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Trump’s Not Caving, He’s Black-Holing

by David Sims

TO THE RUIN of our hopes, the once fair-spoken Donald Trump has turned out to be yet another puppet of Israel and Jewish high finance. Why does this happen, without exception, to every president we elect?

The obvious answer to the question I asked is the right answer: The Jews control US elections upstream of the polls. Each potential candidate is vetted by Jewish groups on how pro-Jewish he or she is. Only the candidates most favorable to Jewish interests receive campaign financing and temperate treatment by the media.

Now, Donald Trump didn’t get treated well by the media during the election campaign in 2016. The Jews had favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. But the very fact that we knew that Trump was running, that he was a contender for the presidency, means that he was at least rated “acceptable” by the Jews who control the mainstream media in the United States.

Since he took office, Trump has basically kissed up to the Jews while baring his ass to us Americans.

There never was a good choice for the presidency in 2016. All of the candidates were pro-Zionist, bought and paid for.

Here’s a brief survey of the current US foreign policy landscape by Philip Giraldi:

Those of us who voted for Donald Trump in hopes that he would turn out to be the peace candidate are facing disappointment. He has increased the already bloated military budget by $54 billion and has appointed an outspokenly anti-Russian and anti-Iranian active duty general as his National Security Advisor. A retired general with pretty much the same views heads the Pentagon. President Trump meanwhile vows to “extinguish” ISIS without presenting any plan regarding how exactly that might be accomplished.

The most important objective of all, resetting with Moscow to avoid World War 3, is in reverse gear, with the appointment of Fiona Hill, a critic of Vladimir Putin, as Russian specialist at the National Security Council. Meanwhile, our clueless United Nations Ambassador calls for Russia to withdraw from Crimea, where 58% of the population is Russian and only 24% is Ukrainian. Reports circulating in Washington suggest that the one phone call between Trump and Putin was a disaster, with the U.S. president demanding an end to the New START nuclear weapons reduction treaty, which the Kremlin wants to renew, before going off on a tangential monologue about his unexpected electoral victory.

In fact, even though the individual neocons have largely been outed from the foreign and security policy positions they once dominated it would not be completely inappropriate to suggest that their legacy of military interventionism lives on in terms of what the Trump administration has been so far promoting to keep America “safe.” Where all of this will go is anyone’s guess.

But if there is one constant in all of this it is the bright shining beacon of Israel, with Trump recently enthusing over the “unbreakable” bond between the two countries. One hopes that he misspoke and really meant “unbearable” or even “unspeakable” but it is clear from other indications that The Donald has succumbed to the inevitable Washington groupthink regarding America’s greatest ally and best friend in the whole wide world.

On Sunday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss “trade and security issues” without anyone complaining that he was in violation of the Logan Act, which apparently only applies if you are talking to Russians. And a congressional delegation is in Israel right now studying the feasibility of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, which most foreign policy pundits consider to be a very bad idea….

The real irony is that even though Trump is giving the Israelis everything they want and is bowing to the Israel Lobby and Jewish groups at every opportunity, it is still not enough. It is never enough. That is because the neoconservatives, who are mostly Jewish and themselves complete Israel-firsters, hate him, having overwhelmingly favored Hillary Clinton as president due to their conviction that she would be the more aggressive president. They now believe that if they succeed in forcing Trump’s resignation or impeachment they will return to power in whatever new government formulation is put in place, so they continue to pile on.

Israel’s friends characteristically either run or have the ear of the media and they are supported by a formidable Washington based lobbying machine to get their point across. Whenever anything happens in the Middle East or elsewhere that is related to Israel’s perceived interests the machine goes to work with multiple position papers presented to every congressional office the next morning by runners from AIPAC, AEI, FPI, WINEP, JINSA and FDD. No one else has the clout of the Israel Lobby.

