Shall Odin or Christ Inspire the Salvation of Europe?

The mythic archetype associated with a nation can make or break its destiny.

by Everte Farnell and National Vanguard correspondents

AGAIN AND AGAIN, the peoples of Europa conquered the other cultures they encountered. Before the modern era, they were well-nigh unconquerable. And yet now they seem to be lying down and allowing Middle Easterners of very low type to take over the European continent.

Why? What possible reason would such a people allow such inferiors to invade, rape their women, kill their people, pillage their social programs, and destroy their property?

Why would the once all-conquering Europeans behave in such a suicidal way? I believe the answer is 1,500 years of Christian belief. Your first reaction may be to dismiss me — but stay with me for a moment and we’ll think this through.

First, Christianity isn’t native to Europe. It was certainly adopted wholeheartedly (though often initially by the bloody sword), but it is indeed a foreign religion. All of the putative sacred places mentioned in its holy books are, for example, on another continent.

I understand that we later Europeans eventually deemed some places sacred in the name of Christ, such as the healing shrine in Lourdes, France. But, except for some outlier sects who disagree, there are no places that Jesus or his disciples were reported to have visited in Europe.

The simple fact is this: Europe adopted this foreign religion and consequently admitted, on some level, that another people was more enlightened, intelligent, spiritually attuned, and more deserving of respect than our ancestors. These “others” were, we accepted, a uniquely great people who found the “truth” — and Europeans were very lucky indeed to be given a chance to learn that truth from our superiors.

Aside from mass murder and the sword, one major reason European people converted to the foreign religion was because their kings converted. Most often, the kings converted — and betrayed their people — for the most un-spiritual of reasons: to increase their families’ power. The “divine right of kings” was a purely Christian invention. Prior to Christianity, rulers were sometimes said to be descended from the gods — but no family line had an inherent right to rule.

After the conversion to Christianity, the crown almost always passed from father to son, without regard to who was the best choice. Whether young son, stupid son, arrogant son, irresponsible son — it didn’t matter because the church said God had declared a line of succession. The kingship was no longer about who served the people best, but who had a “right” to the crown. And so kings took on this foreign religion for love of power.

Not only did Europeans suffer poor rulers — they also suffered because they lost reverence for their old gods (who reflected the natural spirit and personality of those who created them) — and for their ancestors. It took centuries for the rot to fully manifest, but it was implanted during the conversion.

By the 8th century, most Europeans were effectively converted to Christianity — but for centuries some of the old traditions lived on, for many reasons: Sometimes the Christian priests appropriated old holidays and traditions, giving them new (and false) meanings, often because they didn’t dare ban them outright; sometimes the practices and stories lived on because the people simply refused to give them up.

Even in the New World, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law,” a reference to English common law. Common law dates back to the concept of thew among the Anglo-Saxon tribes of England while they were still polytheists. Basically, the common law was based on the long-established customs of the tribes, ordained by endless centuries of effectiveness and worth. Problems and situations were handled based on how they had been handled in the past. Today we call that idea precedent. In the US court system, for example, attorneys and judges look back at how similar court cases were decided in the past to decide how they should be decided today. In the very unlikely case that there’s an issue that dates back to before America was founded, attorneys can actually cite English common law as precedent for American law. And so even in America, the cultural and societal progeny of Europe, it is Europe’s pre-Christian legal custom on which our entire system is ultimately based.

Nonetheless, every year, every century, the people of Europe stepped farther and farther away from the customs of their ancestors — and closer and closer to the ideals of this foreign religion; a religion that venerated poverty and victimhood rather than strength and victory. If you take exception to this characterization of Christianity, I suggest you carefully read your Bible again, especially the New Testament.

Probably worst of all, the peoples of Europe and their descendants adopted the idea of human equality — the idea that everyone is essentially the same and equally undeserving in the eyes of the Jewish God. They adopted the idea that all should “love thy neighbor” — words that to the Jew meant loving only his fellow Jews — but among Christians “thy neighbor” was ruled to include every featherless biped on Earth.

