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AP, Jews to Journalists: Stop Saying the Words “Addict” and “Abuser”

by David Sims

A RECENT article by Jewish writer Zachary Siegel, published in the leftist e-rag Slate, lectures us on the impoliteness of blaming addicts for their addictions, urging us to set the blame for the addiction upon the addiction itself. The most recent edition of the Associated Press Stylebook, which effectively controls the language used by most journalists, agrees with Siegel.

Siegel writes:

The 2017 version of the Associated Press Stylebook, the biblical guide for journalists seeking clear and precise writing, includes one particularly interesting update on how journalists ought to refer to people with addictions. The AP’s new recommendation now instructs its followers to “avoid words like alcoholic, addict, user and abuser unless they are in quotations or names of organizations” — such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse or Alcoholics Anonymous — and to “instead, choose phrasing like he was addicted, people with heroin addiction, or he used drugs.”

This self-referential nonsense follows the same general pattern that was suggested by Abraham Foxman of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), some years ago, for why we shouldn’t call Jews “Jews,” but instead say “Saul Shlomo Stein, who happens to be Jewish.”

Jewishness is, you see, a condition that happened to Mr. Stein. It isn’t like he did anything bad to deserve it, so we shouldn’t be putting any blame on him by calling him “a Jew.” Meanwhile, it’s perfectly all right to refer to a Christian as a Christian because being a Christian apparently isn’t as disreputable as being a Jew.

Actually, this circumlocution works better as the ADL proposed it be used than it does the way Siegel demands. Blame is a moral judgment, the identification or the imputation of wrong actions or wrong choices. As such, only persons (rational actors) can be the objects of blame. Circumstances cannot be blamed; only those who created those circumstances can be. A disease cannot be blamed, though someone who intentionally or carelessly gave you that disease might be.

Although circumstances or a disease might be identified as the cause of someone’s troubles, we don’t set blame upon such things because they never had the ability to decide what they were going to do. Your poverty might have made you miss your last two meals, but it was the person who made you poor that should be blamed for your discomfort.

An addiction didn’t “decide” to acquire you as its victim. Rather, you did what caused you to acquire it as your condition. You are to blame for being an addict, if indeed you are one — unless you are one of that very small minority of addicts who acquired their addictions by being chased down by drug pushers and forcibly injected with drugs, giving them no choice in the matter. In that case, the pushers are to blame. But, in either case, the addiction itself isn’t the proper object of blame.

The Leftist media, via the authoritative Associated Press, are playing a kind of mind game with their recommended writing style for journalists. It is a small part of a much more comprehensive poison-air corruption of language by the Jews and the political Left. The idea is that the saturation of the mainstream media with this kind of Newspeak “correct talk” will, after a long while, have a significant effect on the thinking of the general public. And it might.

Read Siegel’s words: “While ‘substance abuser’ equates the individual with the problem, ‘person with a substance use disorder’ suggests that it’s the addiction, rather than the person, that should carry the blame.”

If you don’t want to be blamed, then don’t do anything blameworthy. When you decide to smoke some crack, you are giving yourself an addiction to cocaine. The controlled media want to let the person who chose wrong action to escape the blame for choosing wrong action. That is an evil thing for the media to be doing, and they know it.

They’re doing it on purpose, in pursuit of wrecking Western Civilization. The media are run by Jews, and wrecking Western Civilization, so that they can replace the power of the West with Jewish power, is their purpose.

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  1. 17 June, 2017 at 9:51 am — Reply

    David Sims: That is an evil thing for the media to be doing, and they know it. They’re doing it on purpose, in pursuit of wrecking Western Civilization. The media are run by Jews, and wrecking Western Civilization, so that they can replace the power of the West with Jewish power, is their purpose.