And Trump is also being battered by Jewish interests coming from the political left. France’s greatest living poseur-hypocrite Bernard-Henri Levy, described as a “philosopher, filmmaker and activist,” has hammered Trump twice recently, first in The New York Times on January 19th. Levy, who has described the brutal Israel Defense Forces as “a democratic army, which asks itself so many moral questions” and who was a war-on-Libya cheerleader, warns that Trump is a threat to all American Jews. Why? Because even though he has showered benefits on Israel his love for the Jewish people is “insufficient.” Levy explains, “This love is precisely what is required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel.”

The reader might well be astonished by the chutzpah of Levy in demanding love on top of the $38 billion already in the pipeline and wonder even more why The New York Times would print such garbage….

If we are heading into yet another round of Israel-centric foreign policy we will be inevitably involved in new wars, starting with Iran which has always been Netanyahu’s enemy of choice. And then there is Syria, where the Israelis would prefer a continuation of chaos, presumably carried out by Washington which can pay the bills and take the casualties. As Bernard-Henri Levy has made clear and the Talmud asserts, Jewish lives are more important than those of gentiles, so it is fit and proper that Americans should fight and die to make sure that Israel might prosper.

* * *

Source: Author and Unz Review

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  1. Bruce Arney
    26 May, 2017 at 1:00 pm — Reply

    Until we put America first instead of Israel first, we are doomed to circle the drain. Time to circle the wagons and salvage what we can.

    • Bob
      27 May, 2017 at 12:15 pm — Reply

      it wouldnt be the first time in history that has happened and lets hope you are correct.

    • Thomas Plaster
      2 September, 2017 at 3:32 pm — Reply

      Bruce: I would say that it is deeper than Israel first. It is jew control of banking/finance in this country followed closely by jew control of MSM.

      If Israel ceased to exist overnight for some reason, Whites in America would still have jew yoke around their necks leading them into more of the same morass as we now have. Some other foreign hot spot would be focused upon.

      If, on the other hand, the jews lost control of the banking/finance, then their hold on MSM would wither and with it any USA desire to support Israel or to support Israel to a large degree. Israel would then wither. It would have to turn to jew Rothschild international bankers for its yearly billions to stay alive. Without the USA under jew yoke the international jew banks would be up s&&% creek. Maybe not overnight, mind you, but it would start to happen.

  2. A. Reinhardt Knapp
    26 May, 2017 at 3:19 pm — Reply

    This article, and its author, cited the very reasons why things in USA will never change. Jews control the media outlets. Another reason why government wants to take over full control of the internet. Sadly, Americans are easily duped by these vermin, and believe the insane idea that israel is a friend. Trustworthy as a snake! Nothing will change until USA is defeated in any new World War. Not something any of us want, but it will be the only way the jewish yoke is thrown off. Unfortunately, there is no one with the genius and charisma of Der Fuhrer to take charge in USA. In other words, we in the USA, are doomed. We will lose another big war, and we will lose more rights, and freedoms that we HAD under our Constitutional Republic.

    • Bob
      30 May, 2017 at 11:12 am — Reply

      I disagree and feel your sentiments are from a point of frustration. The elite (joo) are the easiest to defeat. They are dependent on secrecy (they are rapidly losing) and your money. Take those two things away and stir in a some pain for the majority and watch them turn on the bringers of the pain. We can and will rise above and on to some new problem to solve. History is replete with this. Peace to you

    • 31 May, 2017 at 9:55 am — Reply

      ARK: This article, and its author, cited the very reasons why things in USA will never change. Jews control the media outlets… Sadly, Americans are easily duped by these vermin… Unfortunately, there is no one with the genius and charisma of Der Fuhrer to take charge in USA. In other words, we in the USA, are doomed.

      It’s good that many informed Whites don’t feel so defeated as you do. 2017 American apples can’t be compared very well to German oranges from the 1920s, and we can’t wait around for someone of the Leader’s unique profile before we take responsibility ourselves and act.

      Dr. William Pierce was an extremely dedicated man of his race as well as a focused genius, and arguably did more to alert Whites to Jew ownership and control of media than anyone else did, and for decades. Dr. Pierce had no “jewish yoke” around his neck and neither did those who joined with him to build our own White owned and controlled multi-media that bypasses the Jew’s. It’s not enough to merely inform and educate our people; we must organize around a sound ideology and program, and with purpose!