Europeans started looking back on their glorious history as conquerors with disdain, even shame. At a very deep level, they accepted the idea that they were no better than the primitive, backward peoples they had conquered. Guilt grew in the bosom of Europe. After all, who are we to conquer others — everyone is equally despicable and sinful in the eyes of God. All that European civilization created — advances in science, technology, ethics, culture — began to be seen, not as ours, but as the equal possession of every arguably human being. It came to be seen as “sinful” even to take credit for these things that we created.

It was the collective guilt inserted into Europe’s heart that kept her from responding and defending herself when physically attacked by invaders and morally attacked by anti-White propaganda. Without false “White guilt,” the invaders would be dispatched in less than a day. Without false “White guilt,” the ridiculous propaganda attacks would have gained zero traction.

Perhaps more destructive than that manufactured guilt was the tendency of European people, sensing that this new religion wasn’t really theirs, to turn their backs on the church and religion in general. Even the people who still attend church often do so more out of a sense of social obligation than as genuine worship. With no real spiritual roots and no reason to find pride in who they are, Europeans falsely believe they don’t have anything to defend. They have no reason to resist the migration of millions of people from a different race and culture into Europe. After all, more people means more workers and a better economy — and “we are all equally sinful in the eyes of God” and “none of us are any better than others, nor is any society or culture any better than any other” — right?

What they are finding out is that the invaders from the Middle East have a native religion. It may be crazy, but it is theirs. They have a culture that is their own, too. They aren’t coming to join the rotting shells that were once the great empires of the Earth. They are coming to conquer them! Middle Easterners no longer fear the mighty Roman or Germanic warrior that once made the whole world tremble in fear. Even their 80-IQ minds can see our emptiness and our weakness.

They are intent on taking Europe for themselves, away from the Europeans — something no one in the history of the world has ever done successfully.

It won’t be Yeshua who saves Europe, if she is to be saved.

It won’t be Yahweh. And it certainly won’t be the Europeans in their current state of mind.

If Europe is to be saved, there is only one way to do it. That is to awaken that mighty warrior within us who has slept for so long — raise Odin and Thor and Tyr and Frey from their slumber. Teach our people once again who they really are — and that they are great. Help our people remember why they are great. Reconnect Europeans to their roots, give them pride in themselves and their history. Bring mighty Mjolnir down on the head of those sadistic jotuns, Allah and Jehovah.

If Europe is to be saved, it will require the savage, war-loving heart of ancient Europa to rise again and bring the full power of Asgard to bear against the invaders. And if that happens, the invaders haven’t the chance of a snowball in Muspell. In the words of Rachel Summers in her upcoming (Autumnal Equinox, 2017) book, The Forgetting:

Awaken, Vikings! Awaken Teutons! Awaken Celts, Gauls, Franks, and Spartans! Find your descendants, your people, your land. We need you. We need your warriors’ souls to merge with ours. We need your swords, your strength, your spirit. Awaken, warriors of old. Awaken your pale cousins from Siberia to Iberia. Awaken and taste blood once more. It is time.

* * *

Source: Revolutionary Conservative and National Vanguard correspondents

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18 May, 2017 5:01 am

Excellent article. I’ve read “Germania ”. Germania has been called the Aryan Bible. I’m not so familiar with Norse Mythology. I’m partial to Greek Mythology, which, of course, can’t be taken literally, but should be taken as an allegorical celebration of the godlike nature of the White Race. This is how I see the choices we have to make. FUNDAMENTAL STATEMENTS OF FAITH ISLAM There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. People of all other faiths must convert to Islam, submit as Dhimmis, or be put to death. JUDAISM The Jews are God’s chosen people, all other races will eventually be made slaves of the Jews, or will be put to death. CHRISTIANITY “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before… Read more »