    This fact can’t be expressed much clearer than that. Reading it reminded me of Dr. Pierce’s essay “Journalists and Canadians.” His fact-based exposure of Izzy Asper’s control of Canadian media. Searching for that led me to this description of the Associated Press by Alex Linder, a former journalist:

    The way to understand a news org is to get its stylebook. This is sort of mini-dictionary, and quite fascinating. Much of the stylebook deals with the particular way the paper handles certain spellings or grammar points, but a great deal of the stylebook is political: what term can be used for blacks, that type of thing. What you realize is that every last care has been taken to ensure that expressions are seamlessly Correct, so that no reality can break through at any point – the very terms preclude it.

    AP = an agenda, coming from the top down, simply cutting out anyone or thing that doesn’t conform to and propagate that agenda...

    Read more discussion here about how one ultra-Zionist Jew, Izzy Asper, controlled mass media in Canada 15 years ago for the benefit of his chosen tribe, and how Jew-controlled “news services” like AP control the goyish consumers of mass media “news”: http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=440&hilit=Canadians+and+journalists

  2. 17 June, 2017 at 9:48 pm — Reply

    Isn’t it the Associated Press guide that also advises reporters to not mention the race of criminals unless it’s absolutely essential to the story, i.e. the criminal is on the run and his apprehension depends on people being able to identify him? This is why anytime you hear on TV things like, “A Detroit area man was arrested tonight” or “A St. Louis youth was apprehended at the scene of the shooting”, it’s news-code for non-White person.

  3. Anthony Collins
    18 June, 2017 at 6:17 am — Reply

    In one of his articles, the part-Jewish prison doctor Theodore Dalrymple noted how criminals talked about their crimes dishonestly, denying all agency in and responsibility for their criminal behavior:

    “The language of prisoners in particular teaches much about the dishonest fatalism with which people seek to explain themselves to others, especially when those others are in a position to help them in some way. As a doctor who sees patients in a prison once or twice a week, I am fascinated by prisoners’ use of the passive mood and other modes of speech that are supposed to indicate their helplessness. They describe themselves as the marionettes of happenstance.”

    “As it happens, there are three stabbers (two of them unto death) at present in the prison who used precisely the same expression when describing to me what happened. ‘The knife went in,’ they said when pressed to recover their allegedly lost memories of the deed.

    “The knife went in — unguided by human hand, apparently. That the long-hated victims were sought out, and the knives carried to the scene of the crimes, was as nothing compared with the willpower possessed by the inanimate knives themselves, which determined the unfortunate outcome.”

    “At the very heart of all this passivity and refusal of responsibility is a deep dishonesty — what Sartre would have called bad faith. For however vehemently criminals try to blame others, and whatever appearance of sincerity they manage to convey while they do so, they know at least some of the time that what they say is untrue.

    “That’s clear in the habit drug addicts often have of altering their language according to their interlocutors. To doctors, social workers, and probation officers — to all who might prove useful to them either in a prescribing or a testimonial capacity — they emphasize their overwhelming and overpowering craving for a drug, the intolerability of the withdrawal effects from it, the deleterious effects it has upon their character, judgment, and behavior. Among themselves, though, their language is quite different, optimistic rather than abject: it is about where you can obtain the best-quality drug, where it is cheapest, and how to heighten its effects.”


    “Bad faith” sums up the ethos of junkies, journalists, and Jews. With the first, bad faith is a habit; with the second, it’s a condition of employment; with the third, it’s a religion.

    I believe that Andrew Joyce has repeatedly noted how Jews routinely downplay Jewish agency when writing about their history: they pretend that Jews have never done anything whatsoever that could have provoked anti-Semitism. They solemnly tell us that Jews are hated simply because they’re different, simply because they just happen to be Jewish, simply because the wicked and stupid goyim need a scapegoat to persecute.

  4. cc
    20 June, 2017 at 5:23 pm — Reply

    Jews prefer the word ‘dependence’ over addiction. They also prefer ‘Jewish’ over Jew. They want to blend in: English, Spanish, Scottish, Irish, etc.

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