      That was Dr. Pierce’s plan: attract the best of our people who agree with the National Alliance’s principles and program — https://natall.com/about/what-is-the-national-alliance/ — then organize and build around that core into a mass movement of will and determination. Simple, really. Forget electoral party politics. We’re already outvoted by the libmins, except in local elections in still mostly White strongholds. Do not look to politicians to lead our race. Look around for leadership from those with the moral courage to tell the vital, difficult truths that impact our people, without concern for personal consequences, or for whose feelings might be hurt by those truths as we see them.

      Donald Trump aside for the moment, thank all of you who frequent nv.org and our other sites, but especially those of you who have joined and committed to our National Alliance. The May issue of NA’s internal monthly BULLETIN is in the mail to you today.

  3. Bruce Arney
    29 May, 2017 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    Kosher son-in-law Kushner should be the first of many Jews to be thrown overboard.

  4. Adam Hebert
    14 February, 2018 at 10:14 pm — Reply

    are you actually retarded? Israel is the only democratic nation in the middle east and the holocaust wasn’t faked. you backwoods cousin fuckers need to get off your god damn tractors and maybe watch some fox news instead of going deer hunting. most Americans like Israel so you clearly represent a minority. I don’t know if the reason for you all being actual sorry dense fools is that you have all been inbred since you sorry hicks lost the civil war or if its complete ignorance. would love to hear all of your “well thought out” responses. God Bless America

  5. cc
    15 February, 2018 at 6:49 am — Reply

    Adam Hebert has a vulgar mind. A 14th amendment police state citizen who marches the lockstep. The more you hate the Southern nation , the more we know we’re right. All the beautiful White girls and music would make you throw up.

    It’s — cousin dozen of a dozen cousins.

    As a citizen of the South, my final words honor the kinfolks in Georgia:

    I can here the bullfrog callin’ me. Wonder if Leo Frank still hangin’ to the tree.

    • Adam Hebert
      15 February, 2018 at 6:22 pm — Reply

      funny you talk about georgia, thats my home state. hope to the lord poor leo isn’t hanging on that old tree. you type like you have a heavy crawford county accent. maybe even south of the gnat line. there are a lot of good conservitive minded jews that i know that would die for america, and i knew a few that have paid the ultimate price for freedom in iraq and afghanistan in the last 10 years. its people like you that make the republican and conservitive people in america look like racists. and one more thing, youre a citizen of the United States of America, not the south.

      • Bob
        15 February, 2018 at 7:43 pm — Reply

        From US Central Command: The last known poll was in 2008. There were a total of 1,359,948 active duty members of the military, just 4,515 are Jewish. That equates to 1/3 of One percent of the total. One can transpose those numbers to the actual number of jews in the country to ascertain the total. The military being the ultimate government tool … Id imagine that number is pretty close to the total population percentage. Not saying you don’t know some “jews” in the military but they are a very tiny minority. Even a smaller minority in Georgia. But before any of that how are you defining “jew” ?
        Using the term “jew” is very broad and not real specific. and your silly little vulgarities make you look like a troll or maybe a backwoods hucklebuck riding a tractor.
        watch fox news? Now that is funny!

  6. cc
    15 February, 2018 at 9:03 pm — Reply

    Adam has made it clear that he’s a lackey to Jews. That he subscribes to 19th century black republican citizenship. That he’s what southern down-homers call a homemade Yankee.

    Israel is a welfare state, existing at the sufferance of American income tax slaves.

    • Bob
      16 February, 2018 at 6:38 am — Reply

      Adam has made it clear that he is a troll sympathetic to the zionist mission. Internet forums and comment sections are replete with them as misinformation and disinformation has been their main discourse for a long long time. If Adam were from Georgia as is his claim (bs) then he too is a backwoods, mouth breathing, John deere hat wearing first cousin lover. Stands to reason right?

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