Reply to  PTFogg
4 September, 2018 12:14 am

Race cannot be a god. But it is the result of a god that built a universe where the struggle for life yields greatness out of diversity, a struggle for perfection within the rule-book of the laws of nature he authored, not some Bible of unproven stories . Race cannot be a god because gods are immortal and races are not. Evolution is littered with proof. I’ve said that each major race has yielded greatness in its own way, but the white race has done so by the advancement of civilization that itself has resulted in the ultimate achievement: recognition of the individual as having inherent rights regardless of laws or politicians. In a proper religion devoid of semitic influence, humanity fits within, not apart, from a spectrum of living… Read more »

Reply to  Sethmoto101
19 November, 2021 5:33 pm

Wrong. The white race = God.

Legion mckamey
Legion mckamey
18 May, 2017 1:11 pm

Christianity is not a Jewish religion, it was reformed to fit and further their agenda. They are not the Israelites of the Bible, they are the bastard race of history and have stolen everything sacred and perverted it through media and shekels. The Bible is an anti Semitic doctrine and preaches natural law. We can not take another step without
acknowledging 1,500 hundred years of greatness.

Will Williams
Will Williams(@www)
Reply to  Legion mckamey
19 May, 2017 12:14 pm

Yes, acknowledge any good that came from Christianity, but we can move past with certainty the creed fashioned for us goyim by the Jew to worship his tribal god. Christianity is anti-Nature. If White people want to say they are Israelites, then let them go on in peace believing that…in their own councils.

Reply to  Will Williams
5 January, 2022 1:42 pm

How is Christianity anti-nature? Take for example, the ten commandments. How are they unnatural? The Talmud is a better example of unnatural religion.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff(@st_89a)
Reply to  WW2Truth
5 January, 2022 11:47 pm

Christianity is anti-nature in that it programs its adherents for slavery or death. And if you don’t believe me, turn your other cheek to the Congoid. If you live, he’ll rob you of what you have earned (you’re his slave) and if the beast kills you….

18 May, 2017 4:12 pm

Jesus is in fact Balder. Jesus was an ancient germanic King.

Esra the jew stole the knwoledge of the aryan people, while he was a servant of Ataxerxes in ancient Persia (Land of the Aryans).

Balder is the son of Odin.

The church by the way is corrupted by the jewish agenda.

We need to find our true religion of Odin and the REAL sayings of Jesus/Balder again.

Than we will retake, what belongs to us!

Read this nearly 100 years old book.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
19 May, 2017 6:52 pm

Christianity said that we were corrupt, that we could not trust our cognitions, our perception of truth, and our relationship with the Divine.

The Pagans did the best they could, they said. Many of them produced works and writings of great power. But they did not see clearly; they were still in darkness.

You must trust the Holy Men of the Church, they said. They will interpret to you the Word of Truth.

For a while, this scheme worked, more or less. Then came the 100 yrs. war and the 30 yrs. war, in which the Catholics (mostly) and the Protestants wrecked Europe.

Now the great cathedrals in Europe are mostly empty.

How could it be otherwise?

Mau Mau Killer
Mau Mau Killer
21 May, 2017 9:36 am

Mysticism of any kind, whether originating in the Middle East or in Europe, is not the type of spiritual soil by which the white man was able to conquer the Moon and send interstellar probes beyond our solar system. Mathematical equations don’t recognize any allegiance to mumbo-jumbo; either they reflect a clear mind or they do not. As such, I do not hate Christians or Paganists, but simply see them as being in need of further intellectual evolution.

Reply to  Mau Mau Killer
6 January, 2020 3:09 am

Greetings Mau Mau Killer. Are you responsible for sending me Kikuyu grass so that I cannot grow anything in my garden?

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
Reply to  Mau Mau Killer
6 January, 2022 7:59 pm

Mau Mau Killer: Mysticism of any kind, whether originating in the Middle East or in Europe, is not the type of spiritual soil by which the white man was able to conquer the Moon and send interstellar probes beyond our solar system… I do not hate Christians or Paganists, but simply see them as being in need of further intellectual evolution.

