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David Lee
David Lee
10 June, 2017 5:40 pm

I can drive around the whole day and not see five White faces now.

Cynthia. Anderson
Cynthia. Anderson
10 June, 2017 8:15 pm

It appears that whoever wrote this article has lost his damn mind because white have stolen everything they’re the cannibals they’re the thieves they’re the Liars they’re the murderers they’re the rapist they stole everything Corporate America exists because of blacks we generate trillions of dollars a year and Corporate America has a hold of it this is the most stupid idiot documentation ever created by some stupid idiot racist white person just stupid just plain stupid

Reply to  Cynthia. Anderson
4 August, 2020 2:25 pm

How about the 22 trillion tax payers who are mostly white have paid to you ? Go back to Africa; I’ll pay for your ticket. We tried to uplift your species out of compassion and in a apparent misguided altruism. How about the 500,000 white dead people who fought to “free” you? First time in known history this was done.

11 June, 2017 5:08 am

Extremely good advice.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
12 July, 2017 12:14 am

I remember seeing on TV during the hurricane Katrina the (mostly) negro police of New Orleans going into private residences and confiscating firearms. I am close to certain that these were White households; the neighborhood didn’t look shabby or rundown. This is what will happen to Whites in the future during more widespread and dire civil disturbances. And many of those who confiscate firearms from Whites will be White (admittedly LEFTIST) themselves. Also at the same time, I had read that many Whites who stayed in N.O. during the storm kept a watch on their neighbors’ unattended houses and fed pets, and took shots at negroes who came shuffling through at sundown. Good job. Plus, the Whites of Gretna across the river showed that many Whites in America have not… Read more »