Who Were the First Europeans?

Was hybridization with Neanderthals racemixing as we would understand it? Or were the proto-Europeans so similar to the Neanderthals (look at the narrator staring down the reconstructed Neanderthal; the differences could have been much less then at that earlier point in our evolution; and compare the iceman reconstruction too) that it was not viewed as such?

by Survive the Jive

SITTING IN the beautiful Verdon Gorge in Southern France, I muse on the first European peoples that inhabited that region. I consider the cave art of Lascaux, Pech Merle, Niaux, Chauvet, Cougnac, et cetera. The animals depicted there must have been sacred to our ancestors, whether Homo sapiens or Neanderthal.

I include some nice shots of Wisent (European Bison), Griffon vultures and Alpine Ibex, which are all animals our European ancestors were familiar with. I also explain the genetic origin of European peoples including the Yamnaya, the original hunter-gatherers, and the early Neolithic farmers from the Near East.

Graphs showing the relative percentages of Early Neolithic, Western European Hunter-Gatherer, and Yamyana (Indo-European invader) ancestry in many European nationalities are also shown.

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Source: Survive the Jive

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