Thank you, MMK. Further Intellectualism for the White Man has arrived in the form of Cosmotheism. Check it out:

Lisa Muehlbauer
Lisa Muehlbauer
21 May, 2017 8:49 pm

Isn’t it time white people embrace the reality that is the Annunaki, Enki, the creator of our people. There is a thousand times more literature, proof, of the Annunaki and the creator Enki, more than the Christian craziness can muster, has mustered in two thousand years. We know, the Christian Religion is decidedly anti-self-preservation, insane, a government made (in the beginning) religion to destroy good people. Why is it white people only, turn the other cheek, and, honor the non-white neighbor no matter that the not-white neighbor loathes their white Christian neighbor. It is time we get our children out of the Government schools and the Government Religion, now, before it is too late.
Thank you National Vanguard, you are, a wonder in all the world.

30 August, 2018 7:06 pm

1. Christianity is totally opposed to judaism and it is the jew’s worst ennemy, so please, do not write nonsenses ! 2. Jesus was NOT a jew by religion. He tried to persuade the jews to leave their terrible religion – the cult of Baal/Satan, where they holocausted in fire their own children. Also he opposed their cult of human sacrifices called “qurban”. For this reason he was condamned by the jewish sacrificators of Baal to die. Unhappilly, Jesus failed on this point, because the jews even today kidnapp Christian children (Under the age of 7) and sacrify them to their god Satan. 3. Jesus was not a jew ethnically. He was blond, had blue eyes and white complexion. According to the Holy Shroud corporal traces, Christ was 180 cm… Read more »

LH Collins
LH Collins
27 July, 2021 8:01 pm

As far as I’m concerned, Woden is the Allfather. He is Dyeus Phiter of our epic forebears, the Yamnaya or Indo-Europeans. We’re not merely “Chosen People”; we’re descended from the sacred lineage of our own Gods, and thus the Father-of-the-Gods, who to me is Woden or “Odin”.

I am assuming, even hoping, that the capital-G, singular “God” of Cosmotheism would be the Sky-Father of our people. If the White Man is to seize control his destiny again and whip the brown dregs from his land, he need to turn his back on the Cucktian faith and to cease his forcefully-feighed “respect for Is-slime and Sue-daism!

5 January, 2022 1:39 pm

Really? Europe prospered for a thousand years, from around 800AD to 1800AD, which was the time of the French Revolution, and then, yes, European donwnfall ocurred, but that was because Jews had infiltrated and Europeans started to turn away from God. The Russian Revolution as well, occurred because the Russian preferred Nihlism over Christianity. Today, they are going back to Christianity and are one of the strongest nations out there. Contrast that with totally Godless U.S. If Christianity was so foreign to white Europeans, why were they able to keep it faithfully for over 1000 years?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff(@st_89a)
Reply to  WW2Truth
5 January, 2022 11:56 pm

As the author rightfully inferred, European peoples “Aryanized” Christinsanity to an extent with our own customs, traditions, and etc. That just made Christinsanity palatable as it sapped our strengths, the creed itself is a degenerative and deadly one to us. As I explained to you earlier, “turning the other cheek” is an activity a slave or someone with a death wish would do. When an entire population is turned into slaves or death wish fetishists, their end is near.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  WW2Truth
6 January, 2022 8:51 am

“Turning the other cheek” is against all human nature. Christianity is designed to confound Aryans and to SERVE Jewish interests. Keep your Jew god, but stay away from Aryans. We have no need for you!

7 January, 2022 12:26 pm

Blood-based ancient pagan Europe: Astro Theology. Pagans monitored the Sun with a round sundial.

I found a good definition for ‘mythology.’ “The stories created by a culture to explain how and why things are the way they are. A religious mythology tells the stories of gods, spirits and important people pertaining to a religion.”

The pagans of Europe did not cower or cow-down to their gods or whatever they called religion. ‘Religion’ might not have existed in their word usage.